Increase Soil Health And Plant Immune System With Blue Gold™ Solutions

Blue Gold™ Solutions are designed to jam as much water and as many nutrients into the soil and plant as possible, safely. The average soil is mostly nutritionally dead from lack of biological activity, Carbon and Petro locked out nutrients (high salt locks out Calcium, and high chloride locks out Phosphate), and so abused with tillage of topsoil loss and chemical onslaught. Blue Gold™ Solutions are here to fix the problem.

The soil is a living organism that needs care all year long. The Blue Gold™ Solutions are impressively effective when foliar and soil fed (root drench), which induce the plants to grow deeper roots and pull up nutrients more efficiently. Our solutions make soil nutrients rush into the plants (via the roots) mining the soil very effectively. This is an excellent thing as long as nutrients are being inputted to replenish the soil. This is where most growers tend to fall short. 99% of the time the culprit who causes all farm/garden plant/crop disasters is the available Calcium and Phosphate ratios. Without this ratio balanced, nothing will ever work for headache-free growing. It is effortless to correct, most of the time. We break this down further on our podcast. Listen to our ‘Headache Free Growing’ Podcast: Episode 1: Calcium and Soft Rock Phosphate to understand more of how these two minerals are the most vital to soil health. Our bulk powder Calcium and Soft Rock Phosphate will be available on our Amazon storefront this month (Summer 2018). In the meantime, we have a liquid Calcium and liquid Soft Rock Phosphate available now.

We have seen as much as 225 pounds of Calcium leave the soil and go into the plants per year with only five foliar feeds on farm crops. Calcium is one of the most vital elements for proper nutrient balance in plants and is, unfortunately, one of the most overlooked nutrients. We know people with marginal soil health that use a Blue Gold™ solution and get excellent results instantly. Then later on the plant production falls off and the pest and disease return. This happens only when the nutrients were not put back into the soil in a balanced manner. This means the soil is beaten up and needs more than just a wetting agent to increase nutrient availability in the soil.

Continuously, with increased water penetration, proper plant sap pH, and balanced nutrient inputs paired with our Blue Gold™ Solutions our growers are experiencing Amazing Results such as: longer vegetative and flowering cycles, vibrant produce and/or blooms, deeper and explosive root growth, increased biology (primarily when they use our Super Carb blend), higher BRIXX (resulting in natural pest and disease control), attracting beneficials, reduce water usage by 15-25% (due to increased water holding capacity), frost and freeze protection (when sprayed prior to frost or freeze), extreme harvest, bumper crops and multiple bloom sets, overall reduction of fertilizer and water inputs by up to 90% (secondary upon plant sap/soil/pH conditions), and more! See this pepper plant produce peppers even after it was hacked up with a weed eater 4 weeks earlier here.

Blue Gold™ Solutions amplify anything they touch. To prevent plant burn up, we always recommend you dial back all your fertilizers and inputs up to 90% and always do a test patch with your current line up dialed back and your Blue Gold™ Solution.

For over seven years, Blue Gold™ solutions have been improving soil and plant health and water availability, without the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or biocides. Plant Sap Analysis Testing along with Plant Sap Resistance (pH) monitoring tells us precisely what is available or lacking in the plant instantly upon testing. A plant sap resistance (pH) below 6.4 will lock out Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Available Salts. A plant sap resistance (pH) above 6.4 locks out, Phosphate, Sulfur, Silica and all Micronutrients. The farther away from the plant sap resistance (pH) slides away from 6.4, the higher the lockout of these nutrients and pest and disease pressures rush into the plant. This is why a working foliar program is so essential to high production. Our customers see results within 24 hours and corrections in the plant(s) within 48 hrs.

If you have bugs in your crops/plants, your plant sap is above 6.4 plant sap and soil pH. This means you are usually missing Phosphate, Sulfur, Silica, and Micronutrients. If you have a disease in your crops/plants, your plant sap is below 6.4 plant sap and soil pH, and you are usually missing Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Available Salts, and Macronutrients. For example, have you noticed a yellowing of your plants? This is a sign of Potassium deficiency, but that doesn’t mean to smash as much Potassium as possible into your plant. You have to correct your Calcium issue before you can correct your Potassium issue. Without Calcium, Potassium won’t be made available into the plant. High salt in your soil, will lock out Calcium. Everything has a domino effect, which is why balanced pH and nutrition are so vital to a healthy grow. You can also have both pest/disease with a low/high pH because your cation/anion exchange is out of balance. Weed pressure is the direct result of poor soil health. The more deficient the soil, the higher the weed pressure. The less organic soil matter and biology the more elevated the weed pressure. Soil biology inoculants are great for restoring the soil, but a great local compost and worm castings will have all the bugs you need now. You can feed them with our microbe/biology food: Super Carb. Never use any compost or any product from a municipal sewage plant or yard waste compost. They are loaded with chemicals! Add compost and worm castings into your soil in the Spring and Fall every year. These are the best times possible. You can use organic animal waste also if it has sat for a while. Cover (bed) your compost, worm castings, and soil with fall leaves (mulched best) if available. If it is not, use a clean straw.

When you use Blue Gold™ Solutions, water matters. If you have an alternative to city water, preferably rainwater, this will always significantly improve your results with any fertilizer product. If not, you can let the city water sit in an open container for 48 hrs before use to gas off some of the chemicals harmful to the soil. Common chemicals found in city water like Hydroflurosallicic Acid, Ammonia, Lead, Arsenic, Chlorine, Chloramine, Fluoride, Perchlorate(s), PCB’s, MtBE, Bromine to name a few are not beneficial to any grow operation. We challenge you to research these for yourself to honestly see how your water source choice truly matters.

We eagerly work with any Blue Gold™ customer to adjust their protocols and provide soil analysis to ensure continued balanced nutrient inputs. If you would like to discuss your specific soil and plant problems before purchase Blue Gold™ Solutions, we would love for you to please contact us. Many of the current issues our customer support deal with is from improper use of the Blue Gold™ Solutions. If you are confused by the directions on the bottle or have a question about pairing Blue Gold™ Solutions with any of your other inputs, please contact us before use. We will also happily walk you through the information below, so you join the multitude of happy Blue Gold™ growers. We are here to help you in any way we can as we do not want you to purchase Blue Gold™ Solutions and be unhappy. We offer a satisfaction guarantee for this reason.

FAQ/Answers About Our Solutions:
Q: Will Blue Gold™ Solutions burn up my plants?
A: By themselves, Blue Gold™ Solutions will not burn leaf tip, bud, or blooms. Blue Gold™ Solutions have been tested from 15F to 125F with no detriment to plants, soil, or blooms. Blue Gold™ Solutions amplify and enhance other inputs, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, biocides, etc. so err with caution when combining Blue Gold™ Solutions. We highly recommend you do a test path with Blue Gold™ and your other inputs. Start with 10% of your current inputs when using Blue Gold™ Solutions. Please, call James (877-732-5360 Ext 103) anytime with any questions you have regarding growing with Blue Gold™. If you have a big problem with Nutrient Lock Out due to pH or imbalanced Phosphate/Calcium ratios or if you have just recently applied fertilizer or have been abundantly applying fertilizers with little to no results, consider using Blue Gold™ Solutions at half their regular rates and work up to the recommended rate. Learn more about our Garden and Plant Solutions here.

“I’ve always had more of a brown thumb than a green one, but Blue Gold™ Hydro has remedied that. My plants are luscious, vibrant, and thriving. Thank you so much Eden Solutions!” –JellieMelli4646
“Blue Gold™ Super Carb is an awesome product! Doesn’t burn! But really don’t shake it or hardly disturbing it and it will leak out if the cap isn’t tight, but the stuff works great.” –hydroharrington
“Product works as described, and this is my second bottle.” -L. Babinsack
“Works like magic!” -NannyMomma64
Q: How do I spray Blue Gold™ Solutions?
A: Blue Gold™ Solutions can be used with any pump up sprayers, hose end sprayers, and water pails. As well as commercial spray tanks. Always test soil moisture with your finger before watering. Blue Gold™ Solutions are wetting agents. They will make your water wetter, allowing it (and anything mixed with them) to penetrate your soil deeper and broader and than ever before. This will overall reduce your watering and fertilizer input requirements.

“I had a couple of questions, and the seller went out of their way to provide an outstanding experience. Don’t be afraid to contact them. Super knowledgeable folks for any of your questions no matter how small or big they are.” -Joe Romanski
Q: My Blue Gold™ Solution has a strong smell. Is this normal?
A: Blue Gold™ Solutions (Hydro, Garden, Rose, Vibrant Floral) are made from plants and minerals. They are biologically alive solutions that contain naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes. A biologically alive solution will have a mild odor, but most of our customers tell it to us that it smells earthy and very plant-like. It should have a potent/strong earthy plant-like smell.

“It has a pleasant, clean earth-like smell.” -Amazon Customer
Q: Can I purchase larger quantities than 8oz bottles of Blue Gold™ Garden Blend?
A: Yes, any of our 8oz solutions can be sold in gallon form. Please contact us with a request. Gallon prices are usually 20-40% less cost!

“Blue Gold™ Garden Blend is an excellent Product! The most amazing product I have ever used, could not make a higher recommendation!” –Amazon Customer
“I had used it with my veggies, and I noticed the difference after two weeks. My veggies looked very healthy with more fruits. My Korean radish loved it. They grew so big that I only used half of it cooking soup with meat.” -Cle
“Very good stuff.” -Robert
“Beautiful Roses and lots of blooms. I live in an older white brick house. The previous owners had planted 3 Rose Bushes out front, that were almost dead when we moved in. Well being an older house the bottom of the white brick is starting to stain, so I wanted to plant roses all along the front which would cover the bottom staining and look pretty against the white house. I bought a bottle of this stuff and voila! I planted several knock out roses along the front and still had the one rose plant that had survived from the original owners. All of my roses have doubled their size in the two months they have been planted. The one original rose plant was about a foot tall at the beginning of spring and now is almost waist high. Who knew it just needed some love. Great product, going to keep using. The best part is you don’t have to use much, I only use about a cap and a half per two-gallon watering can.” –Annie Tanner
Q: I see different kinds of this product (Garden, Rose, Floral, Hydro) with almost the same ingredients. What is the difference between them?
A: There are some differences in how much of each ingredient is used. The Blue Gold™ Garden Blend is closest to our Blue Gold™ Base formula and can be used with all plants in any environment. Blue Gold™ Vibrant Floral has its formula tweaked to optimize blooms. Blue Gold™ Rose Blend has triacontanol extract added to it, which is really good for roses and cannabis. The triacontanol can only be used for those plants, as other plants do not like that ingredient. Blue Gold™ Hydro is specially formulated for use in hydroponic (including DWC) growing. In one formulation, we may use 2lbs of Oregano and 1lb of Nettle, while in another formulation it may be vice versa. All the same ingredients, but not the same formulas. Everyone can use Blue Gold™ Garden Blend on everything and get Amazing Results. For those wanting the best of their roses or the best of their peonies, it would be better to purchase the Blue Gold™ Rose Blend or Blue Gold™ Vibrant Floral products (respectively) to achieve optimum results.

“Green is for the Garden Blend, Yellow (Vibrant Floral) is for bloom color, Red (Rose Blend) is for roses. I like Garden Blend for Veg, and I like the Yellow in Florida because it seems to brighten up the hairs.” -Ken. C
“My rose garden is absolutely gorgeous! I will continue to order this product from this seller.” -Nannie Cheryll
Q: What are the guaranteed results, when the disclaimer says there is no guarantee?
A: Concerning all of our sales, we guarantee results! Then there is are conditions that supersedes what is in the legal disclaimer on the label. So, if you didn’t see a result of any kind, we will be more than happy to reimburse the sale! The label disclaimer is a blanket statement to protect us from customers who misuse the product. Please give us a call anytime (877-732-5360 Ext 103) and we will be more than happy to discuss any question or concern you may have at length. Our time is yours.

