Blue Gold™ Eden Enzymes (Pet Livestock Show Animal Digestive Probiotic)

Blue Gold™ Eden Enzymes are an Independent Study verified and third-party proven (over leading brands) super blend of plant-based enzymes and probiotics derived from non-GMO plants through non-chemical means using only plant-based benzoic acid. We ensure quality and safety of all our Grand Champion products. Eden Enzymes is free of toxins and heavy metals making them the superior and safe enzymatic solution. Eden Enzymes are an essential factor in metabolic processes of the gut and responsible for the micronization of organic cofactors in the metabolic process. Enzymes and probiotics are essential for protein synthesis and nutrient uptake. Often, necessary levels of enzymes and probiotics in the gut at extremely low levels due to the harsh pH and chemical levels of the feeds and water sources. By supplementing with Eden Enzymes your Ruminant and Non-Ruminant animal digestive systems will be enhanced and at designed levels of operation, enabling for an extreme increase in the digestibility of feeds. With increased digestion, comes increased nutrient uptake, with increased uptake comes stronger immune systems and more available nutrients for increased muscle growth, in addition to the maximized production of animal commodities (milk, wool, meat). Blue Gold™ Eden Enzymes are backed by repeated Award Winning Grand Champion titles. Our Enzymes are safe for all pets, all show animals, and all livestock animals with no known side effects and proven histories with horses, beef cattle, dairy cattle, all poultry (including fowl), goats, rabbits, pigs, dogs, cats, sheep, lamb, and more. Enzymes will not harm the immune system. They will dramatically increase embryo and sperm counts in show animals and livestock animals when combined with Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME. Increase your animal’s health and digestion using our 100% natural probiotic digestive enzymes with no known chemicals, dyes, preservatives, or fillers. Blue Gold™ Eden Enzymes are essential to metabolic processes and responsible for micronization co-factors responsible for nutrient uptake. With increased digestion animals will experience improved coat shine, immune system functions and responses, muscle production, lean meat weight gain, and milk production. Eden Enzymes reduce flatulence and overeating due to low digestibility and relieve itching, diarrhea, yeast infections and skin allergies. Blue Gold™ Eden Enzymes can be used as a safe water additive to any diet. Our digestive enzymes are made in the USA.


Blue Gold™ Grand Champion Eden Enzymes offers a lot of benefits, however, we understand no one likes purchasing a new product on faith. This is why we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you fail to see results! (Subject to terms and conditions in the box.)


In animals, cellular hydration is one of the main keys to health. A hydrated cell will carry more electrical energy than a dehydrated cell. The power of water is critical. Water is the agent for purification of the body and the optimization of body health for nutrient absorption.

Gut Health

Gut health is essential for nutrient uptake, the efficiency of which is directly related to performance and profitability in dairy and other animal productions. Healthy animals will eat more and drink more efficiently to produce more, ensuring they are performing at their maximum potential. Blue Gold™ focuses on supporting animal performance by promoting good bacteria, deterring bad bacteria, remediating viruses and diseases, building and boosting natural defenses, and maximizing growth and efficiency.

Biology Control

Safeguarding your animal starts with the quality of your feed and the management of bacterial growth in your facility, in your feed and water and the good bacteria sporulation in your animals. Effective bacteria management is about addressing all the issues as one challenge. Blue Gold™ is specifically designed to address these issues and help safeguard the health of your facility and equipment and your animals. Blue Gold™ is designed to deter the growth of bad bacteria, and promote the growth of good bacteria. Safe facilities and healthy animals begin with Blue Gold™.

Nutrient Uptake

By addressing your animal’s digestive issues, such as intestinal bio-film and other nutrient absorption deterrents, increased feed conversion and nutrient uptake are a quick reality for Blue Gold™ farmers. Blue Gold™ livestock experience rapid growth, maximum reproductive performance, increased feed and water efficiency, and optimal health.

Feed Efficacy

As feed costs represent the biggest input for farmers, often accounting up to 70% of production costs, it is important to make sure each bite of feed is digested efficiently! Blue Gold™ helps to achieve efficient feed digestion through increased intestinal health and pH balancing. Blue Gold™ is a new natural technology which works naturally and synergistically with your animal’s digestive and immune system to stabilize rumen and/or digestive enzymes and bacteria, pH level, maximize nutrient absorption, and therefore reduce the overall cost of your feed.

