Blue Gold™ Super Phos 23 (Liquid Soft Rock Phosphate)

The efficacy of mineral uptake into plants is primarily dependent upon proper Phosphate and Calcium form levels. While Calcium is the King of minerals, Phosphate is the King of production. When you have proper levels in your plant sap/ soil, your fruiting and flowering cycle performance dramatically increases. We have to be good stewards of the soil and put back in balanced ratios what the plants take out in balanced ratios. Without adding back, the soil will decline because of depletion ratios every year. It is a battle of nutrition uptake followed by pest and disease. A properly balanced Phosphate/Calcium plant sap/soil/pH will have significantly reduced or zero disease or pest issues. This impressive uptake enables farmers in an emergency nutrient management crisis to see foliar results (via plant sap analysis) in minutes and not days or weeks. These results are magnified when coupled with a pre-root zone injection. Blue Gold™ Super Phos 23 is a revolutionary solution, that is instantly available with a foliar-fed application, which drives up the plant sap ratios like a Mack Truck hitting the field. If you have BRIXX (sugar) issues lacking in your plants, the Blue Gold™ Super Phos 23 is the perfect way to increase BRIXX levels within 48 hours instantly. With continued Blue Gold™ Super Phos 23 use, users see a significant increase in Phosphate plant sap levels! Blue Gold™ Super Phos 23 is a unique complexed solution that is a 100% natural liquid Soft Rock Phosphate blended with our Blue Gold™ Base and contains a 63% carbohydrate Bio-Genesis SM infused injection. Natural wetting agents, like saponins, help spread nutrient uptake, like Phosphate/ Calcium, quicker, deeper, and wider. Blue Gold™ Super Phos 23 is a living product. Mid West Lab Reports show our blend has up to 23% P2O5 and 27% Ca, using the non-citric acid test method. Since this is an all-natural product, these ratios can vary from batch to batch. Safely experience huge production and Amazing Results with significant savings today.


Blue Gold™ Super Phos 23 is made from a 100% naturally sourced Soft Rock Calcium-Phosphate mine. Blue Gold™ Super Phos 23 is saponin enhanced with our Blue Gold™ Base and is extremely micronized using complexed Bio-Genesis SM processes. Blue Gold™ Super Phos 23 is safe for all plants and crops and will not harm people, animals, beneficials including bees, birds, butterflies, earthworms. Blue Gold™ Super Phos 23 is free of harsh and caustic chemicals, GMOs, PGRs, toxins, and hormones. We guarantee Blue Gold™ Super Phos 23 will move plant sap Phosphate ratio up immediately to resolve your Phosphate deficiencies.


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