“How can anyone guarantee anything with plants? I had only very good experiences with Blue Gold™ Rose Blend and Blue Gold™ Garden Blend, but I take VERY good care of my plants in general. If you are good to your plants and want to give them an ‘extra’ treat: this will work!” -Angela
“The reason there’s no guarantee is because the manufacturer cannot be present during administration, and because common sense isn’t common, they’d be crazy to offer a guarantee of such nature. If you use this alone without any other nutrients, mainly NPP. Your organic will grow to the promised land. If you start to mix, match and combine synthetics with this product you won’t get a good result. This has to be the world’s best product, but you must use it properly.” -Amazon Customer
“A company who keeps to its claim and provides something the agricultural world absolutely NEEDS. This stuff is amazing, the staff is great, Eden Solutions, THANK YOU!!” –Brad Kinney
“The size of the buds on my flowers at this phase in my grow cycle are impressive, noticeable change within two feeds, less than a week. Blue Gold™ Super Carb is super concentrated, so you only need a little bit to see results. The guys at Blue Gold™ are way ahead of the curve on science and philosophy for anyone I have talked to about growing. I use Super Carb for personal medical cannabis I grow in my home really small scale, but they gave me the same attention as they would someone doing a commercial organic vegetable grow buying hundreds or thousands of dollars in product. They answered all my questions, offered me some great tips, referred me to other products that they do not produce or sell but would be useful, and offered to help dial in my feeding schedule if needed, six stars! Just ordered a bottle of their Blue Gold™ Hydro to pair with Super Carb, can’t wait to try it out.” –Amazon Customer
“This is my SECOND jar of Fusion Compost VEG. This stuff is totally amazing like all the other Blue Gold™ by Eden Solutions. You have to try the whole regiment. Everyone will be calling you farmer green jeans. Really great stuff. Give them a call what a great bunch of people. Very knowledgeable, amazing. They can solve ANY growing problems. Thank You Blue Gold™. Thank YOU, Yeshua!!!!” –George R.
“This seller who is also the product developer goes above and beyond to provide great customer service. Have never had to contact them because I am so pleased with their products, but they certainly give you ample opportunity to do so.” -Stephen W. Kaiser
“Item as described and delivered promptly. I appreciate the follow-up email from the seller that encouraged me to ask any questions and express any concerns.” -Lisa F.
“Customer service is great they stand behind their product.” -Keith
Q: I had some Amazon shipping issues.
A: First, we are sorry about your experience with the packaging mishap. Amazon Fulfills our orders, and sometimes the bottle is not kept from rolling around the box like a bowling ball due to lack of packing material in the box that is supposed to be there. We strive to make sure every package that leaves here is properly packaged. Please contact Amazon for a replacement due to shipping damage.

“ALL Eden Solutions products are totally worthy of your time and energy! Best customer service I have ever had in 41 years of life!!! Kudos to Eden Solutions. Thank you for being such a great company!” –Brad Kinney
“Blue Gold™ Super Carb is amazing. It’s sold through Amazon they (Amazon) need to work on their shipping practices! When I received it the bottle had opened up, so I decided to use the spilled content and give to some of my garden plants ended up mixing around 2 gallons of water with 5ml of spilled content watered my plant 3 days later had an explosive rate of growth almost 4 inches in height and dozen of secondary growth the product is amazing I would recommend to anyone who wants a guaranteed organics solution, and you can still use other types fertilizers with this solution but at 10-20% of suggested amount this formula make sure the plants are able to absorb all the nutrients, and it does.” –Mario Alpizar
Q: Why is my bottle only 8oz?
A: The little 8oz bottle of Blue Gold™ Garden (as well as Rose, Hydro, Vibrant Floral) will make up to 237 gallons of root drench and up to 47 gallons of foliar applications. Please judge the Blue Gold™ Solutions on their performance after you have used the product and not before just on the size of the bottle. Big things can come in small packages. We promise you will not be disappointed after the use of the entire bottle. If you are still not happy, please contact us for your full refund.

“Love this stuff and so do my roses, will continue to purchase and feed my flowers with Blue Gold™ Rose Blend every week. I actually did a test comparison with another product advertising the same results as Blue Gold™ Rose Blend, and I did not see the same results. Blue Gold™ Rose Blend was also less expensive.” –Melissa
“My plants went from doing great to doing so amazing that it’s almost shocking! Blue Gold™ Hydro is well worth every penny!” –Daniel Covey
“Great service fast shipping and very good product blue gold just wish could get bigger size bottle. But works wonder! Got to have this!” -Jack
Q: Is Blue Gold™ Garden Blend plant food?
A: The Blue Gold™ Garden Blend is a surfactant, or as the Department of Agriculture calls it, “a wetting agent” in various States. But it is also so much more than that! It is designed using over herbs, minerals, sea extracts, clays and rare plant oils and extracts. By this method, this product is superior to any other “normal soap.” Surfactants, by their nature, make water wetter, thereby allowing water to penetrate deeper and wider into the soil. There is a severe prolonged dehydration issue plaguing our soils today. The cause and reason is a debatable subject, but when Blue Gold™ Garden Blend is used, the treated water can penetrate deeper and wider, enhance water hydration of the soil and plants! Due to the special way Blue Gold is formulated, it has properties that specifically help nutrients penetrate membrane walls more efficiently, while also helping to reduce nutrient lockup in the soil induced by chlorides, petrochemicals, and generic carbon lockup. Blue Gold™ plants see a significant increase in BRIXX as a direct result of increased water availability and nutrient uptake. The BRIXX is the plant’s natural pest and disease defense and is also directly related to the quality of the harvest. The Blue Gold™ Garden Blend starts a chain reaction in the soil and the plants which yields Amazing Results! Please do not hesitate to call (877-732-5360 Ext 103) anytime so that we can go over your application methods with you and help you achieve the best Blue Gold™ results! Please view our Blue Gold™ Garden Blend Product Magazine to see results achieved by our growers including Azure Standard, the country’s largest organic to home market, which has doubled and even tripled crop production with the Blue Gold™ Garden Blend as a stand-alone product. Have you ever seen a 6″ salad radish or cherry tomatoes the size of clementines? Our Blue Gold™ technology is on its face a “wetting agent,” but it works entirely different than any a-typical in-organic NPK chemical product. We assure you that the Blue Gold™ Garden Blend is not just soap and water. Surfactants comprise our lungs and are responsible for oxygen exchange. Plant-based surfactants are responsible for cell repair in nature. It took us a long time to understand how they work with the plant DNA, and just how vital the source is. Please give us a call with any questions or concerns! Our time is yours! We are here to help all our users understand the technology to help better serve our loyal customer base.

“Blue Gold™ Vibrant Floral is UNBELIEVABLE! I have tried dozens of different solutions, powders, dips, sprays, whatever and NEVER FOUND ANYTHING TO MATCH THIS!” –Laura C.
“Blue Gold™ Hydro natural product works great. It is making a difference for my veggies.” –Prime Addict
“Blue Gold™ Hydro has been working great. My plants are coming up real good and healthy.” –Mary T.
“Product is as described and is already showing signs of working after just a few treatments.” -Mike
“As advertised.” -the1911guy
Q: What is the fizz when I open the bottle?
A: The Blue Gold™ Solutions area biologically alive saponin solutions, for use as a wetting agent. Because we preserve the inherent plant microbiology, pressure can slightly build in the Blue Gold™ bottles, which then vent through a special vented cap seal we use. But, if the carrier is extremely rough with your Blue Gold™ bottle, sometimes there can be a slight leakage, or it will want to burp and/or fizz out the top when you first open it. To avoid leaks, never shake your Blue Gold™ bottle; only roll side to side to mix, if needed. Most people pour it in an empty bucket first and then add the water, which will cause it to foam up if you do not keep the hose under the water surface. Make sure the hose is under the water surface, and you will be fine. Always add the Blue Gold™ Solution to water, never water to the Blue Gold™ Solution to avoid foaming.

“I have applied Blue Gold™ Vibrant Floral to many of my flowering Bonsai and other container plants, and it has encouraged them to bud-up. Just don’t shake the bottle before opening, instead gently roll bottle to mix.” –Cactus Wren
“I love this product. I use it as a root system and foliar spray. I bought a series of products from them and am very happy with all. Prompt shipment. BE CAREFUL when you open the cap. Follow instructions. This is strong stuff.” -Kevin R. Seiter
Q: The Blue Gold™ Garden Blend bottle I received appeared to have fermentation and had started leaking from the excess pressure and the bottle itself was bulging. I am guessing this isn’t what is typical?
A: We are sorry for your burping bottle. The Blue Gold™ Garden Blend is a living biological product that at times can burp. We install custom vented cap lids but sounds like it was too much for the vented cap? However, we have had problems with Amazon’s fulfillment shipping where the Blue Gold™ arrives in a box with no packing material (but it should have it) so it is rolling around like a loose bowling ball, and this is like shaking a coke up. We have accounted for this information in the insert with the bottle, and it explains on what for you to do if this occurs. So rough handling and shipping can sure upset the Blue Gold, and unfortunately, we still have to work on this with Amazon. BUT, nothing is wrong with the product. Please judge the product on its performance and not on its shipping faults we have at times with Amazon. They fulfill all our products. Please contact us, and we can take care of this hiccup for you, but the product is safe and effective to use.

Q: Are Blue Gold™ Solutions safe for bees?
A: Yes! All, Blue Gold™ Solutions are safe for bees, butterflies, beneficials, earthworms, birds, etc. They attract them! They will not harm animals, plants, children, etc. In all our years of study and research with the Blue Gold™ Solutions we have yet to see any beneficial insect that does not just love the Blue Gold™. Most people will comment that the increased amount of bees, butterflies, ladybugs, praying mantis, etc. start showing up after they start applying the Blue Gold™ Solutions! Citrus Grove customers have sent us videos of this is with mega butterflies and bees that invaded after applications were made. This video shows how the birds flocked and flew right into the Blue Gold™ foliar sprays as they are applying them. Most all growers/farmers also comment how all wildlife seem to come like a magnet to the Blue Gold™. We have seen deer cross a 400-acre field in broad daylight to get to the barn that held the alfalfa hay grown on the Blue Gold™ Alfalfa Blend which the farmer testified that has never happened before in his 30+ years on that farm. We also have had people tell us that they fed the Blue Gold™ to bees by their own decision (not advised by us) and the honey production increased by 90% or better! So according to all our data and customer testimonials, we say it is safe. See more of animals loving Blue Gold™ Solutions in our Product Magazine.

“Bees LOVE, LOVE IT !!!!! When I’m misting the roses, they fly through the mist and dive into the roses. I have an excellent video of a bee loving the Blue Gold™ Rose I posted on twitter. I have been using their products for a year now. AMAZING STUFF!!! I feel confident. I’m in Albuquerque, NM and sprayed all my roses at 1:00 pm when it was sunny and hot. THEY LOVE IT. NO DAMAGE. NO WILTING. I USE LESS WATER WHILE SPRAYING ON THE BOTTOM (dirt).” -George R.
Q: I feel Blue Gold™ Solutions are expensive: $17.95 ÷ 48 (gallons) = 37.395 cents, per tsp.
A: Our 8oz bottles of Blue Gold™ (Garden, Rose, Hydro, Vibrant Floral) will make up to 237 gallons of root drench and up to 47 gallons of foliar applications. Each Blue Gold™ 8oz solution has over 200 ingredients, and it is 100% American made product that still has to compete with pennies on the dollar chemicals from Asia. Our product is all natural and organic and safe for people, pets, bees, birds, butterflies, earthworms, beneficials, and nature. We are all about one thing: Amazing RESULTS. If you are not 100% happy, you can contact us for your full refund. Also, please call us (877-732-5360 Ext 103) anytime with any questions.

“Product really works.” -Amazon Customer
“Awesome product the plants are doing great I will buy again.” -Amazon Customer
“Great product. I just bought my second bottle.” -Amazon Customer
“Product is as much as you could ask for. Advanced product. Not advanced price. Has helped bring plants back from the Brink. It’s great and unique.” -Dizzy Juan
“This formula is very rich. I think the price is fair for all the goodness you can get. I recently got 2 miniature roses and usually they start to get yellow and die. But mine are green, happily putting out new growth. I mist and water them using this formula. I can surely say Blue Gold™ doing its magic! Plants love it!” -Ellie L.
Q: How do I store Blue Gold™ Solutions after I open them?
A: For storing after use, it is good to leave the cap slightly loose to allow venting and additional fermenting to make the Blue Gold™ Solutions more powerful. Always store them in a cool dark place.

Q: What is the shelf life of Blue Gold™ Solutions (Hydro, Garden, Rose, Vibrant Floral) once they are opened?
A: The government and labeling laws limit how long body/animal/plant beneficials are allowed to have a “shelf life” of, and we are required to put a 1-year shelf life on the label. Unofficially, we have the product used on company soil and systems that have been sitting for many more years. We have found that Blue Gold™ Solutions are like wine, the longer they age, the better they perform.

Q: Will my Blue Gold™ Solution stain my clothes or patio?
A: Blue Gold™ Solutions (Hydro, Rose, Vibrant Floral, Garden) will not stain, damage, or otherwise discolor surfaces such as wood, metal, clay, plastic or fabrics when being used at recommended rates.

“I have used the Blue Gold™ products and they are beyond wonderful!!” -Led Zeppelin (comment on this video)
Q: Why is my Blue Gold™ Fusion Compost Vegetative/Flower NPK Paste bottle half full?
A: Because we cannot control the temperature of Amazon’s warehouse and how the boxes are handled once they are shipped (fulfilled by Amazon), the bottle is not filled up to the brim due to expansion problems. We use a larger bottle than necessary for the 0.75lb of concentrate paste to prevent any explosion and expansion problems due to heat and shipping. We have also taped each lid closed on the outside with colored tape wrapped and stretch tight to prevent leaks. The lids have a pressure sensitive seal. Each bottle still makes 98 gallons of product, and if you follow the blooming directions in the next paragraph, 1 bottle becomes 5 bottles.

