Blue Gold Super Carb Natural High BRIXX Organic Plant Nutrient Carb Molasses Concentrate For Soil Hydroponic DWC Aquaponic. Microbe Biology Food Source. Explosive Root Growth. No Gunking Or Root Rot.

Our Blue Gold™ Super Carb is 100% Natural and NOP Compliant for Certified Organic Programs (please contact your certifier before use). One 8oz bottle of 6.4 pH balanced Super Carb makes 95 reservoir batches or 15 foliar batches. Blue Gold™ Super Carb is a super blend of nature’s highest BRIXX molasses, sugars, and extracts. Our Proprietary Cold-Process converts non-GMO organic short, medium, and long-chain carbohydrates to make our chemical-free Super Carb high BRIXX plant syrup blend. We like to say our Super Carb is the industries first problem free carb. Microbes and biology consume carbohydrates to accelerate growth and efficiently break down nutrients for plant uptake. Blue Gold™ Super Carb is enhanced with natural Saponins through our Bio-GenesisSM manufacturing process, which means no more gunking in your reservoir, less foam, and significantly improve your soil and media penetration. Blue Gold™ Super Carb is second to none, and compatible with all grow media including Hydro (DWC) and can be used in both general and professional grows. Super Carb can be used through all vegetative and flower growth stages as well, so there is no need to flush your system. You will experience crazy trichome flower formations, wild internode stacking, and explosive white fluffy root growth with Blue Gold™ Super Carb! Our microbe plant food is a root stimulator that promotes soil health and fertile systems and will not harm plants, roots, people, animals, or beneficials including birds, bees, butterflies, and earthworms. It does not cause root rot nor does it spoil. Increase your plant health for natural pest control and intensify the taste of your produce. All Blue Gold™ Solutions, including Super Carb, may be applied to edibles up to the day of harvest. Balanced Nutrition with Blue Gold™ Wetting Agents (Garden, Rose, Vibrant Floral, Hydro) and Blue Gold™ Super Carb can attract beneficials, increase pollination, increase harvest and production, intensify produce taste, generate porous soft soil, grow pest and disease free crops, reduce total inputs by 75-95%, and increase and feed soil biology and worms. Safely experience huge production and Amazing Results with significant savings today. Blue Gold™ Super Carb is 100% American made.



★ 100% NATURAL and NOP COMPLIANT (contact certifier before use) Chemical-Free Plant Syrup Blend of Nature’s Highest BRIXX non-GMO Organic Short, Medium, Long-Chain Carbohydrates (molasses, sugars, and extracts). We Say Our Carb is the Industries First Problem-Free Carb. Experience NO More Reservoir Gunking, Less Reservoir Foam, No Clogged Filters, or Spray Tips. Will Not Cause Root Rot. Will Not Spoil. No Need to Flush System through Vegetative and Flower Growth Stages. 100% Made in the USA.

★ GUARANTEED RESULTS (when used correctly)! Compatible with All Grow Media Inc. Hydro/DWC. Safe for All General and Professional Grows: Hydroponic (DWC), Aquaponic, Grow Tent, Tower Garden, Aeroponic, Organic Gardening, Greenhouse, Plant Nursery. Eden Advanced Nutrients Are 6.4 pH Balanced, Safe for All Plants, Roots, Crops, Will Not Harm People, Animals, Beneficials (inc. Birds, Bees, Butterflies, Earthworms).

★ ACHIEVE FAST RESULTS. Microbes and Biology Consume Carbs to Accelerate Growth and Efficiently Break Down Nutrients for Plant Uptake. Significantly Improve your Soil and Provide Beneficial Insects a Micro-Sized Carb Superfood for Crazy Trichome Flower Formations, Wild Internode Stacking, Explosive White Fluffy Root Growth, Stronger Colorful Foliage, Vibrant Produce, Increased Harvest, Crops, and Produce with Intensified Taste.

