Blue Gold™ Silica (Water-Soluble Organic Silica Solution)

Blue Gold™ Silica is an insoluble Organic Silica Solution that has been made water soluble for immediate plant uptake to quickly address Silica deficiencies in your soil. Blue Gold™ Silica is a unique solution that 100% natural. Blue Gold™ Silica works quickly because we have broken it down to nano levels so users are able to experience application rates in the grams rather than the pounds. Blue Gold™ Silica is combined with the power of our Blue Gold™ Base to help it spread quickly, deeper and wider than any other Silica product. It is in liquid form ready for easy use and application! By using Blue Gold™ Silica, you can rest assured that not only are you getting a pure organic silica quartz source but a safe product!


Blue Gold™ is formulated through the extreme micronization of herbs, minerals, and exotic plant extracts and oils. This process, which we refer to as Bio-GenesisSM, is our proprietary method of taking these amazing materials to an extreme level . Below is a list of the ingredients of the awesome Blue Gold™ Silica:

Guaranteed Analysis (Non-Plant Food Ingredients)

Blue Gold™ Base, Silica (Quartz)


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