These products are potent in concentrate form. PLEASE err on the side of caution. Indoor/Outdoor Grows can stretch this super concentrate paste for greater use. Depending on your water you may get 2-9 feeds out of one mix tank. What we mean is that the paste will bloom nutrients (higher PPM) biologically as the reservoir sits over time. Fill the container to 50% +/- with water, add paste to desired PPM/EC, cover, and let sit 24 hrs. +/-. The PPM/EC will bloom up. Now add water to back down the PPM/EC to the desired feed level. Add clean water back to bloom tank level again. Let sit again and repeat the process until the feed tank PPM is gone. The container may smell but will not hurt any plant; this is a beneficial biological reaction. Start off with 1 tablespoon per 2-5 gallons of water for root/zone feeding the plants. For best results always root feed when the zone dries out or when they need watering and foliar feed the plants after you root feed with any Blue Gold™ liquid product line (Hydro, Garden Blend, Rose Blend, Vibrant Floral, Super Carb). Your strain(s) may require less or more PPM/EC of paste. The more you feed the product, the more explosive growth you will see happen. So start small then dial up the feed amounts to the optimum PPM/EC. As always, please call us (877-732-5360 ext. 103) with any questions or concerns before guessing, to achieve those amazing results that you desire. For lawns and turf use at 1 tablespoon per gallon will achieve that deep lush green look. Our NPK Paste products are designed for root/zone feedings, any plant, tree or shrub.

“One of the most complete products on the market. Don’t pay for water. Get a palm-sized bottle of Blue Gold™ Vegetative NPK Paste instead of a slew of a quart or gallon sized bottles that won’t even have as much in it. Contains in it all the little additives and boosters you would normally get separately including living microbes from worm castings a and guano.” –Dizzy Juan
“Blue Gold™ Fusion Compost VEG works!! It is easy to use, and I’ve had excellent results. Will be buying more.” –Amazon Customer
“Fusion Compost VEG is by far probably the most amazing substance I have used…My plants are so healthy and green…I would highly recommend this for any plant grower…” –Richard Bryant Jr.
“Powerful product!” -roger321
Q: Where are Blue Gold™ Solutions made?
A: 100% American Made

Q: I am wondering if you ship to Canada or are your products are available in Canada?
A: We can ship internationally using FedEx. The customer is responsible for the shipping cost. We are not liable if customs rejects or confiscates the product. Please contact us if you have questions about ordering Blue Gold™ Solutions outside the USA.

Q: How often can I foliar spray Blue Gold™ Solutions on my plants?
A: Blue Gold™ Solutions are safe to use every day on any plant when using foliar applications. It is safe to foliar feed with Blue Gold™ Solutions multiple times per day if you are trying to maximize plant health and production. Merely proportion your daily rate as necessary with your number of preferred applications. It is safe to foliar feed newly germinated seeds and sprouts every day at a rate of 1-2 tsp per 1 gallon of water.

“This is THE BEST foliar spray I have found. It is concentrated, so follow directions. I spray my buds up to the day of harvest with no residual taste. My plants love this stuff. I have ordered 3 bottles and other product from this company. Great Seller, excellent products. I use it every few days and my plants love it. I use right up to the time of harvest” -Kevin R. Seiter
“This product is working great so far. New growth on stems and leaves. Leaves are healthy, and stems are improving as well.” -Marina Brewer
“Excellent for a foliar drench. Does not leave any residue or bad smell. Root drench with this definitely gets them excited. Very satisfied customer and highly recommend.” -Joe Blow
Q: How often should I use Blue Gold™ Rose Blend as a foliar spray? My roses have blackspot.
A: All plant disease and pest issues are a lack of proper nutrition or and out of balance of anionic (micronutrients usually) or cationic (macronutrients usually) elements. So if you could spray daily for three days with 2 tablespoons per 1 gallon and four days with 1 tablespoon per 1 gallon of foliar spray. Then water twice per this spray week with 1 teaspoon per 5-gallon bucket, your rose blackspot problem should very well be gone. This regiment will deliver the needed nutrients and get the plant back on track. Also, you should see quite a bit blooms in this week too. Once that is done, fall back to standard 2-3x per week to keep them going blackspot free. If you are in a colder climate, keep spraying till they quit blooming and they will tell you when they are ready for winter sleep.

“I use it about twice a week.” -Anthony Livingston
“This is the miracle cure for roses even if they are on death’s doorstep like mine were. It got rid of pests, dollar spot, and rust spot as well as produced the most beautiful blooms on my prize roses. I would highly recommend this product, and all this company’s products, to any serious gardener as well as any novice gardener. This stuff is fantastic!!!!!” –Garry M.
“My roses are especially vigorous this Spring because I started feeding the roots in January. The thrips and aphids that arrived were gone the day after I started spraying Rose Blend solution onto the foliage.” –Lisa F.
“I used this on my roses and all my other flowering plants as a foliar spray and watered with it! I noticed a visible difference within less than a week! My roses where on death row it seemed, and they came back to life with new growth in days! I have new rose buds on them now! The smell is not bad at all, certainly waaaaaaaay better than fish emulsion.” –Asma al-sulaiman
“I actually noticed an improvement in my in my roses the day after the first spay (using a pump sprayer), I have sprayed twice now, and the blooms are staying on the plants a little longer, and the spots are disappearing from the leaves, the new yellow rose we added has even bloomed, looking forward to seeing how much this helps our 10 rose bushes, I am using this as a spray, not a root soak.” –David Rice
“Explosive growth. Blue Gold™ Vibrant Floral is amazing! After 2 feedings, the rust on my hollyhocks is almost gone. It has been a problem for years.” –Charlotte Cavatica
“I called the customer service number that was included with the instructions for the Blue Gold™ Rose Blend. The customer service agent took his time and explained several things to me. I had black spot on my roses, no blooms, and bugs. My instructions were to use the product as instructed two to three times a week for two to three weeks. It has been two uses in one week, and I have blooms, new growth, no bugs, no black spot.” -Customer89
“It really works on our roses.” –Edmar Q.
“It’s my new go-to miracle worker. It saved my 20 year old roses. I’m on my 3rd bottle and I love it. My roses have healthy roots and leaves, bright blooms and it cleared up the black spot in a weekend. It DOES work! Stick with it and follow the directions. Other products treat the symptoms for a few days, but this stuff is a problem fixer. I wouldn’t use anything else.” –Amy Carraway
Q: Can Blue Gold™ Garden Blend be used as a foliar feed or just by watering the soil?
A: It is best to do both if you can. However, this solution is primarily designed to be foliar fed. Make sure to spray the plant and the underside of the leaves where pests like to hide. Spray until it drips. Especially when foliar feeding, only water (with or without the solution) as the soil needs it. Be sure to test the soil moisture by feeling the soil before watering. This solution will reduce the amount you have to water. This is true for our Rose Blend, Vibrant Floral, and Hydro as well.

“Yes, it can be used as a foliar feed.” -Cwhite43
“I used this on the foliage of my tomatoes and had very good results. Seemed to deter the leaf spot problem I was having. A good organic product.” -Weasel
“I have used Garden Blend twice this week. I used one teaspoon per gallon. The product is a dark foamy green color. My vines and hanging basket seem to be improving after the 2nd application.” –Dee
Q: Does it matter what the pH of the water for the foliar spray?
A: Successful growing is always led first and foremost by using the correct pH on the roots and foliar’s, as you well know. We have learned that pH is merely the measurement of resistance. The higher the pH, the greater the resistance and the lower the pH, less resistance. We have found that a 6.4 pH will allow more nutrients to pass to the plant because of the lower resistance at 6.4. We have seen time and again that operations which only change to a constant 6.4 pH, see incredible changes. We have non-caustic pH Up and a pH Down Solutions as well.

“Items just as ordered. Came in a timely fashion. So far so good. Raising and lowering the pH of my watering solutions as needed, and does seem to keep the pH more stable than other products I’ve used in the past.” -Kelly F.
Q: Is Blue Gold™ Super Carb recommended for foliar spray?
A: Yes, the Blue Gold™ Super Carb is recommended for foliar spray. When you combine the root soak (watering) with the foliar spray is when you will see the highest results. Depending on what plants you are spraying. Some plants like cannabis love more significant amounts of it, especially in the flowering stage. But all others would be safe at 1/2 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon per 1 gallon (clean water) of foliar spray on anything else.

“This product makes for a great foliar spray for all natural no chemical burn. Great product!” -Mario Alpizar
“Yes, it is. It’s more efficient over a normal root drench.” -Te@m Shocker Cpl
“Before you panic general public… I work in the legal Cannabis Industry; I also work in other Agricultural settings as well. I have 28 years total experience with my hands in the earth growing plants and tending to animals. I am talking to a “flowering” based market here when I leave the following review. I have never experienced better results from a carb product as I have with Eden Solutions Blue Gold™ Super Carb. Bottom line. See IMMEDIATE results and thank me later!!! The attached photos is the type of brixx value to expect while using Eden Solution products. Join the club ; }.” –Brad Kinney
“I’ve been using Blue Gold™ Super Carb for the last few months now. I’ve currently gone through almost two bottles and about to open my third. I use this on my medical cannabis plants. I primarily use it as a foliar during all of veg and about 2 weeks into flower. I grow in super soil and some in no-till pots (indoor grow). I spray down my ladies about twice a week with this sometimes mixed with a little aloe. The results have been nothing short of amazing. My plants have a deep color of green, and their fan leaves have never been bigger. I had a slight spider mite issue, and after a couple of months use of this, I can say that the mites seem to be under control. Not gone but they never reached that infestation level. So far I can honestly say that my plants have never looked healthier. I’m sold on this as one of my very few amendments that I give my plants.” –Te@m Shocker Cpl
“Blue Gold™ Super Carb is an EXCELLENT product. I use it twice a day as a foliar spray and mix a cap full in with my fertilizer tea. My plants love it. I am re-ordering along with other products from this great seller.” –Kevin Seiter
“I’m on my second bottle of Super Carb with the third one waiting to be opened. I’ve been using this on my cannabis plants for the last few months. The results have been nothing short of amazing! I use this mostly during veg and about two weeks into flower since and almost always as a foliar feed. My plants have never looked healthier! This has become part of my feeding schedule. I highly recommend.” -Te
Q: What is a root soak? How often do I do this?
A: A root soak is when you make a nutrient batch in a bucket, or a watering can and soak the “roots” by pouring at the base of the plants. Then later that day or the next when you foliar, the foliar not only feed the plants directly but the foliar action tells the plants to “uptake” the nutrients you put into the soil with the root soak. This is why you always root soak before you foliar to maximize nutrient uptake. Root soak applications should be 1 -3 times maximum per week, to avoid saturated soils. For soil/root watering use a ratio of 1 tsp per 5 gallons of clean water; preferably RO, spring, or rainwater instead of chemically treated city water.

“I am truly amazed with how well Blue Gold™ Rose Blend worked. It was delivered on Saturday, I watered the roots as directed, and within 3 days I have seen an improvement! My rose bush had no blooms or signs of budding on Saturday, and now it has 5.” –Jacqueline
“I believe I can tell an improvement using Blue Gold™ Hydro. My plants have twice as many roots than before.” –J. Fred
“I did both the drench and foliar feed and got excellent results in only a few days. The plants seemed to perk up and be greener with some new growth even starting. I highly recommend this!!” -Amazon Customer
Q: Does the Blue Gold™ Fusion Compost VEG NPK Paste dissolve easy? How often should I do the root soak on a plant that needs help or one that won’t bloom?
A: The Fusion Compost is a one of a kind product out there that is made from solid materials like bat guano, seabird guano, worm castings, rock powders, and other solids with Blue Gold™ liquids (Hydro, Garden, Rose, Vibrant Floral) and carbohydrates (Super Carb). It is unique in that all other soluble products derived from these products are just teas that leave behind the most potent biological elements. So, yes the Fusion Compost will dissolve in water when mixed up, and all will go through a 70 micron +/- filter via particle size. Please err on the side of caution with the Fusion Compost because it is so concentrated and potent. A little goes a long way. If you bloom it with a PPM meter, you can get up to 5 bottles of use out of the one bottle. So feed your plants a small amount each time they require water at like 200 to 400 PPM depending on what plants you have or 1/2 to 1 teaspoon per 1 gallon is an excellent feed ration 2x per week or when needed. The plant is not blooming because it is out of balance with pH and nutrition. Our Fusion Compost comes in 2 varieties: Vegetative and Flower.

“Yes, the paste is already dissolved. It’s a liquid nutrient that has water removed…just a little agitation to break up the paste is all you need. It is a slow feed release system so be careful with overfeeding…there are a million other factors to consider why your plant won’t bloom or needs help. I feed almost daily, but I’m growing in Coco coir which makes few ionic bonds with nutrients and therefore won’t build up or retain nutrients.” -Dizzy Juan
ALL Eden Solutions Blue Gold™ Solutions are very hydro friendly. They all mix excellent. Put in the recommended dosage in a bucket stir. For really good results you may want to look into the pH Up and the pH Down. All plants, animals, and humans perform best at pH 6.4. All plants have maximum uptake of all nutrients at pH 6.4. I know it sounds involved but not so. Get a pH water tester for best results. But if budget a problem pH test strips work. Just the Fusion Compost in some water will work great!!!!! -George R.
“Dissolves easily but be careful when opening the jar and pouring it in a bucket or pail. Soak according to directions, and you will be fine.” -P. Lerro
“Wonderful stuff little messy but my plants jumped thank you.” –Jenny
“Excellent product. I recommend Blue Gold™ Fusion Compost Vegetative NPK Paste to anyone been growing for a couple of years now this is amazing product.” -Amazon Customer
Q: It’s been raining for a week and scheduled to rain for the next 10 days. Should I wait to use this product until after the rain?
A: Blue Gold™ Solutions work very well in the rain. They will help your soil take max advantage of the rain increase their ability to store the water!