★ MICROBE PLANT FOOD SOURCE ROOT STIMULATOR PROMOTES SOIL HEALTH & FERTILE SYSTEMS on Trees (Maple, Cherry Blossom, Bamboo, Bonsai, Palm, Flowering, Fruiting), Shrubs, Bushes, Ornamentals, Plants (Exotic, Tropical, Perennial, Foliage, Potted, Ground Cover, Garden, Cactus), Florals Flowering (Annuals, Perennials, Rose, Phlox, Hydrangea, Rhododendron), Vines, Houseplants, Succulents, Fern, Fruit/Vegetable Gardening (Urban, Raised Bed, Landscape), Produce, Crops, Cannabis, Herbs, Turf/Lawn MORE!

★ INCREASE PLANT HEALTH for NATURAL PEST CONTROL (spider mites, thrips, aphids, whiteflies, fungus gnats, etc) and Natural Defenses against Plant Viruses Fungal Diseases (powdery mildew, downy mildew, gray mold, root rot, etc). Our Hydroponic Nutrient Solution creates Healthy Plants with High BRIXX for Less Total Inputs, Fungicides, Insecticides, Herbicides, Harsh pH Carbs. Our Organic Plant Nutrients are Free of Chemicals, GMOs, PGRs, Toxins, and May Be Applied to Edibles up to Day of Harvest.

Nutrition can cure any and every condition in any crop when properly balanced. This super carbohydrate microbial super food will help increase blooms, flora, and production in your professional and general hydroponics greenhouse and garden soil systems through accelerated and fueled biological activity. Super Carb can be easily applied and mixed with water. Super Carb reduces rapid start times, reduces total fertilizer and nutrient inputs (vegetable fertilizer, flower fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, plant fertilizer, organic fertilizer, houseplant fertilizer, seaweed fertilizer), preserves grow media, makes growing easier due to increased accelerated microbial activity. Our organic microbe biology superfood helps plant food, root booster, root stimulator, root growth hormone, bloom booster, liquid plant food, flower food, flowering food, and more. Our antifungal antibacterial liquid helps create healthy plants that cure themselves of corn smut fire blight verticillium wilt anthracnose lawn fungus fusarium wilt apple scab, tree diseases sudden oak death damping-off lawn diseases leaf spot leaf curl early blight late blight cankers wheat rust botrytis blight tomato fungus cedar rust galls root rot treatment bacterial wilt cucumber diseases mosaic virus, etc and create natural pest control defense against spider mites nematodes fungus gnats squash bugs whitefly grub worm hymenoptera cutworms leafhopper cucumber beetles weevils flea beetles leafminer sawfly potato beetles leafcutter bees scale insects cabbage worm squash vine borer cabbage looper borer beetle earworms mealy bug tomato pests mexican bean beetle tree borers slug control caterpillar snail repellent garden bugs, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered:
Q: How is Blue Gold™ Super Carb Made:
A: Blue Gold™ Super Carb is a super blend of nature’s highest BRIXX sugars and extracts. Our Proprietary Cold-Process converts non-GMO organic short, medium, and long-chain carbohydrates to make our chemical-free Super Carb high BRIXX plant syrup blend. Blue Gold™ Super Carb is free of harsh and caustic chemicals, GMOs, PGRs, toxins, and hormones.

Q: Is Blue Gold™ Super Carb a blackstrap molasses? Also, does it contain micronutrients and other nutrients for plants?
A: Yes, Blue Gold™ Super Carb is made with blackstrap molasses and infused with other Carbohydrates like Tapioca, Coconut, Maple, Sugar Cane Juice, and Alfalfa. This molasses/carb product is saponin enhanced, rather than using a questionably safe detergent to reduce solidification during cold temperatures, which helps with soil/media penetration. The saponins are derived from: Aloe, Angelica, Bhringaraj Leaf, Black Cumin Seed, Brahma/Gotu Kola Leaf, Butchers Broom, Calendula, Chamomile, Cardamon, Comfrey, Dandelion Root, Eucalyptus, Fennel, Ginger, Ginseng Root, Hibiscus, Maca Root, Moringa Leaf, and Yucca Root. Some clay and mineral deposits are used for the stabilization and composition changes of this product but are not claimed as part of the ingredients.

