Vets Love Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME Animal Nutritional Supplement!

My study and experience with Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME use in animals:

“Times are certainly changing for veterinary medicine compared to 1981 when I graduated from veterinary school. I work with companion animals now, but I did spend 4 years in a large animal practice dealing with mainly beef cattle. Many antibiotics were used at that time. Since then, and rightfully so, the regulatory agencies are trying to continue the outstanding production of food animal producers while simultaneously improving the health of the animals and the human population at large. There has been a lot of concern of drug resistant bacteria due to the widespread use of antibiotics in animals. Because of the slim profit margins, it has been difficult for growers to lose this option. The “Holy Grail” of food animal production is a product that can work even better than antibiotics, yet offer complete safety to the animals and the human population.

I feel the Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME meets this criteria. It is a mineral/herbal supplement added in very small amounts to the water. It is very cost effective and easy to administer. I reviewed the Southern Poultry antibiotic test information and the independently determined study showed this supplement out performed antibiotics—a true win-win outcome.

I have clients that are using the Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME in their backyard chicken operations and others using it on every animal they own due to the results they have seen.

Again, I can not emphasize enough how excited I am about this product. As a veterinarian, I am pledged to help provide wholesome food production, while simultaneously protecting the health of the animals and the general public, the epitome of the “One Health Initiative”. A note on the use of the Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME in chickens. The flock is much more calm, they are not restless at all, thus improving their comfort and health.

Terry “R” Wood, DVM

Mustang Veterinary Hospital, P.C.
Mustang, OK

Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME is 100% Natural and NOP Compliant (please contact certifier before use) and comprised of only FDA GRAS plant and mineral Active Ingredients and safe for all animals. Our all in one water purifying solution enhances hydration and immune functions through the purification of water for maximized oxidation capabilities. Through increased hydration and proper nutrient uptake and absorbption animals will experience an increase in overall health and quality of life including: cellular hydration increase, suppression of parasites, pathogens, toxins, viruses, diseases (reduction/remediation of coccidiosis), healing of the digestive system (lubricating and soothing protection of internal mucous membranes and washing of biofilm from the stomach and G.I. tracts), appetitie stimulation, nutrient absorption increase, lean meat weight gain, reproduction increase (ovulation, take rates, embryo counts, per counts), mortality rates decrease, increase in milk production for lactating animals, rejuvination of cell repair, reduction of joint pain, eyesight enhancement, support of the skin, coat, heart, brain, and more, muscle protection increase, calming of the nervous systems (within 24-48 hours), and more. Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME will not harm the immune system and has no known side effects. Caution: Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME will enhance efficacy and side effect reactions of medicines and pharmaceuticals (we advise you to speak to your Vet before use). Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME has a proven history and been used safely with horses, cattle (beef and dairy) all poultry (including turkey), goats, rabbits, pigs, dogs, cats, sheep, lamb, etc., against antibiotic resistance, fatigue, loss of appetite, parasites, worms, bacteria, viruses, UTIs, respiratory infections, coat/hair issues and skin infections (allergies, funguses, rashes, dermatitis), allergies, and more. Treat all water consistently with BlueGOLD Grand ChampionPME 30-Day Solution. Our solution is free of chemicals, GMOs, PGRs, toxins, preservatives, fillers, heavy metals, and can be used as a safe water additive with any diet. Blue Gold™ animals are vibrant and healthy. Safely experience Amazing Results with our Independent Lab and Field Study proven nutritional supplement. Read more about Blue Gold™ Grand Champion PME here (also available in a 30 Day Supply).

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