“We just got out of 6 days of rain and more headed as well. I just sprayed Blue Gold™ Garden Blend mixed with the Fusion Compost VEG Paste. I spray after and in between rains just enough to let the product dry on leaves. I see great results by watering in a tsp to root zone and then foliar spray next day. So, I believe you are good to go and spray away!” -organicisbetter
“I recently purchased the Blue Gold™ Garden Blend and used it on potted vegetable plants. The leaves are growing beautifully. The jury is still out on the fruit, too early to tell. I usually water the plants using the Garden Blend when the soil is still moist, but not too wet. I hope this helps.” -MC
“EDEN’s comments in reply to reviews are clear, informative, useful, and helpful. For example, the Blue Gold™ Rose Blend will come in the mail today. Meanwhile, it’s raining. No worries. An EDEN comment in reply to a review tells me that rainy days are GOOD for foliar spraying and root drenching. So, I’ll get started today, rain or no rain. I have simplified the math: one teaspoon per quart for foliar spraying; one teaspoon per gallon for root drenching. That makes it easier for me because I’ll be foliar spraying with a quart bottle and root drenching with a gallon jug. Thus, the amount of Blue Gold™ Rose Blend remains constant at one teaspoon, while the water container varies according to whether I am foliar spraying (one quart) or root drenching (one gallon). That math works for me. And it may work for others.” –Tom Dolan
Tom, we just breezed over your report, and your measurements are correct. YES, you can use 1 teaspoon per QUART and even 2-3 teaspoons per quart if you encounter something stubborn (pest and/or disease).
“Blue Gold™ Rose Blend has been working great on my roses, even with all the rain here.” –L. Babinsack
Q: I have new plants already in the ground. Rather than spraying, can I just water plants with the diluted Blue Gold™ Garden Blend?
A: You can dilute the Garden Blend at 1 teaspoon per 5 gallons of water to water your plants with. However, the foliar feeds induce the plant to pull up nutrients from the root zone. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Without the foliar applications, your results will not be as amazing.

“That is what I do. Use the recommended strength or gallon and use every week. The plants will do well.” -LYK
“Very good seller to deal with, glad I did. Their price is excellent, and they carry good quality items.” -G. Wees
Q: I just ordered some Blue Gold™ Hydro for my garden. How do you use it? Specifically, do I spray this on my tomato plants and zucchini plants, etc. or just the ground?
A: We advocate both root drenching and foliar spraying Blue Gold™ Hydro for the best results! For root drenching: mix 1 teaspoon in half of a 5-gallon bucket to water the plants to start with for the first week. From then on, mix 1 tablespoon in 5 gallons of water to water your plants as needed after that. For foliar spraying: mix 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon per 1 gallon of water and spray your plants 2-3x per week. Make sure you try and spray the bottom of the leaves as that’s where the bugs and eggs like to hide. Keep spraying until the tops of the plants drip. Early in the morning (especially when the dew is present) is best, but anytime will work. If you use a chemical NPK (note: some “certified organic” still contain chemical NPK’s) along with the Blue Gold™ Hydro, please cut this back by 75% to 90% or the Blue Gold™ Hydro will magnify the chemical and it may burn the plants. Rest assured the Blue Gold™ Hydro by itself will never burn anything. It’s always the chemicals that people use with it. Please call with any questions that you may have to get the best results. Side-note: we have two 100% organic and all-natural NPKs: Vegetative and Flower. This Blue Gold™ grower harvest over 600 tomatoes this year from one tomato plant.

“Awesome product. I bought several bottles.” -Amazon Customer
“1st-time use, improve my plants greatly…” -Hoppingmadtexan
Q: Can I use Blue Gold™ Super Carb in soil?
A: Yes. When you add carbohydrates to your soil, it brews and is hugely beneficial and essential for soil microbial growth! The best way to use Super Carb in the soil is mix it in a gallon jug use a 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 m/l) per 1 gallon of clean water. This is the only product we recommend to put in your jar first and then add the water to mix it up while the jar is filling. Use this formula whenever you need to water the plants up to 2x per week maximum. Please remember for absolute best results with the Blue Gold™ solutions you should always root feed (water plant) and then foliar feed the plant after you water up to 1 day later maximum. This will get you those Amazing Results, or you can use the Super Carb to water (root feed) the plants. Also, remember the Blue Gold™ solutions will help to keep the soil moister (wetter) longer so be careful not to over water the plants since they do not like wet roots all the time.

“I was having issues with the health of my plants. I’ve tried everything to improve the appearance of my plants. My plants didn’t look too bad, but I knew that they could look better. I went online again like I always do to read all the hype that the company put out about their product. I came across this product…Blue Gold™ Super Carb. I sat in my chair telling myself…don’t fall for it again…save your money…it’s just going to end up in the pile with all of the other stuff. Don’t take me wrong. Some of the other products did work; they just didn’t on all of my plants. I have a large enclosed greenhouse in my basement with all sorts of lighting, plants in dirt, and a hydroponics setup with moving water. I decided to give this Blue Gold™ Super Carb a try. My requirements are demanding because I needed something that was going to work on both dirt and my hydroponics setup. I’m very happy now that I did give it a try. My plants are looking great now. My plants are greener, and growing like crazy. I started giving them the Super Carb every seven days at first. After plants started looking great, I reduce it to every 14 days, and the plants continued to do great. The truth is that you couldn’t get me to stop using this stuff now. I also find that if you place your seeds in a ziplock bag with the solution, your seeds will germinate faster. I also use it to mist my plants with a mister but don’t use the solution at full strength. The solution calls for one teaspoon per gallon. So what I do is mix 1/2 a teaspoon in a gallon, and only use this gallon for misting my plants. I can keep going with everything that you can do with this stuff, but my fingers are getting tired of typing. Yes, you can use it with your dirt, just do it every 7 to 14 days.” -Jose Torres
“Yes, it works well in soil.” -Amazon Customer
“Yes, you sure can.” -Jeani Brubaker
Q: At what stage of the plant should I be supplying Blue Gold™ Super Carb? I have some juvenile fruit plants that are not currently, nor have ever flowered?
A: Depending on the verity of your young fruiting plants they have a nutrient imbalance of cationic and anionic nutrients. We say this because you said they have never bloomed or fruited. Anionic elements produce growth, and Cationic elements produce fruit. All Blue Gold™ solutions are safe on seeds to trees and everything in-between. So for our Super Carb, use at 1 teaspoon per 5-gallon bucket of clean water for the use of watering (root drench) the plants when they need watering. Then mix 1-3 teaspoons per 1 gallon of clean water to foliar feed the plants after you root feed them for best results. This should get you some blooms pretty quick depending on how far the soil is out of balance. We are launching our bulk mineral line on our Amazon storefront (summer 2018), which will include Soft Rock Phosphate (we have a liquid version available now). This would be outstanding to put on the soil for the blooming fruiting phase. We also have a Flower NPK Paste. Please give James a call for further advice/clarification: 877-732-5360 Ext 103.

“You can use it from beginning to end.” -Amazon Customer
“Your flowers and fruits will love this. Really gets the trichomes and terpenes going. Also has some things in it that may help with your IPM & mold. Won’t kill your beneficial microbes. Root drench or foliar. I really like this product, and the company support is top notch.” –Delta9RSD
Q: Can Blue Gold™ Super Carb be used as a seed soak because of old seeds which struggle with seeds popping/germinating and/or lack vigor and vitality? If so, is this a guess or has this been proved? How much of your solution do you suggest to use in 4 oz of RO water for seed soak? Please provide as many clear details.
A: The definition of science is ‘observation through the fact of results.’ All the Eden Blue Gold™ Solutions have been extensively field tested for results and extended to the recommended label requirements. The Super Carb has not been tested for seed germination enhancements as per say. We have had numerous growers tell us it does and works well. However the Blue Gold™ Hydro is what we have tested for this over an eight-year period. Seed genetics are migrating towards a seed frequency weakness because of inbreeding and crossbreeding tactics. We have used 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 m/L) per 32oz of clean water preferable rainwater. Soak seeds from 10 minutes to 2 hours in this solution and plant as normal. Or use your 4oz water with 0.3125 m/L of Hydro. Once seeds germinate foliar feed with the same solution with 50% more water added to the dilution ration. The end product of 1.25 m/L per 32oz of water. After one week you can start the foliar at 10 to 15 m/L per gallon of clean water.

Q: Is there a preferred time of day Blue Gold™ Solutions should be applied?
A: Blue Gold™ Solutions can be sprayed at any time of the day or night. The absolute best time we have found is in the early morning when the dew is present. But, Blue Gold™ Solutions are safe to apply in all weather conditions, hot or cold, day or night, and it’s OK to spray before, during, or after the rain. The best results are achieved when foliar applications are immediately or a few hours after a root soak (and/or fertilizer input using reduced rates, 75-90% less). Regardless of the time, Blue Gold™ Solutions will not cause root rot, induce mold, or wilt plants if used during “traditional do-not-spray hours.”

“Any liquid fertilizer should be applied as early as possible and applied at the base of the plant if possible. This allows the leaves to dry during the day to avoid the possibility of mold and fungus growth.” -James Dunning
“Awesome. We have so many Jalapeño and Bell peppers we don’t know what to do with them all. In addition, they are HUGE. Make sure not to mix too much as it is concentrated. Dilute it according to the directions. Blue Gold™ Garden Blend is best sprayed first thing in the morning as we did see some burning of leaves when sprayed in the afternoon sun.” –Gina D.
“Works really well on high humidity days too.” -Pepsi
“I bought this product for a small hybrid lemon/lime cocktail tree that was damaged due to the crap long winter we had. My tree was turning yellow. Two weeks after I applied this product, my tree was greening up and producing new leaves, and even flowering. So, I can say that this is a pretty good product. After a month of feeding, the tree is finally green and looking healthy. Hopefully will produce a few lemons and limes this year.” -Jeremy Carlucci
“I don’t spray it ever. I put it in a watering can and mix with water. Sometimes the sun is out; sometimes I do it at dusk.” -Leenie
“I spray in early a.m. or late afternoon. I think plants absorb better from leaves when it’s cooler, so either early or later. Earlier gives time for no moisture to stay on overnight as it dries. It’s a very forgiving spray so no stress. It works great.” -organicisbetter
Q: How much of Blue Gold™ Garden Blend should you use per 1 gallon?
A: For foliar (spraying) applications, you should use 1-2 tbsp per gallon of water. If you are doing a root soak once a week as well, you should be using 1 tsp per gallon for the root soak. Doing a root soak does not reduce the foliar amounts you should be doing. It works best when you spray and root soak. This is true for our Rose Blend, Vibrant Floral, and Hydro as well.

“The bottle says 1 tsp per gallon for Root/Soak, 1-2 tbsp per gallon for Foliar/Spray. It also says best if used with hose-end sprayers; however, I have been just adding it to my watering can and soaking the base once per week, and my rose has gone nuts growing.” -Karen Larsen
“My son is the gardener. He says there is no better stuff than this!!!!!” -jskat
Q: What are the proportions of Blue Gold™ Hydro per gallon?
A: As directed on the label: Foliar every day at 15 m/L per gallon of water. Treat reservoir every 5 to 10 days with 1 to 2 m/L per gallon. When used in conjunction with Blue Gold™ Super Carb (our carbohydrate formula) use only 1 m/L of Blue Gold™ Hydro per gallon of reservoir water with 2 m/L of Blue Gold™ Super Carb per gallon. For best results adjust the pH of your water using Blue Gold™ pH Down and/or Blue Gold™ pH UP.

Q: What is the ml/gallon ratio with Blue Gold™ Super Carb?
A: Optionally, foliar every day with 15 m/L per gallon of water. Feed reservoir every 5 to 10 days with 2 m/L per gallon. When used in conjunction with Blue Gold™ Hydro, use only 2 m/L of Super Carb per gallon of reservoir water, combined with the 1 m/L per gallon of Blue Gold™ Hydro. Our Super Carb is a very potent carbohydrate source. Give James a call (877-732-5360 Ext 103), and he will be happy to give our recommendations based on your protocols. We also have a larger version of our Super Carb.