Q: Does Blue Gold™ Super Carb contain nitrogen?
A: No, Super Carb is a unique blend of carbohydrates, like molasses and several rare plant sugar extracts.

Q: Is Blue Gold™ Super Carb Certified Organic?
A: This product is NOP Compliant and has been certified for organic use in organic operations. Contact us if you have a certified organic operation and we will work with you and your certifier before use.

Q: Can I purchase larger quantities than 8oz bottles of Blue Gold™ Garden Blend?
A: Yes, any of our 8oz solutions can be sold in gallon form. Please contact us with a request. Gallon prices are usually 20-40% less cost!

Q: What are the guaranteed results, when the disclaimer says there is no guarantee?
A: Concerning all of our sales, we guarantee results! Then there is are conditions that supersedes what is in the legal disclaimer on the label. So, if you didn’t see a result of any kind, we will be more than happy to reimburse the sale! The label disclaimer is a blanket statement to protect us from customers who misuse the product. Please give us a call anytime (877-732-5360 Ext 103) and we will be more than happy to discuss any question or concern you may have at length. Our time is yours.

Q: I had some Amazon shipping issues.
A: First, we are sorry about your experience with the packaging mishap. Amazon Fulfills our orders, and sometimes the bottle is not kept from rolling around the box like a bowling ball due to lack of packing material in the box that is supposed to be there. We strive to make sure every package that leaves here is properly packaged. Please contact Amazon for a replacement due to shipping damage.

Q: Why is my bottle of Blue Gold™ Super Carb only 8oz?
A: The little 8oz bottle of Blue Gold™ Super Carb will make up to 95 reservoir batches and up to 15 gallons of foliar applications. Please judge the Blue Gold™ Solutions on their performance after you have used the product and not before just on the size of the bottle. Big things can come in small packages. We promise you will not be disappointed after the use of the entire bottle. If you are still not happy, please contact us for your full refund.

Q: Are Blue Gold™ Solutions safe for bees?
A: Yes! All, Blue Gold™ Solutions are safe for bees, butterflies, beneficials, earthworms, birds, etc. They attract them! They will not harm animals, plants, children, etc. In all our years of study and research with the Blue Gold™ Solutions we have yet to see any beneficial insect that does not just love the Blue Gold™. Most people will comment that the increased amount of bees, butterflies, ladybugs, praying mantis, etc. start showing up after they start applying the Blue Gold™ Solutions! Citrus Grove customers have sent us videos of this is with mega butterflies and bees that invaded after applications were made. This video shows how the birds flocked and flew right into the Blue Gold™ foliar sprays as they are applying them. Most all growers/farmers also comment how all wildlife seem to come like a magnet to the Blue Gold™. We have seen deer cross a 400-acre field in broad daylight to get to the barn that held the alfalfa hay grown on the Blue Gold™ Alfalfa Blend which the farmer testified that has never happened before in his 30+ years on that farm. We also have had people tell us that they fed the Blue Gold™ to bees by their own decision (not advised by us) and the honey production increased by 90% or better! So according to all our data and customer testimonials, we say it is safe. See more of animals loving Blue Gold™ Solutions in our Product Magazine.

Q: What is the shelf life of Blue Gold™ Solutions once they are opened?
A: The government and labeling laws limit how long body/animal/plant beneficials are allowed to have a “shelf life” of, and we are required to put a 1-year shelf life on the label. Unofficially, we have the product used on company soil and systems that have been sitting for many more years. We have found that Blue Gold™ Solutions are like wine, the longer they age, the better they perform.

Q: Where are Blue Gold™ Solutions made?
A: 100% American Made

Q: I am wondering if you ship to Canada or are your products are available in Canada?
A: We can ship internationally using FedEx. The customer is responsible for the shipping cost. We are not liable if customs rejects or confiscates the product. Please contact us if you have questions about ordering Blue Gold™ Solutions outside the USA.