Lean Meat Growth

Lean meat requires protein synthesis and amino acid input for proper and efficient production. With intestinal systems repaired and a healthy liver, this process can occur more efficiently, allowing your feed protein and amino acid inputs to be used more efficiently, yielding rapid lean meat growth! Low protein absorption is usually at the root of all underweight and under producing livestock. Simply, Blue Gold™ helps make proteins from your feed more available.

Rumen Health – By addressing rumen health and microbial activity, ruminant animals will be able to increase feed intake and improve feed conversion efficiency. The result is more profits. Rumen resistance (pH) is also a very important and an important factor for good rumen health. The normal range for rumen health is 6.0 to 6.8 pH. When the pH level drops below this, acidosis occurs, and the rumen stops contracting and the appetite drops off. Many factors affect the resistance (pH) level, such as feed and water resistance (pH) levels. When rumen health and resistance (pH) levels drop, serious issues can abound. The animals become more susceptible to health issues such as laminitis and mycotoxicosis. Blue Gold™ not only corrects resistance (pH) imbalances but promotes a proper resistance (pH) of 6.4 for optimized feed conversion. Additionally, it can remediate these health issues!

Gut Integrity – It has been said before, and we seek to hammer it home. Gut stability is critical for raising profitable animals. Required from birth onward, attentive care and support of your animal’s gut is needed to maintain healthy microflora in their intestinal tract. The optimum digestive function is achieved when nutrients supplied do not counteract with stomach resistance (pH) and microbe levels. Digestive energy is the driver of digestion activity, and cannot occur if bio-film, resistance (pH) imbalances, and immune functions are below par. Blue Gold™ promotes healthy microbial levels, particularly “fiber digesters”, which are responsible for utilizing non-protein nitrogen. Digestive health cannot be supported and cared for too much. It is the essential factor of any farm.

Feed Efficiency – Feed is the largest single production expense on animal farms. Efficient conversion of grown or purchased feed nutrients directly effects your profit margins. Good feed conversion is not only economically important but is also a good indicator of proper nutritional management on your farm. Forage makes up the major portion of ruminant and many non-ruminant diets. During the conversion of fresh forage to silage, enzymatic breakdown of proteins occurs, leading to a huge loss of true protein (amino acids). Numerous studies have found that feeding ruminant’s silage with a higher true protein content increases milk production and live weight gain, even though Crude Protein numbers were similar to silage with low true protein levels. Not only does addressing rumen health increase conversion, but good feed choices can make a huge difference to your profits. If you grow your own forage, our Blue Gold™ program can significantly increase the true protein of your forage for less cost than to purchase your own, while also producing astronomical RFV and TDN levels.

Digestibility – Research has shown that many digestive disorders occur when partly digested nutrients are passed through the gut to the lower intestinal tract. This is an indication of a failure to digest and uptake the feed, resulting in deficient nutrient levels, lowered immune functions, and decreased production. A build-up of this feed in the lower gut is a breeding ground for disease and harmful organisms. By correcting digestibility through Blue Gold™ and its inherent properties which deter the growth of diseases and harmful organisms, the gut microflora is able to improve and achieve a good balance.

Blue Gold™ Grand Champion Eden Enzymes can be used with dosing medicator pumps for large-scale or used by hand to add to drinking water containers. A proper dose is approximately 10 m/L (1/3 fl. oz.) per 100 lbs of body weight.


Blue Gold™ Grand Champion Eden Enzymes promise a lot, but we know it works. Not many like buying on faith so we provide a money back guarantee for lack of results. If you do not see results, we will give you your money back. Your retailer will be unable to meet this guarantee, so always make sure to contact us directly with your concerns about results. In order to address claims we will require a receipt showing proof of purchase, and in some cases may require the return of the product. The guarantee does not cover Blue Gold™ use outside our directions and recommendations. Claims will not be approved for the misused product. Use of city water or in conjunction with other products constitute misuse. Blue Gold™ Grand Champion Eden Enzymes are designed to address important key factors in animal (livestock, show, and pet) growth and health. Blue Gold™ Grand Champion has been tested through independent study by certified facilities for efficacy, and has further been tested for safety and found free of heavy metals and toxins. This product is not a feed supplement, but rather a water supplement. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, virus, and/or pathogen.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Powerful Microbials derived from plants and extracted without harmful chemicals: Alpha-Amylase, Lipase, Catalase, Protease, and Superoxide Dismutase Enzymes


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