” I use 2ml of Super Carb per 1 gallon of H2O along with 1ml per gallon of Blue Gold™ Hydro and 1/2 to 1 ml of Fusion Compost (Vegetative or Flower) per 5 gallons of water. Keep in mind I am using all 3 Blue Gold™ products and the ratios are different when used individually compared to all 3. Still, it is safe to consider 1-2ml per gallon except for the Fusion Compost NPK product, which is different. Do not hesitate to contact Eden directly as they are MOST happy to help. I have not found any other company to be so willing to talk to you to get it right based on use/needs.” -Shark Girl
“I use varying amounts per liter; this is because my plants are all different, as well as different varieties. I’m a little ‘loose’ with the product due it being a sugar/carb supplement. It’s not nearly as capable of ‘burning’ plants due to its already balanced pH… it’s really a matter of your plant’s needs. For safety and caution, I’d recommend no more than 5ml per gallon. However, there are customers who are using a bit less per gallon. Hope this helps. Oh, it’s inexpensive to order a bulk supply of disposable (recyclable) pipettes, this would help your ml measurements as you see fit.” -Johnny Kroll
“2ml per gallon.” -Mario Alpizar
“5ml or 1 tsp per gallon. It’s on the label.” -Ken C.
Q: I am mixing Blue Gold™ Rose Blend into a gallon jug, but I am wondering how much should I use for each rose bush? One gallon? Half gallon?
A: In commercial applications, farmers apply Blue Gold™ Solution treated water at a minimum of 21 gallons per acre. Hope that helps paint a picture. For foliar, we recommend spraying the rose bush to a drip, making sure to coat the underside of foliage. For a root soak, you are watering your usual amount. The only difference is now the water is treated per gallon with Rose Blend. Think of it as you are currently using treated water. Foliar applications vary depending on the user and dictate how many gallons you usually use per rose bush.

“You can also use it several times a day.” -Kent
“Each plant is given 1/2 a 5-gallon bucket every third night. That’s it. And daily foliar spraying.” –George R.
“I have 6 rose bushes that I used this product, and so far, I have had great, coming back, and stems & flowers are going crazy over it. Best product so far that we have used for our roses..” –Marina Brewer
“Incredible!! I purchased this product a month ago after reading the reviews and decided to take a chance. I did a soil soak on each of my 15 roses and left town for 3 weeks, praying hubby would give them enough water so they wouldn’t die in our 90 degree heat before my return. Fortunately, we had major rain storms for a week while I was gone and when I returned home, I was simply in awe. My roses had doubled in size and had an abundance of blooms like I’ve never seen. I have had the roses for 4 years and they were just doing okay…a few blooms here and there but nothing, NOTHING like they look today. I’m still stunned. I can’t stop looking at my roses. They are soooo beautiful!!!! I truly cannot believe the growth, the bloom size, and the number of blooms. Unbelievably perfect roses! I’m so excited I came across this product and will continue to use and recommend.” –Amazon Customer
“My rose bushes were in bad shape, but I followed the directions, and the rose bush is starting to get new leaves I am happy with the Blue Gold™ Rose Blend. I also used it on all my flowers and it gave them an extra boost🌹🌷🌸🌺🥀.” –Bern K.
Q: Besides roses, can Blue Gold™ Rose Blend be used on other plants?
A: “The Rose Blend is specifically formulated for Roses, as it contains Alfalfa Extract, which is a known source of Triacontanol. Triacontanol does not work well with some plants, like tomatoes. If you wish to try the Rose Blend on other plants, please exercise caution and consider the other formulas instead (Garden Blend, Vibrant Floral, Hydro).”

Q: How often should I feed my roses with Blue Gold™ Rose Blend?
A: For best results feed/water the soil at the base of the roses with a 1/2 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon per 1 gallon of clean water once per week and twice per week if it is scorching out. Look at the soil, and it will tell you when it needs water by how moist or dry it is. Mix 2 teaspoons to 1 tablespoon per 1 gallon of foliar spray mix and spray the entire bushes starting with the underside of the leaves (where pests like to lay eggs) and then finishing with the top side of the leaves and buds and blooms 1x to 2x per week. This will yield some beautiful bushes and rose blooms way up into the Fall or year-round if you are growing in a Southern Climate! Blue Gold™ plants produce in extreme heat.

“I use once a week.” -mzjaqi
“I use twice a week.” -Trudy Bowen
“This works. My roses weren’t doing anything till I used this. Great stuff.” –Beverly Parrott
“After using Rose Blend for a full growing season, I can truthfully say that this product produced superior results. My roses were bigger, healthier and more fragrant than in past years. It also helped my plants survive extreme heat ( I live in Las Vegas). If you love growing roses, this product is a must!” –David Schuchman
“I didn’t really expect to see so much of a difference with this, but I started using Rose Blend during a heat wave in July of 2016 and, within 2-3 days after starting to use this, all of the hanging plants had more blooms and brighter blooms.” –Jane Martin
“I love my mature rose bushes, but they get too much heat in Southern California, and I noticed they were struggling. This little concentrated bottle of Rose Blend is helping them slowly come back to life and bring their amazing color back into my life. A little bit of this goes a long way, and it is helping restore the luster back into the petals.” –potterhead
“I had several questions, and I was able to contact the company directly and get answers. I used the product as instructed and saw results the very next day. In a week I had a totally different plant. This product is the real deal. Well worth the price. You will not be disappointed. They also have farm animal solutions and edible plant solutions. Must buy!” –Customer89
Q: Roughly how long does it take canker to cure up on roses once Blue Gold™ Rose Blend is being cured? 4 times a week spraying roses is a little brutal.
A: Your soil and plant sap pH (resistance) is ‘low’ (below 6.4), which this usually brings on the onset of diseases like canker. I would guess the pH is from 5.8 to 6.1. You would have to test this to know for sure. The canker will subside when the plant sap pH rises, and the immune system strengthens. The Blue Gold™ Rose Blend will slowly start to change this resistance, but if the soil is pulling it back down, it will seesaw back and forth. So if you can take a soil slurry test, which I can walk you through if you have a calibrated pH meter we can start the corrective measure a lot quicker. If things like aluminum sulfate or sulfur are in the soil, they will be like a boat anchor holding the pH there. Call me, and we can discuss this further to help you. Rome was not built in a day; so we have learned patience through tribulation over the years in how to remediate these situations.

“I’m happy that I have used this product.” –Amazon Customer
Q: If mixing Blue Gold™ Garden Blend with water to water houseplants, can I save the remaining water mix for next week?
A: Absolutely you can save the mixed Blue Gold™ Solution product for the next week if you keep it in a cool and dark place. It may or could take on a slight smell to it? For best results mix it at 1 teaspoon per five gallons of water or 1 m/L per gallon of water for the roots, and foliar feed with one tablespoon per gallon of foliar spray after you water the roots in.

“I do that, and I haven’t noticed any issues.” -Robin
Q: How often should I spray my houseplants with Blue Gold™ Garden Blend?
A: You can mix 1 teaspoon per 32oz spray bottle and spray the house plants. It is safe to spray every day, or you could spray as little as once per week. The more you spray, the more noticeable the results. Mix 1 teaspoon per 5-gallon bucket of water to water the plants in the root zone as often as they need to be watered. By watering with the Garden Blend at 1 m/l per gallon and then foliar feeding them you will be pleased with the results.

“I would recommend 2-3 times per week.” -FOCHEF
Q: How best to prepare Blue Gold™ Garden Blend and/or the Fusion Compost™ Vegetative NPK Paste for 32oz spray bottle for frequent sprays on tender veggies?
A: For Garden Blend, simply put 1/2 teaspoons (2.5 m/L) of the Garden Blend in the 32oz spray bottle on the new tender veggie plants. This is safe to spray them every day with and twice per day at the most. After about two weeks you can add 1 teaspoon (5 m/L) per 32oz spray bottle as this will take them all the way for the foliar sprays. Remember, for best results add 1/4 teaspoon per 1 gallon of the Garden Blend to water the plants with and add the foliar spray ratio above for the absolute best combination for the plants.

For Fusion Compost VEG, it would be best to use the Fusion Compost VEG at 250 PPM on the roots and foliar spray applications for the new veggies. Always err on the side of caution with the Fusion Compost as it is so potent of a concentrated paste. Depending on your water at 250 PPM dilution rate would be about 1/8th teaspoon per 32oz of clean water.

“I would use a pour container over a sprayer.” -Jenny
Q: What are the Blue Gold™ Solution rates to use when I have pest and/or disease in my plants?
A: If you encounter a problematic pest or disease, increase foliar spray to 3 to 4 tbsp per 1 gallon of water until the issue is alleviated through the improved health of the plant or soil. If your problems persist, please contact us for free recommendations regarding your pH and soil nutrition so you can be pest and disease free without the use of pesticides, herbicides, and biocides.

“It seems to help. Plants are growing well and, diseases and insect predation appear to be mitigated. At this point, I can tell that it’s making some difference.” -ss
Q: What is the recommended dose of Blue Gold™ Garden Blend and mode of application for Verticillium Wilt?
A: Verticillium Wilt is a soil condition that is miss-diagnosed frequently. Most highly probable is your soil and plant sap resistance (pH) is very low in the high 5.8 range to the low 6.1 range. This will exasperate the disease symptoms of the plants. If you can do a soil slurry test with a resistance (pH) meter with little water as possible, it will give you a good indicator of the soil (pH) resistance level. You want the soil and sap resistance (pH) at 6.4 for optimal nutrient uptake. Also, a high Nitrate condition could also be contributing here to the symptoms. So, mix 1 tablespoon of the Garden Blend into a 5-gallon bucket of water and use this to water the plants when they need watering. Do this for the next 3-4 waterings and then fall back to 1 teaspoon per 5-gallon bucket of water for the root drenches. If you are referring to tomatoes, they do not like wet roots as most plants do not. So, test the soil with your finger to see if the soil is moist or dry to determine if they need watering. Then take 3-4 tablespoons of Garden Blend in 1 gallon of water and foliar feed the plants top/bottom of leaves and all stalks and stems (entire plant) for 2 foliar treatments. After this, fall back to 1 tablespoon per 1 gallon of foliar spray at 2-4 times per week. Then the immune system will kick in, and the plant will start to correct itself. The soil/sap resistance (pH) should begin to come up and stabilize if there are not a lot of aluminum sulfate or other sulfates in the soil. Please give James a call for further advice: 877-732-5360 Ext 103.

Q: Can Blue Gold™ Vibrant Floral be used as a foliar feed and does it help with Powdery Mildew on Zinnias?
A: Yes, our Vibrant Floral solution is primarily designed to be foliar fed. Make sure to spray the plant and the underside of the leaves where pests like to hide. Spray your florals until they drip. Especially when foliar feeding, only water (with or without the solution) as the soil needs it. Be sure to test the soil moisture by feeling the soil before watering. Vibrant Floral will reduce the amount you have to water.

“Oh my gosh this is great stuff. Lovvvvvvve it.” –Beverly Parrott
“Works great.” –Pearl Phillips
“I love this stuff!!! Totally getting more, I used it as a spray and watered with it all my flowers (Hydrangeas, Gardenias, Roses, Lilies) and they all absolutely loved it! I started this when all my flowers started looking tired, we are shifting from spring to summer heat, and I could tell a difference within a few days!” -Asma al-sulaiman
“Wow, what a difference the Vibrant Floral has made on my geraniums, daisies, and my bottle brush plants! The geraniums look better than they ever did and my daisies that I thought were finished for the year bloomed out vibrant and beautiful again. My bottle brush bush is once again in full bloom after applying just 1 tsp./ gallon of water to them every other day for just 3 days! I just love this, and it’s true that it will super-charge your plants. I can’t wait to try their formula for roses. Also, when I contacted them on a Saturday morning to see about ordering the Blue Gold™ Rose Blend, they answered immediately. They were polite and thankful for my business.” –Jeanette O.
“I purchased Blue Gold™ Rose Blend not because I have roses, but for its properties regarding mildew that can be a big problem in Florida. The manufacturer states that this organic liquid concentrate will fix disease, reduce pests, and use less fertilizer. Pests are another big problem in Florida due to the tropical climate. I am hoping I will get more root growth, as the manufacturer states, because I am attempting to grow plants from seeds. I have wildflower seeds, and tomato seeds that I have gathered myself from tomatoes we eat at home. The tomatoes are an experiment, in a container garden on my very sunny patio. I cannot tell how this experiment will turn out, right now I have very fragile stalks.” –MdianeM
Q: What is the Fusion Compost™ Vegetative Paste equivalent to a cup of granular NPK fertilizer?
A: This depends on what NPK rating you were considering matching (example: 5-8-3). So it is all math:

If you use the example of 4-6-4 that is telling us that you are getting the following:
4% Nitrogen (9.48 grams)
6% Phosphate (14.22 grams)
4% Potassium (9.48 grams)

So for every cup at 8oz (237 grams) of this ratio, you are getting the percentages above of that 237 grams: 4-6-4. If you use the Fusion Compost according to this 4-6-4 ratio, you would need 4oz (118 grams) teaspoons of the Fusion Compost per gallon of water. The Fusion Compost is double the amount of the above ratio. Please err on the side of caution with the Fusion Compost rates because it is so powerful and available. Start off at 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon per 5-7 gallons of water for the root of foliar feeding. Watch the plants, and they will tell you how they like the rates. If they like it, they go to a deep green almost instantly if not within the first hour. Please call (877-732-5360 Ext 103) with any questions anytime, and we will get those desired results you are seeking.