Q: Is Blue Gold™ Super Carb recommended for foliar spray?
A: Yes, the Blue Gold™ Super Carb is recommended for foliar spray. When you combine the root soak (watering) with the foliar spray is when you will see the highest results. Depending on what plants you are spraying. Some plants like cannabis love more significant amounts of it, especially in the flowering stage. But all others would be safe at 1/2 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon per 1 gallon (clean water) of foliar spray on anything else.

Q: Can I use Blue Gold™ Super Carb in soil?
A: Yes. When you add carbohydrates to your soil, it brews and is hugely beneficial and essential for soil microbial growth! The best way to use Super Carb in the soil is mix it in a gallon jug use a 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 m/l) per 1 gallon of clean water. This is the only product we recommend to put in your jar first and then add the water to mix it up while the jar is filling. Use this formula whenever you need to water the plants up to 2x per week maximum. Please remember for absolute best results with the Blue Gold™ solutions you should always root feed (water plant)and then foliar feed the plant after you water up to 1 day later maximum. This will get you those Amazing Results, or you can use the Super Carb to water (root feed) the plants. Also, remember the Blue Gold™ solutions will help to keep the soil moister (wetter) longer so be careful not to over water the plants since they do not like wet roots all the time.

Q: At what stage of the plant should I be supplying Blue Gold™ Super Carb? I have some juvenile fruit plants that are not currently, nor have ever flowered?
A: Depending on the verity of your young fruiting plants they have a nutrient imbalance of cationic and anionic nutrients. We say this because you said they have never bloomed or fruited. Anionic elements produce growth, and Cationic elements produce fruit. All Blue Gold™ solutions are safe on seeds to trees and everything in-between. So for our Super Carb, use at 1 teaspoon per 5-gallon bucket of clean water for the use of watering (root drench) the plants when they need watering. Then mix 1-3 teaspoons per 1 gallon of clean water to foliar feed the plants after you root feed them for best results. This should get you some blooms pretty quick depending on how far the soil is out of balance. We are launching our bulk mineral line on our Amazon storefront (summer 2018), which will include Soft Rock Phosphate (we have a liquid version available now). This would be outstanding to put on the soil for the blooming fruiting phase. We also have a Flower NPK Paste. Please give James a call for further advice/clarification: 877-732-5360 Ext 103.

Q: Can Blue Gold™ Super Carb be used as a seed soak because of old seeds which struggle with seeds popping/germinating and/or lack vigor and vitality? If so, is this a guess or has this been proved? How much of your solution do you suggest to use in 4 oz of RO water for seed soak? Please provide as many clear details.
A: The definition of science is ‘observation through the fact of results.’ All the Eden Blue Gold™ Solutions have been extensively field tested for results and extended to the recommended label requirements. The Super Carb has not been tested for seed germination enhancements as per say. We have had numerous growers tell us it does and works well. However the Blue Gold™ Hydro is what we have tested for this over an eight-year period. Seed genetics are migrating towards a seed frequency weakness because of inbreeding and crossbreeding tactics. We have used 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 m/L) per 32oz of clean water preferable rainwater. Soak seeds from 10 minutes to 2 hours in this solution and plant as normal. Or use your 4oz water with 0.3125 m/L of Hydro. Once seeds germinate foliar feed with the same solution with 50% more water added to the dilution ration. The end product of 1.25 m/L per 32oz of water. After one week you can start the foliar at 10 to 15 m/L per gallon of clean water.

Q: What is the ml/gallon ratio with Blue Gold™ Super Carb?
A: Optionally, foliar every day with 15 m/L per gallon of water. Feed reservoir every 5 to 10 days with 2 m/L per gallon. When used in conjunction with Blue Gold™ Hydro, use only 2 m/L of Super Carb per gallon of reservoir water, combined with the 1 m/L per gallon of Blue Gold™ Hydro. Our Super Carb is a very potent carbohydrate source. Give James a call (877-732-5360 Ext 103), and he will be happy to give our recommendations based on your protocols. We also have a larger version of our Super Carb.