“Love this stuff!! Works great! I have now found a product that is great for the yard. Love seeing those mushrooms grow. Let’s me know the soil is healthy! It’s hard finding a product good for your soil and microorganisms that go as far as this product. Honestly, the price doesn’t match the quality. Honest company. I love that! Only thing better than the product is the customer service. Always answers emails and phone calls. If James does not answer, he actually calls you back in a timely manner. Very professional and knowledgeable. They are doing great things at Eden. If you are on the fence, you should give it a try. You won’t regret it!” –Rachael M.
“I’ve been gardening over 30 years, and if you don’t have the time and space to make your own compost teas like me this is one of the best products to use! 1/2 tsp per gallon and my plants are looking healthier, and the roots are super white and poking out all around the Smart Pots they’re in, I highly recommend this to anyone that wants to grow w/o using chemical fertilizers.” –Mike
Q: How should I apply Blue Gold™ Fusion Compost Vegetative NPK Paste to the soil prior to planting?
A: Depending on what you are applying it on, you can use a 5-gallon bucket or a hose-end sprayer or a pump-up backpack sprayer.

“We put it in a 2-gallon sprayer and sprayed it around the roots of our corn. Or just spray it down your row before you plant your seeds. It doesn’t take very much of the Fusion Compost.” -Jeani Brubaker
“It is vitally important that you use this stuff according to the instructions. This stuff is potent and not using it correctly is definitely not a good, so be wise and follow the instructions precisely and you will be amazed/floored by the outcome. As for preparing the soil prior to planting, I’ve had the most success using this formula. Take a 5-gallon bucket, fill it with water and put 5 tablespoons of the Fusion Compost Paste in and mix thoroughly. Let mixture sit for 24/48 hours. Then after that time prepare your soil with a mixture of good organic soil, compost, and maybe a bit of worm castings. But your mixture is entirely up to you. So use what has worked for you and then depending on the size of your garden use about 1 gallon per 60/70 sq. ft. of soil. That mixture of a good organic soil and the Fusion Compost mixture is golden. Here’s my formula: If you take out 2 gallons of your Fusion Compost mixture, that mixture will make about 25 gallons of water for you to use in your garden. Here’s an easier way: For every 1 gal., you’re going to use 10.25 oz. of Fusion Compost mixture. So pour 10.25 oz. of the mixture in a gal. jug and fill the rest up with water and use accordingly. One more thing, use the Fusion Compost mixture every other watering. Oh, for every gallon of Fusion Compost mixture you take out of your 5-gallon bucket, replace it with 1 gallon of fresh water. Hope this helps.” -Todd LaPalm

Q: Should Blue Gold™ Garden Blend be used alone, or is it better to use along with an NPK Fertilizer?
A: Many growers have used Blue Gold™ Garden Blend by itself. For example, tomatoes love Blue Gold™ Garden and will generally yield an enormous harvest without the use of any fertilizers. But, not all soils are the same. Because Blue Gold™ Garden enhances the nutrient uptake, we recommend sticking with your current fertilizer at reduced rates. We also have a Vegetative and Flower NPK Fertilizer. With continued use, you can dial in just how little fertilizer you need to use. We recommend starting with at least 15% of your current fertilizer input ratios. The protocol of many successful Eden growers is to switch to Blue Gold™ Solutions completely, increase application rates if stress or pest arise, and only consider fertilizer inputs when increased Blue Gold™ Solutions rates are insufficient to maintain a high BRIXX and big harvest/bloom.

“This stuff is potent! Its a slurry type solution that is very concentrated. I added this to my root drench and foliar feed with the Blue Gold™ Garden Blend. Use Blue Gold™ Fusion Compost Vegetative NPK Paste sparingly as it is packed with nutrients for your plants – I used 1/2tsp per 3 gallons of H2O with the same amount of Blue Gold™ Garden Blend to speed uptake into plants. Seeing good stuff, haven’t used as long as the Garden Blend so I will be doing more testing. This bottle will last quite a long time. I look forward to a fantastic harvest this year!” –organicisbetter
“XLNT product. I use it as a foliar spray and in a tea fertilizer mix. I am going to order again along with the other fine products from this seller. As always, follow instructions.” -Kevin R. Seiter
Q: Should I use Blue Gold™ Rose Blend instead of or in addition to a rose fertilizer?
A: You can use Blue Gold™ Rose Blend in addition too. You can use our Fusion Compost FLOWER NPK Fertilizer Paste. However, you must remember to cut your fertilizer inputs by 75% to 90%. Blue Gold™ Rose Blend enhances and accelerates nutrient uptake for fantastic rose blooms. Remember to root drench one day and then the next foliar spray. When you foliar spray, you turn on the plant’s “uptake” feature, which is why you always root drench first. Many of our floral growers are kind to their soil (adding back nutritional inputs like Calcium and Phosphate) can use just the Blue Gold™ Rose Blend and get Amazing Results continuously. Because Blue Gold™ Rose Blend enhances nutrient uptake so much; you will need to input macros and micros into your soil at some point. We highly recommend Spring and Fall.

“I use in addition to fertilizer, but I only use the fertilizer at the beginning and end of the season and use Blue Gold™ Rose Blend weekly in a sprayer in the evenings, and we are loaded with roses from may until the end of the season.” -David Rice
“In addition too.” -Tom Dolan
“Hi, I did use Blue Gold™ Rose Blend, but I still fertilized my roses. I have own root roses, and I cannot use regular fertilizer on them. I use Alaskan Fish Fertilizer and Blue Gold™ Rose Blend :).” -Carol
“I started with the Super Carb and then got Rose Blend since the Super Carb worked so well. Started with 50% my normal nutrients and .5ml per gallon in my feed of Rose Blend and my plants are blowing up. I moved to 60% my normal nutrients and 1ml per gallon and even better results. I am using 50% less Cal Mag as well and not seeing deficiency when I was having Calcium issues almost every feed before. If you want to hit the gas on your bloom or fruit phase without putting a ton of funky chemicals in your plans, 1ml of Rose Blend and 2ml of Super Carb/Gallon and its game time. Don’t get heavy handed with it, a little bit will do ya, and one bottle will last a long time.” –Amazon Customer
“After using Blue Gold™ Rose Blend for the first time – there was a noticeable difference in my roses within 48 hours. I highly recommend.” –Kristen Mackin
“This stuff is the nectar of the gods for roses. It’s the off-season now, and if you are a rose enthusiast, you are supposed to strip all the leaves and cut back your roses at least 50%. Following the Rose Blend instructions, our roses have accelerated in growth tremendously and have already started blooming. This is extremely early for this to happen. This stuff is magic. I am a user for life.” -Todd LaPalm
“Great for roses. Mine are thriving with this and Maxicrop and Seagate Fish Ferilizer.” -J. Gilmore
Q: In the coconut fiber, do I need Blue Gold™ Garden Blend and also a fertilizer?
A: In Coco, you have to be very careful because the salts are screaming high and will lock out your Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium first if you grow below the 6.4 zone pH. If you use the Blue Gold™ Garden Blend, you will have to reduce your fertilizer by 75% to 90% because the Blue Gold™ Garden Blend amplifies everything it touches. Coco always seems to show deficiencies in that the zone pH is below 6.4. Please give James a call for further advice on growing with Blue Gold™ in Coco: 877-732-5360 Ext 103.

“No, you don’t need both but look at this as a supplement to your fertilizer. I use this on my hibiscus, and it makes them go wild with new growth. It’s just like a treat to any plant type.” -James H. Caler
Q: What is the best way to use Blue Gold™ Garden Blend with Blue Gold™ Fusion Compost Vegetative Paste in a vegetable garden?
A: Use the Blue Gold Fusion Compost VEG to root soak the plants when they need watering. Depending on what you are growing, will depend on how strong a solution that you want to mix. So on average mix 1-3 tablespoons of the Fusion Compost VEG per 5 gallons of root soak water and water when needed about 2X per week depending on rainfall. Then foliar spray (feed) the plants with the Blue Gold™ Garden at 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon per gallon of foliar spray at a few minutes to a few hours later after you watered the plants. The foliar spray will feed and induce the plant to pull up nutrition from the roots. The Fusion Compost VEG and Garden Blend combo are a powerful one so please err on the side of caution when you start out and work your way up. If you have a PPM meter a good starting place is between 350-450 PPM in the zone of the plants and go as needed.

“I use at very low rates as it works well. 1/4 teaspoon in a 3-gallon bucket watered to roots first as a root drench, then 1 teaspoon to 1-gallon foliar spray to leaves and stems. Use often at once a week or more if needed. I saw very strong growth early on when I used it with their Compost Fusion VEG, on tomatoes, peppers, etc. Look for more lateral branching of stems off vegetables…the peppers I tested it on went bananas and branched out everywhere within 1 week and a deeper waxy green than I have seen before. Best wishes. Good luck.” -organicisbetter
“Blue Gold™ Garden Blend is a good soil booster especially for veggies.” –Freya
Q: I am looking at the Blue Gold™ Garden Blend and the Blue Gold™ Fusion Compost Vegetative Paste. Can they be used together or will it burn the plants?
A: NO Blue Gold™ Solution will burn any plants, flowers, buds, leaves, new flush, etc. when used as directed. It is baby soft and safe in any grow or houseplant. With that said, be careful with the Fusion Compost VEG because of the explosive all-natural combination of 50% ratios of Anion Nitrate and Cation Ammonia from Peruvian Sea Bird Guano and other ingredients. If you have vegetative houseplants that do not require ‘a lot’ of flowering requirements the Fusion Compost is your go-to product (but we also have a Flower Paste for flowering plants). But the Blue Gold™ Garden Blend is no slouch and will produce some fantastic vegetative and flowering plant production when used with root drench and foliar spray as directed. But you do not need both of them together (Fusion Compost and the Garden Blend), but can use both of them together as desired. If you add anything always add the Blue Gold™ Super Carb to the mix for any situation*.

“Test with similar plant/herb…not always possible. But do your homework on the PRPP and reviews. Seedlings are very sensitive as I am sure you are aware err on the side of caution.” -Todd
“I use together, and you will see plants respond really well. Deep green and waxy leaves. Mix the Fusion Compost VEG Paste in a mason jar with water to make your concentrate, then add to the watering can with water to feed plants. Foliar feed too in a spray bottle. I add Blue Gold™ Garden Blend at the end to the watering can as it will foam very heavily if you shake it. Good luck!” -organicisbetter
“I have not used Fusion Compost VEG Paste. I bought Blue Gold™ Garden Blend for my outdoor perennials and tomatoes and the Blue Gold™ Hydro for indoors. Quantities recommended are very small and work very well on their own.” -Robert P.
“I mix Garden Blend with my Fusion Compost, and I have never seen plants grow this quick. Great product.” –FOCHEF
* “Great stuff works really fast saved some sunflowers that fell over in too small buckets from lots of wind. I re-potted them, and instead of seeing them die or be sad I looked around found this stuff no expiration date all good organic price fast result what’s not to love. I use them both and will use them both on pretty much everything I want to be a beast. Some of this Blue Gold™ Hydro 1 ml in 1 gallon. I also got and used the Blue Gold™ Super Carb since I read that plants love carbs 2ml in 1-gallon water with the Super Carb, watered the sunflower with it, and the next day they were very happy and grew as nothing happened to love it. Great company. Great customer support. Will do anything to help you with any of your growing needs.” –Amazon Customer
Q: “I use the red, yellow, green, and brown. I grow in my own mix of coco, perlite, and garden lime. I grow organic and can reuse my mix for years with no trouble. Am I going to have problems with Blue Gold™ buildup? I use it at least once a week in my mix. I just received Fusion Compost VEG. Is it ok to use with other organic fertilizer?”
A: “Since the Blue Gold™ Solutions are nonsynthetic there cannot be a buildup from the nutrients. It would be like pouring ice tea in the soil as the microbes eat it up. You can use any Blue Gold™ Solution with ‘any’ all natural / organic nutrient with no side effects. All our solutions are safe to use on all plants and with other fertilizers BUT they do maximize the ability of fertilizers and other inputs so we recommend to use as little as 10% of other inputs with our solutions and/or you may not need the full rate of what you are using. Contact us if you have questions with this. The Fusion Compost if you follow the directions and bloom it will stretch the bottle to around 500% more use out of it. A little goes a long way with this as it is so potent of a concentrate. Hope this helps!”

Customer Follow-Up:

“I have a tea that I have been using for over a year, that is more of a coffee. I mixed the tea and Blue Gold™ Fusion Compost 50/50 in my 3 gallon nutrient mix to make 5 gallons in total. I saw a difference the next morning!”

Q: My soil is pH 7.0. Will Blue Gold™ Rose Blend lower it, or should I combine it with Sulfur?
A: A 7.0 resistance (pH) is locking out Phosphate, Sulfur, Silica, and Micronutrients primarily. Question, do you have a pest in the roses like aphids? You want your soil and leaf sap resistance (pH) at 6.4. Using Sulfur to hammer down the resistance (pH) will cause an out of balance with micronutrients and other elements. We would recommend a natural Phosphate source like Bat Guano, Fish Bone Meal or our Liquid Soft Rock Phosphate. When you increase the Phosphate to Calcium ratio, your flower production will go way up, and the issues will reside. The Blue Gold™ Rose will slowly start the soil resistance (pH) to come down to 6.4 but will move the leaf sap resistance (pH) a lot quicker from the foliar applications. Water your roses 2x per week at 1-2 teaspoons per 5 gallons of water in a bucket and then foliar spray them with a mix of 2-3 tablespoons per gallon of foliar spray 3X per week then you can fall back to 1-2 tablespoons per 1 gallon of foliar spray. But, your main soil issue is a lack of available Phosphate. Do not use a chemical Phosphate. It will hammer the soil biology to death and tailspin the plants. Please give James a call for further advice on combining Blue Gold™ Solutions with other inputs: 877-732-5360 Ext 103.