Q: Do I necessarily have to buy the Blue Gold™ Super Carb and/or Blue Gold™ Fusion Compost?
A: This depends on what you are growing and is it in Veg or Flower? Use either our Veg or Flower to accurately target the correct nutrient blend for these very different stages. The carb is for explosive microbes and biology. At high rates, it will hang bigger crystals. Please give James a call for further advice on your specific growing needs: 877-732-5360 Ext 103.

Q: So I use the Blue Gold™ Hydro as the solution in the AG tank (it’s 144 oz tank, and I’ve been doing the 2ml every 14 days, and I add with about 12-24 oz of water at the same time during nutrient addition). After I transplant to the Black Gold Soil (less than 1-1-1 NPK) I just have been using filtered water (PUR from city tap). Would the Fusion Compost VEGand/or Super Carb be better used post-transplanting (as a mixed water solution) such as a weekly feed once I have the plants in the raised bed? The weather has been wacky in NEO this year; I’m waiting until at least the 25th (May), before I start moving these herbs outside into raised beds.
A: Post transplanting into the Black Gold Soil you can use 1 m/L of the Blue Gold™ Garden Blend(or Hydro) and 2 m/L of the Super Carb to water the herbs with after transplanting. Then foliar feed them with two/three teaspoons of the Garden Blend and 1 teaspoon of the Super Carb like 3-4x per week. If you choose to use the Fusion Compost VEG then use it by itself at like 300-450 PPM (maybe 2 teaspoons per 1 gallon of water (depending on water conditions?) to water the plants and use the Garden/Super Carb to foliar them. Hope this helps, call with any questions.

Q: Can I use Blue Gold™ Super Carb on my houseplants?
A: Yes, Super Carb works very well with potted houseplants. If your fertilized potting soil is new and inorganic, you may see marginal results depending on the potting soil pH. The primary purpose of the Super Carb is to feed microbes and biology in soils, which are responsible for breaking down nutrients for plant uptake. Microbes and Biology have a hard time surviving in inorganic-fertilized soils (caustic & harsh, wrong pH, etc.).

Q: Can I use Blue Gold™ Super Carb with citrus trees?
A: Yes. This works very well with all root systems, soils and/or grow media!

Q: Does Blue Gold™ Super Carb help kill nutgrass?
A: Nutgrass is a form of a cover crop as some may call evasive. We have taken a test yard that was primarily Bermuda Grass and very little fescue mixed in. After applying the Blue Gold™, the fescue took off and outgrew the Bermuda grass becoming the dominant ground cover. Nutgrass likes moist areas of soil that are usually anaerobic (non-oxygen) conditions of soil that will not drain. We believe weeds are merely conditions of nutritional deficiencies such as Morning Glory is associated with a Calcium deficiency etc. With this said the Blue Gold™ would open the soil permeation to where it will drain very well and retain more moisture due to biological reactions to flourish. So by draining anaerobic condition soils, the nutgrass will go dormant until conditions change back to where it can thrive. We hope this little exert will help to understand that you do not need chemicals to kill things such as weeds. Just change the nutritional and biological aspects of the soil, and it will thrive, and your predominate grass will overtake the poor soil are through life-giving nutrition and not killing chemicals that destroy the symbiotic biological relationship of the soil and nutrition. Many knowledgeable Blue Gold™ farmers and growers use zero chemicals for pest and disease issues because they have no problems. When these types of soils are returned to a living biological status, all weed issues go away because weeds are the bi-product of soil deficiencies plain and simple. We have seen this happen many many times on farms, gardens, and other soils. So trying spraying the nutweed and waterlogged areas with Blue Gold™ Super Carb. This may take some time. The best time to spray these is just prior, or in the rain, so it will bond with the rainwater and pull it in the soil.

Q: Can you use Blue Gold™ Super Carb as you would a rooting hormone?
A: Are these clone cuttings? In clones you have to be careful not to use too much of the Blue Gold™ Hydro and/or Blue Gold™ Super Carb or the plant will keep growing and not spark the roots. We have found this out in our testing. For clones or rooting; cut clones and immediately soak in a bath of 1-2 m/l of the Blue Gold™ Hydro per 1 gallon of clean water. Score the stem and then dip in cloning gel. Now mix 225 PPM of the Fusion Compost Vegetative NPK Paste into the cloning water or aero cloner type set up. Use a chiller to keep the water temp down, and the clones will spark amazing roots very quickly with strong, limber big thick roots. As the bottom is going on foliar feed the tops of the clones with 1 m/L of Blue Gold™ Hydro and 2 m/L of the Blue Gold™ Super Carb. This will get you amazing clones on any type cutting we have found. Contact us, and we can send you some eye-popping photos of amazing clones.