“I have no idea, but this stuff made my roses go insane. My blooms were like glowing orbs of some manic daydream.” -Tigress
“Works great, fertilizes the roses and keeps the bugs off of the leaves when sprayed.” –Rafael
Q: What is the difference between Blue Gold™ Fusion Compost Flower NPK Paste and the Blue Gold™ Rose Blend?
A: This is an NPK (and many other nutrients) fertilizer that is specially formulated for the flowering/fruiting cycle of plants. The Vegetative version of the Fusion Compost is the NPK for the vegetative growth cycle of plants. The Blue Gold™ Rose Blend is a specially formulated wetting agent made only from minerals/herbs and plant extracts. Which is far superior to a caustic detergent, the wetting agent increases water penetration into the soil and plant, and when combined with fertilizers (like this one) magnifies the availability of nutrients allowing growers who use the Rose Blend up to 75% to 90& less. Please give James a call for further advice on combining Blue Gold™ Solutions with any other inputs: 877-732-5360 Ext 103.

“This is a full fertilizer…the Rose Blend is an additive and enhancer. Most of the ingredients are included in the full fertilizer product.” -Dizzy Juan
“Blue Gold™ Fusion Compost Flower is a great product. Use it for all vegetables in flower stage as well as flowers. I use Fusion Compost Vegetative in the beginning of the season for plants starting out. Once flowers hit, I switch to this blend… root soak and foliar feeding do the trick. I mix a 1/4 to 1/2 tsp in a 32 oz mixer bottle, then let it bloom for 24 hours to create natural compost tea in a sense. Then I use that concentrate in watering pails and in spray tanks for foliar feeds 1x per week. Never had a problem and it produces beautiful plants. I also should note… I add the straight Blue Gold™ Base Blend in as well to boost it! Thanks for making an all-natural and efficacious product. This is very economical as well as it makes lots of mixes.” –organicisbetter
Q: Do I necessarily have to buy the Blue Gold™ Super Carb and/or Blue Gold™ Fusion Compost?
A: This depends on what you are growing and is it in Veg or Flower? Use either our Veg or Flower to accurately target the correct nutrient blend for these very different stages. The carb is for explosive microbes and biology. At high rates, it will hang bigger crystals. Please give James a call for further advice on your specific growing needs: 877-732-5360 Ext 103.

“You can use separately or in combo with…” -Shark Girl
“Great products!!! Will buy again and again!!” -Brad Kinney
Q: How will Fusion Compost Vegetative NPK Paste work with a propagation cuttings and rooting hormones?
A: It works very well in cloning cuttings of all types. Use the Fusion Compost Vegetative NPK Paste in conjunction with your regular clone regiment. Use your clone gel as always and use the Fusion Compost here. Add the Fusion Compost at 250 PPM for the clone watering in trays or air-o-cloner on the bottom of the clones. Once the clones spark roots (a whole bunch) start foliar feeding the clone tops with 5 m/L of Blue Gold™ Hydro per gallon of foliar spray water.

Q: So I use the Blue Gold™ Hydro as the solution in the AG tank (it’s 144 oz tank, and I’ve been doing the 2ml every 14 days, and I add with about 12-24 oz of water at the same time during nutrient addition). After I transplant to the Black Gold Soil (less than 1-1-1 NPK) I just have been using filtered water (PUR from city tap). Would the Fusion Compost VEG and/or Super Carb be better used post-transplanting (as a mixed water solution) such as a weekly feed once I have the plants in the raised bed? The weather has been wacky in NEO this year; I’m waiting until at least the 25th (May), before I start moving these herbs outside into raised beds.
A: Post transplanting into the Black Gold Soil you can use 1 m/L of the Blue Gold™ Garden Blend (or Hydro) and 2 m/L of the Super Carb to water the herbs with after transplanting. Then foliar feed them with two/three teaspoons of the Garden Blend and 1 teaspoon of the Super Carb like 3-4x per week. If you choose to use the Fusion Compost VEG then use it by itself at like 300-450 PPM (maybe 2 teaspoons per 1 gallon of water (depending on water conditions?) to water the plants and use the Garden/Super Carb to foliar them. Hope this helps, call with any questions.

Q: Can Blue Gold™ Garden Blend be used on Herbs? Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Dill, Mint, Chives, Oregano, Sage?
A: Yes, you may use this on all the above. In all our years of research, we have never seen any side effects on any crop or any living plant matter. You will notice that the taste, smell, and size will be advanced over anything that you may have experienced in the past. Remember to always root feed (water plants) with 1 teaspoon per 5-gallon bucket and foliar spray them with 1 tablespoon per 1 gallon of foliar spray 2x minimum per week. It is safe to use every day if you want.

“I use it on everything.” -M.R. Snort
“Yes, it can be used on any type of plants. You will be very satisfied.” -LAM TA
“Made a DRAMATIC difference in plants!!!! Plants used to taste bland, and now they taste flavorful. Only downside is that my garden isn’t small so I have to use a lot, and it goes quick.” –Manda Joiner
“This works great! I am very much pleased with the results and will buy again. I live in Southwestern PA and am growing an indoor herb garden next to my dining room window, so my plants are getting a less than ideal amount of sunlight. That being said, I choose to use this daily and get great results. I believe it is a great value, weighing out the return on investment.” –Amazon Customer
“Very good product! It makes everything taste and smell so much better.” -Suzanne M Tucker
Q: I am experimenting with a small herb garden and mason jar Kratky Method garden in my basement. Is Blue Gold™ Hydro product organic and safe for all plants? Also, can I use this for my plants that are in pots with soil?
A: Yes, Blue Gold™ Hydro is safe for all plants and safe for plants used in consumption. It is certified organic through Oregon Tilth. Our products can be used indoors or outdoors, in potted plants or in the soil. Our products have a few plant-based extracts in it that really set off an explosion of root growth. So in your potted plants, you may have to upgrade pot size sooner than you thought. Blue Gold™ Hydro increase water penetration into the soil, and you should be prepared to taper back your normal water schedule. Some people forgo their watering schedule and water only once a week using the root drench instructions and then foliar spray a small amount every day or every other day.

Customer Follow-Up:
Thank you for the reply. I am already impressed after three days my basil plant in water (mason jar and coco chunks), and your product is amazing. I used one gallon of h20 and a teaspoon of Blue Gold™ Hydro. Awesome! I am using it for my starter seeds in soil and basil, and it seems to be going great. I am very impressed and happy with the product. I love the fact it is organic. I will be purchasing again and will use this exclusively in the future for all of my indoor and outdoor gardenings.

Q: Can Blue Gold™ Garden Blend or the Blue Gold™ Fusion Compost Flower be used on Phalaenopsis Orchids?
A: Yes, you can use the Compost Fusion Flower on your Phalaenopsis Orchids, or you can buy the Blue Gold™ Hydro or Blue Gold™ Vibrant Floral and cut your synthetic 20-20-20 NPK fertilizer by 90% by adding 1-2 m/l of the Hydro or Vibrant Floral per 1 gallon and the plants will take off.

“I have 6 pots of 20 yr old Cymbidium Orchids. Each year I would be lucky to have 1-2 spikes of blooms from 1 of the pots, despite using traditional orchid fertilizer. I purchased Blue Gold™ Garden Blend for my organic potted lemon trees and container veggies. Got lazy and started using once a week on my orchids for the last 6 months. Surprisingly, I have spikes in all my Cymbidium plants. One has 7.” –WY
“Plants explode with color and blooms after using this – THEY LOVE IT!” –Leenie
“Phenomenal. I have had a trouble Madagascar Orchid that was happy last year until the Summer Solstice, and then it got too much Florida sun, so I dug it up and moved it to a shady spot. Although it had been growing slowing the leaves kept curling and didn’t know it if was too much water, or not enough or fertilizer or what. I have used Blue Gold™ Vibrant Floral twice on it in two weeks, and it is growing new growth like mad, and the leaves have stopped curling. I will never be without this product not only for troublesome plants but it really works on happy plants, and new transplants and new seedlings.” –D. Brown
“Amazing!! Absolutely amazing!! After trying the Blue Gold™ Fusion Compost for my lawn and being COMPLETELY satisfied, I want to try something for our flower bed. Again I spoke with James at Eden about what would be good for our Holly plants. He recommended Blue Gold™ Vibrant Floral. Again… amazing results!! I have used it on the azaleas, crape myrtles, hawthorns, and a few other bushes. The azaleas went crazy. All kinds of new growth on EVERYTHING. Also sprayed our Japanese Maples. Again great Company with great products. They actually care about the customer. Will be ordering more in the future!! Best review I could give is the fact I will be a returning customer!” –Rachael M.
Q: Can Blue Gold™ Rose Blend be used for potted mini roses in window planters? Or is it for the garden only?
A: Yes! Blue Gold™ Rose is safe for all roses in all types of growing situations/media!

“I bought this specifically for potted mini roses, and it saved them from black spot, freezing nights and have rewarded me this spring with absolutely beautiful healthy mini roses. Also a natural deterrent for pests.” -kc*
“I’m actually surprised at how well Blue Gold™ Rose Blend works. My dozen or so roses were slow growing & puny, and some of my container roses were on the verge of dying. After using this for only 2 weeks so far, the foliage looks fuller, and there are new buds forming. They’ve never looked this good before, ever. I’ve been using a capful per gallon, but after reading the product description again, it seems like I might be using too much. Nevertheless, it’s produced only positive results.” –Jill881
“Roses never grew so well.” –Charlotte Cavatica
“On my shrubs, roses, and oak tree, you betcha. My yard is 40-year-old dirt, who knows what’s been put on it in that time, 2 times a week until it got hot did the trick and the roses again in Fall. 3 years ago my oak tree was going to come down, but not now, he’s revived. I can’t speak for other peoples yards.” –Anthony Livingston
Q: Do you have any tips for growing roses with Blue Gold™ Rose Blend?
A: Award Winning roses begins and ends with the soil and plant sap pH of 6.4. A soil/sap pH below 6.4 will gradually increase the mineral lock-out the farther it moves from 6.4 pH of the following minerals: (most to least) Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, and available salts. Above 6.4 pH from most to least: Phosphate, Sulfur, Silica, and all Micronutrients. Most soils are deficient in the critical minerals of Phosphate and Calcium. Using the Blue Gold™ Fusion Compost Flower Paste in the soil and the Blue Gold™ Rose Blend to foliar feed roses is a winning combination every time. Add the Blue Gold™ Super Carb to the foliar and it even gets better. Blue Gold™ Rose Blend is a biologically alive saponin solution for use as a wetting agent and is safe to use every day on any plant when using foliar applications. Root soak applications should be 1 -3 times maximum per week, to avoid saturated soils. For soil/root watering use a ratio of 1 tsp per 5 gallons of clean water – preferably RO, spring, or rainwater instead of chemically treated city water. It is safe to foliar feed with Blue Gold™ Rose Blend multiple times per day if you are trying to maximize plant health and production, merely proportion your daily rate as necessary with your number of preferred applications. It is safe to foliar feed newly germinated seeds and sprouts every day at a rate of 1 tsp per gallon of water. To increase seed germination rates, it is beneficial to soak your seeds in the Blue Gold™ Rose Blend at a rate of 1 tsp per gallon of water mixture for 15 to 45 minutes just before planting. Increase your success with transplanting plants with an immediate foliar and root application. Blue Gold™ Rose Blend is safe to apply in all weather conditions, hot or cold and is ok to spray before, during or after the rain. By itself, Blue Gold™ Rose Blend will not burn leaf tip, bud or blooms. If you have a big problem with Nutrient Lock Out due to pH or imbalanced Phosphate/Calcium ratios or if you have just recently applied fertilizer or have been abundantly applying fertilizers with little to no results, consider using Blue Gold™ Rose Blend at half the normal rate and work up to the recommended rate. Blue Gold™ Rose Blend promotes soil biology and attracts beneficial insects such as butterflies, honey bees, etc. It is helpful to spray rose soil during the winter months in preparation for spring planting. Blue Gold™ Rose Blend can be sprayed on top of snow up to ten times over the winter for soil preparation. It is best with pump up sprayers, hose end sprayers, and watering pails. It has been tested from 15F to 125F with no detriment to plants, soil or blooms. Blue Gold™ Rose Blend can provide frost/freeze and extreme heat protection to plants and is most effective at doing so with adequately balanced nutritious soils. The best time to spray is early morning when dew is highest. The best results are achieved when foliar applications are immediately or a few hours after a root soak and/or fertilizer input using reduced rates, 75-90% less. If you encounter a problematic pest or disease, increase foliar spray to 3-4 tbsp per gallon of water until the issue is alleviated through improved health of the plant or soil. If problems persist please contact us for free recommendations regarding your pH and soil nutrition to be pest and disease free without the use of pesticides. Always test soil moisture with your finger before watering. Blue Gold™ Rose Blend can reduce watering requirements.