Q: I am interested in growing vegetables hydroponically. Which Blue Gold™ products do I need to buy to be “fully covered”?
A: To answer your question thoroughly, we would like to know your exact definition of hydroponically? Is that just water and no media association? Because, if you are growing with rock wool or coco, this will change things due to the high amounts of salts. However with that said we would recommend the Blue Gold™ Hydro, Blue Gold™ Super Carb, and you could add the Blue Gold™ Fusion Compost NPK Paste (Vegetative or Flower depending on what you’re growing). Since all systems vary, we would suggest that you give James a call (877-732-5360 Ext 103) so he can walk you through the information quickly.

Q: I purchased Blue Gold™ Hydro and put it in my Tower Garden by Juice Plus. I put 20 m/L Hydro 40 m/L Blue Gold™ Super Carb. I already had a solution of fertilizer that is purchased from Juice Plus Tower Garden in the water reservoir, which holds 20 gallons. My plants went limp, and I am afraid they are dying. I wanted to use Hydro mainly for bugs that eat my plants. Is there a solution to this?
A: What happened is that the Blue Gold™ Solutions amped up the existing fertilizer that you mentioned was in your Garden Tower and shocked the plants. The label says if you are adding this to another fertilizer to cut it back by 75% to 90%. So I would transfer the current Garden Tower water to some buckets and save it. Then flush (add just water) the plants with about 12 gallons of water for a day or so. Then add back around 8 gallons of the old mix, you just put in a bucket, and the plants will take off. Not sure what the other fertilizer has in it but a 12 to 8 ratio will bring them back. The bugs are coming because the Tower Garden fertilizer is a salt based fertilizer and the plant sap pH levels are probably 6.9 to 7.2, which brings in the bugs. Make sure your feeding solutions in the tower are at 6.4 pH for best results. This goes with soil also. We are sorry for the mess, but you always have to cut the Blue Gold™ way back to your fertilizer or cut your fertilizer by 75% to 90%. Call me directly with any questions if the above seems confusing or you have more questions. We recommend to foliar feed the plants at 30m/l (1 ounce) Hydro and 10m/l (two teaspoons) Super Carb to help revive the plants and keep the bugs away. Do this at 2x-3x per week on the foliars.

Q: I’m using Blue Gold™ Super Carb together with Blue Gold™ Hydro on my deep water set up. But it’s turning the water brown and killing the roots. Why?
A: No Blue Gold™ Solution will kill the roots, plants, or flowers, etc. It has just the opposite effect with snow white, vibrant, soft and pliable roots; always has. (You can see quite a few pictures of this in our Product Magazine.) So the only major problem is one of two things. Something else (chemical?) is in the reservoir solution or the rates that you are using are too high. In DWC this has always been a problem when people use the Blue Gold™ with chemicals and not cutting them back or using too much of the Blue Gold™ Solution? Blue Gold™ Solutions will amp up anything they touch that is why we say you MUST cut your nutrients by 90% minimum to start off if you are going to use the Blue Gold™ Hydro with synthetic fertilizers. We would suggest that you flush your system immediately for 1 day on just water and then refill with clean non-chlorinated water and then add 1 m/l to 2m/l of the Blue Gold™ Hydro per 20 gallons of water along with 2 m/l to 3m/l of the Blue Gold™ Super Carb per 20 gallons of reservoir. You also may add 1 tablespoon of Epsom Salt per 20 gallons also. This will kick-start the plant roots back on the right track. Then they will want to start eating again, so then you can feed up. Use 5m/l to 10m/l of the Blue Gold™ Hydro on a foliar feed 3-4x per week also with the same m/l of the Super Carb. This will get the plants back. Please pick up and call us (877-732-5360 Ext 103) anytime and we can help when a situation arises. DWC makes plants run differently and is harder on them than soil. If you are using chlorinated city water, please let it sit for a few days to evaporate the chemicals otherwise the chemicals are very hard on the plants. We think the issue was your Blue Gold™ rates for DWC are or were way too high in conjunction with other inputs. 1m/l will run them per 10-20 gallons, but let’s start off smaller to get them back. We apologize for the unforeseen troubles, but a quick flush and they will be screaming back.

Q: Does Blue Gold™ Super Carb make the water smell bad?
A: If the water gets hot, the bacteria will multiply faster, and yes this could cause the water to take on a smell. However, it will not hurt the plants, but the increased biological activity will help the plants. Most hydroponic growers have chillers hooked up to the water reservoirs to keep the nutrient temperatures lower. Remember, the Blue Gold™ solutions are alive, and biological multiplication happens more readily in warmer temperatures. This is still a good thing for nutritional delivery.

Q: I just added Blue Gold™ Hydro to my reservoir, and it’s foaming everywhere. Do I have to disconnect my bubble stone and pump?
A: Depending on your water pH and softness the Blue Gold™ Hydro at 1m/l per gallon should not foam or bubble. However, if you add some Blue Gold™ Super Carb at 2m/l per gallon (or you can try another carb source that will not gunk the reservoir) to the reservoir that should stop any foaming or bubbling action. Again, depending on your water softness you may see some slight bubbling with the Blue Gold™ Hydro. If it is persistent just as you said, stop the aerator for a few hours and add a carb and start it back up. Carbohydrates will stop any foaming action usually across the board. This is why we suggest the Blue Gold™ Super Carb for the de-foaming action and all the nutrients it brings to the plants.

Q: My airstone, which delivers air into my Hydroponic reservoir, is causing rampant foaming. How do I combat the foam?
A: Blue Gold™ Hydro technology has surfactant-like properties. The herbs and minerals are micronized to the nano level, and this process results in a bio-surfactant substance. In all cases, Blue Gold™ Hydro or Blue Gold™ Base Blend is designed to be used in conjunction with Blue Gold™ Super Carb. Not only does the Super Carb provide the sugar fuel for your microbial army, but carbohydrates reduce the foaming properties of surfactants. In a clean tank add 2 mL of Super Carb, then add 1 mL of Blue Gold™ Hydro. The carb will cut the foaming. If you are using adjusted rates based on your protocol, then apply a base principle of twice the amount of carb as the amount of Blue Gold™ Hydro. Foaming issues occur due to agitation or aeration. When using Blue Gold™ Hydro, you do not need to aerate or agitate as often as you usually would. Generally, you can cut your aeration/agitation protocols by 50% to 90% depending on your reservoir size and level of nutrient input.

Q: Why did Blue Gold™ Hydro make foam in my aquaponics? How are you supposed to use Blue Gold™ Hydro in aquaponics?
A: Blue Gold™ Hydro technology has surfactant-like properties. The herbs and minerals are micronized to the nano level, and this process results in a bio-surfactant substance. In all cases, Blue Gold™ Hydro or Blue Gold™ Base Blend is designed to be used in conjunction with Blue Gold™ Super Carb. Not only does the Blue Gold™ Super Carb provide the sugar fuel for your microbial army, but carbohydrates reduce the foaming properties of surfactants. In a clean tank, add 2 mL of Blue Gold™ Super Carb, then add 1 mL of Blue Gold™ Hydro. The Super Carb will cut the foaming. If you are using adjusted rates based on your protocol, then apply a base principle of twice the amount of Super Carb as the amount of Blue Gold™ Hydro. Foaming issues occur due to agitation or aeration. When using Blue Gold™ Hydro (or Base Blend), you do not need to aerate or agitate as often as you usually would. Generally, you can cut your aeration/agitation protocols by 50% to 90% depending on your reservoir size and level of nutrient input.

Q: How would I use Blue Gold™ Garden Blend and Blue Gold™ Super Carb in my Aerogarden?
A: You can use the Blue Gold™ Garden Blend and Blue Gold™ Super Carb in your Aerogarden. Use 5-10 m/L Garden Blend per gallon to foliar with 2.5 m/l (1/2 teaspoon) of the Super Carb in the foliar spray. It is safe to foliar every day if you want. In the zone (roots) this is like DWC (deep water culture) you will need less Blue Gold; like 1 m/L per 8-15 gallons depending on what you are growing. Please give James a call for further advice: 877-732-5360 Ext 103.

Q: How would I use Blue Gold™ Super Carb and Blue Gold™ Hydro in my AeroGarden Extra (LED)? How much should I add and when?
A: Aerogardens use very small amounts of the solutions, and you will use an m/l syringe to measure if you have one. To keep it simple you can take a 1-gallon container and mix your foliar spray and keep it under the counter to fill say a simple spray bottle that you may have around. Make sure you clean it very well because you do not want any of the chemicals mixing with the Blue Gold™ Hydro. Or you can use very small measuring spoons to do the math. As always you only want very small amounts in the water and foliar the top with much more like 1 teaspoon/tablespoon (5m/l – 15m/l) per 1-gallon of clean water. For best results always use Blue Gold™ solutions on the bottom (soil/hydro) roots and foliar at the top. Follow the directions of the Blue Gold™ Hydro at 1 m/l per 1 gallon of Hydro water with 1-2 m/l of the Super Carb of gallon Hydro water for the bottom of the plant. They use 1 teaspoon of the Blue Gold™ Hydro and 1 teaspoon of the Super Carb to mix a gallon of foliar feed to put in your small spray bottle. Your Blue Gold™ Hydro mix should last 7-10 days in the Hydro system, and then you will replenish the same water with the same amounts. The plants will tell you when they need more. Foliar spray every day with the 1 teaspoon rates and you will get those Amazing Results you are after. If you are using city water, please let it sit 24-48 hrs in an open container to gas off the chemicals. You do not need anymore LED lights. Just place the aerogarden in/on a window sill or as close to natural light as you can even if it is across the room. The plants will absorb these natural light spectrum rays and help supplement the LED rays. Always use the most natural light as you can if you can for best results.

Q: Can you use Blue Gold™ Super Carb in aquaponics with live fish?
A: We have always run the Blue Gold™ Hydro formula with fish. This formula has always performed well with the fish whereby the fish would grow at faster rates with no known side effects ever seen at 0.18 to 0.40 maximum m/L per gallon of the reservoir. We have not run Blue Gold™ Super Carb with any aquaponic fish system, so we cannot answer that question thoroughly. The Super Carb contains about 8% of the fish safe Blue Gold™ Hydro formula and a host of other natural carbohydrates if that helps any.

Q: Would Blue Gold™ Super Carb be suitable as a foliar spray for plants on an aquaponic system?
A: The Super Carb at 1-2 m/L would be excellent for an aquaponics system. Not sure what you are growing but the Blue Gold™ Hydro at 1 m/l along with the Super Carb will drive the plants very well on the foliar. Please be careful what you mix with the Blue Gold™ solutions in the way of synthetic chemicals as it will amp them up pretty good, so you have to cut them back by 75% to 90%. If you will take 5 minutes and call us(877-732-5360 Ext 103), we can walk you through our two-year research on fish systems with the Blue Gold™ solutions.

Q: If it’s organic, why isn’t it approved by OMRI?
A: Blue Gold™ Solutions are certified organic by private organizations like Oregon Tilth and others. OMRI is not the only organic certifier in the nation. We have elected to get organic certification through other programs, while we are applying to OMRI, USDA, etc. since they are very long and drawn out processes.

Q: Is Blue Gold™ safe for skin contact?
A: Yes. Very safe. Blue Gold™ Solutions are not harmful to skin, however, if contact occurs be sure to wash afterward to avoid dry skin. The saponins inside the Solutions will strip the oils off your skin and leave it too dry (itching) with prolonged contact to the skin from concentrate.


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