Q: What fertilizer do you recommend for established roses in Scottsdale, AZ?
A: Western soils are high in Calcium and ‘always’ way short on Phosphate so we would recommend you put out some Soft Rock Phosphate, Worm Castings and a good non-city Compost like an organic one. This will tune up the soil. As we would recommend using our Blue Gold™ Fusion Compost Flower NPK Paste for the soil. Then add the Blue Gold™ Rose Blend and the Blue Gold™ Super Carb for the foliar applications. If you put out the soil amendments in the Fall of every year and half as much each Spring, you will produce award-winning roses with the solutions and the soil tune-up. Call James direct (877-732-5360 Ext 103) with any other questions to assist in your endeavor.

“Reviving a sick rose bush quickly!!!” –Amazon Customer
Q: Can Blue Gold™ Vibrant Floral be used for my indoor succulents?
A: Absolutely! Succulents love Blue Gold™ Vibrant Floral. Succulents are generally very slow growers, but not on Blue Gold™ Solutions! Mix 1 teaspoon per 5-gallon bucket and use this to water them with. This mix will last a few weeks if you keep it covered in a cool dark place. Then mix a 1/2 teaspoon in a 32oz spray bottle to foliar feed them with. First root feed and then foliar a few minutes later to a few hours later at max the next day.

“I have been using it on my indoor plants on a regular basis (I spray a dilution on the succulents).” -Isabella2012
“Yes, it works great on all kinds of plants.” -Nimbusmode
“It revived some new plants that looked like they would not make it.” –DLJ
Q: Will Blue Gold™ Hydro work well for Lucky Bamboo planted in water?
A: Yes, the Blue Gold™ Hydro will work well in this situation at 1/4 m/L (about 4 drops) per 1 gallon of water.

“Yes, it will work for just about anything that is planted in soil and water.” -Mario Alpizar
“As promised.” -Joanne Bettencourt
“Not a green thumb, but I am trying to get into growing. I have an avocado I’m growing from seed, that big nut thing in the middle. After seven months of sitting in a water-toothpick plastic cup. It began to sprout but painfully slow. Added a teaspoon to a gallon of water and began to water the sprout from the water can… OMG! Less than a week & the shoots are over 6 inches long and healthy. It works.” -TC
Q: I ordered Blue Gold™ Garden Blend for my houseplants? Is it not for indoor plants?
A: It can be used for both indoor and outdoor plants! A lot of customers will use empty spray bottles to go around their house and spray their plants easily. If you have indoor herbs and non-flowering plants, the Garden Blend will work exceptionally well. For your indoor plants, you want to bloom, check out the Vibrant Floral Blend! Please give James a call for further advice: 877-732-5360 Ext 103.

“This stuff is amazing. Been using for about a year now on a dozen or so houseplants. Half of them were almost dead, and the others didn’t look so good. After just a few applications these plants started growing like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve just started using other Blue Gold™ mixtures, and so far I’ve seen excellent results. I usually don’t leave reviews, but this stuff is pretty much quite amazing. I don’t have to water as much, and I use maybe 1/3 as much fertilizer.” –PZG
“Plants take off soon after use. It’s fantastic.” –Charlotte Cavatica
“Excellent product when used as directed. I water with it as use it as a foliage spray on my vegetables and herbs! I noticed results within a week or so, I like this product a lot!” -Asma al-sulaiman
Q: Can I use Blue Gold™ Super Carb on my houseplants?
A: Yes, Super Carb works very well with potted houseplants. If your fertilized potting soil is new and inorganic, you may see marginal results depending on the potting soil pH. The primary purpose of the Super Carb is to feed microbes and biology in soils, which are responsible for breaking down nutrients for plant uptake. Microbes and Biology have a hard time surviving in inorganic-fertilized soils (caustic & harsh, wrong pH, etc.).

“Blue Gold™ Super Carb is a great product and great service.” –Mfkubik
“I absolutely love it. I’ve been using Blue Gold™ Super Carb for the last week and have seen a significant growth spur on my plants especially my peppermint plant. It also increased the minty flavor of the peppermint leaves. They have more of a bite. Highly recommend this product.” –Fe J.
Q: Is this a good choice for my houseplants? They’re severely lacking fertilization and not sure if Blue Gold™ Fusion Compost Vegetative NPK Paste would be best or a different Blue Gold™ product?
A: The Fusion Compost would be excellent for your houseplants. It is the highest natural NPK product that we make, and plants respond very well to it. Not sure what type of plants that you have but would recommend to start off at 1 teaspoon per gallon of clean water to water your plants when they need it usually 1x to 2x per week. If they look happy, then stay with this ratio. If they look like they want more, go ahead and raise the rate till you find the sweet spot like 1 tablespoon per gallon works excellent. The Fusion Compost is very powerful so just err on less is more till you dial it in. They will love it. We also have a Flower NPK version for your flowering and fruiting plants.

“Your plants will love it. Please mix outside.” -Jenny
“THIS Fusion Compost is one of the best nutrients I have found on the market. I use it for all my plants inside and out, and it makes the plants go crazy.” –FOCHEF
“I’ve only used it once so far, and the difference is amazing! I’ve never seen plants react to a fertilizer like this.” -Jeff
Q: Is Blue Gold™ Garden Blend okay for houseplants like Poinsettia, Oxalis, Christmas Cactus, Jade, Spider, Pothos, Baby Tears, Norfolk Island Pine?
A: Yes! Because it increases water uptake, you will water less often. You can tell when you need to water by sticking the first part of your finger into the potting soil. If it’s dry, you need water. It also works exceptionally well if additionally you put some in a squirt bottle and mist the plant (stalk, leaves, floral) until a drip.

“Stuff is awesome!” -Amazon Customer
“The plants seem to really like it. They look beautiful.” -Marian
“I am a big fan of the Blue Gold™ fertilizers. I find that they keep all my plants (indoor and out) as well as my vegetables in good, vigorous health.” -Stephen W. Kaiser
Q: Is Blue Gold™ Garden Blend safe for nitrate sensitive plants such as blueberries?
A: It works exceptionally well on blueberries! Check out these results here and here, and also in our Garden Blend Product Magazine.

“From my observation it’s making my vegetable plants go nuts. It has a funky smell but really works. I bought some bare root strawberry plants in the mail, they were dormant when I received them a month ago, now the plants have 10-13 flowers on each plant and are quickly getting fruit on them.” –Richard Campbell
Q: Is Blue Gold™ Garden Blend good for apple trees?
A: Yes, the garden product will work on any fruit tree. All of our products will work on any living plant, tree, shrub, etc. But we can dial in on our formulas to work best on what apples may like say over the peaches. That is one thing we do that sets us apart is our ability to create Custom Blends. You can contact us regarding a Custom Blend if you’d like. If you want to use only our Garden Blend (which will still work!), use 1 teaspoon per 5-gallon bucket to water the trees and 1 tablespoon per gallon to foliar spray them. Make sure you spray the entire trunk of the tree also each time you foliar feed them. Our Garden Blend™ Product Magazine has a section on fruit and apple tree results!

“Great for vegetables, fruits, and flowers.” -Theresa Little
“I used this as a foliar feed, and the plants are looking much better. I am growing tropical fruit trees in containers and mango trees, and they are very healthy…” -Amazon Customer
Q: What has Blue Gold™ Garden Blend successfully treated for your outdoor plants? Root rot…Cured root rot…Nematodes…Black spot…Powdery Mildew…Rust?
A: These conditions are brought on by the imbalances of the soil between anionic and cationic charges. When the plant sap pH moves above 6.4, you will have pest(s) in the crop mostly due to micronutrient lockout or unavailability. Plant sap below 6.4 pH will cause disease conditions in the crop like all that you listed in your question. These conditions are mostly the cause of macronutrients lockout or unavailability. So when you use the Blue Gold™, our observations is that the plant’s ability to move its sap pH value through immune response is very effective. It is the plant that is doing this through a higher immune system. Most soils lack the basic life elements of Phosphate/Calcium ratios (because the plants mine the soil and they need to be put back yearly) with micronutrients unviable because of soil pH and nutrient lockout. This entails nutrients that are in the soil but in the unavailable form. If it is not water soluble, it is not available. Plant surface damage because of the pests now can move the immune system downwards and open the door for disease issues. We have seen most all pest and disease issues because of the cationic/anionic imbalances. If the anionic charges (elements) are added when there is a high plant sap pH, it will stop the pest dead in their tracks. Using the Blue Gold™ Garden Blend allows the plants to balance there own charge capacities between +/- neutral or best noted as dielectric charges. All disease and pest are there because of nutrient imbalance in the soil, plant sap pH imbalances, lack of soil microbiology (bugs), and/or we have not been good stewards of the soil by putting back what the plant takes out each year.

Amazing results! This helped all my plants come back in full bloom. I have some chrysanthemums, daisies, crepe myrtle tree, and Japanese boxwood plants and they all were saved from deterioration with this product. My house is facing the sun, so it is harsh on my plants. With more watering and this product, my plants are looking amazing!” –Sunny
“I actually love this stuff it woke my plants up while they were suffering from high heat and root invasion by a nearby tree when I couldn’t move them or get anything else that seemed to help to rescue them, they perked right up and although the yields were smaller than normal some harvest beat no harvest and I’m happy to have something to show for my work, I will fix the tree root invasion problem and use this again.” –othersaints
“UNBELIEVABLE PRODUCT! Used on plants that were 99.9% DEAD FROM 6 DAY SNOW COVER. Within 1 WEEK of use the clementis had SO MANY NEW ROOTS & GROWTH I HAD TO POT INTO 24″ POT FROM 20″!! Plant has now BLOOMED & IS OVER RUNNING TRELLIS! Now adding to ALL WATERINGS.” –Laura C.
“Amazing stuff !!!! Started my garden (in planters) a little early and this stuff has made them take off !!! I have a hard time keeping any plant alive and, this has made my job so much easier.” –Amanda Johnson
“The product arrived as scheduled. I tested the product first through foliation (mix 1-2 tablespoons per gallon of water) on a rose bush and various flowering vegetables including horseradish, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and zucchini. Note: Do not over shake the bottle before opening! The liquid is a healthy looking moss colored green. The next day, following user directions, I used a hose end sprayer (1 teaspoon/gallon) to apply a good dose into the roots at the base of each plant. Three days later, there is no doubt the tomato and pepper plants look healthier. I don’t see much if any change in in the rose bush, but I’m in the midst of a Japanese beetle attack, so it’s hard to say. One thing is certain; the beetles are much reduced compared to my other rose bushes just fertilized yesterday. In my opinion, the product is what EDEN SOLUTIONS claims and is effective throughout the growth cycle. I appreciate that the seller, EDEN SOLUTIONS, contacted me with useful information prior to testing the product. I highly recommend Blue Gold™ Garden Organic Liquid Concentrate as a high end and useful product.” –Michael Brown
“Before I used this product the bugs were demolishing my okra. The bugs are gone and haven’t returned using this twice a week.” –Amazon Customer
“Blue Gold™ Rose Blend has worked really well for me. I’ve planted 18 own root rose bushes in the past three months, and this has helped these baby plants establish themselves. I usually see results (new growth) in 24 to 48 hours after either watering it in or foliar spraying. Japanese Beetles and other kinds of destructive bugs HATE this stuff, and I’ve seen them run from it when I was spraying the foliage. I’ve had consistent new growth and blooming all summer long. My roses look healthy, vibrant, and beautiful, complete with huge blooms. 🙂 Well worth the money spent.” –Tammy Swindell
Q: So is Blue Gold™ Garden Blend a fungal preventative (yellow drop leaf, fusaria, etc.) for garden vegetables?
A: Yes. Please give James a call so we can give you the tips and recommendations specific to the issue you are trying to resolve: 877-732-5360 Ext 103. See some Amazing Results in our Blue Gold™ Garden Blend Product magazine!

“2nd bottle… Amazing results!” -Brooks
“This stuff really works. Our garden looked great and produced a bumper crop.” -Patti
Q: Can Blue Gold™ Garden Blend be used on Cactus? Will it get rid of scale?
A: “Yes, the Blue Gold™ Garden can be used on the cactus/succulents family members with outstanding results. We have a lot of experience with succulents and some on cacti, but all with great results. Use 1 teaspoon in 5 gallons of water to root feed them as we all know they do not require a lot of water at feedings. Then foliar feed at 10-15 m/L per 1 gallon of water 1 time per week.”

“I haven’t personally used it on cactus or succulents…yet! But this is a very concentrated liquid plant food, and cactus’ are plants. A little will go a long way, especially with a cactus or succulent. So, I would go light with it and use a little less than what they recommend on the instructions and see how your cactus responds with it. As far as the scale, this is not an insecticide. However, it will strengthen the plant’s immune system and make it strong enough to fend off most diseases and even insect infestations. Good Luck! I personally love this stuff! I also ordered the Blue Gold™ Grand Champion for animals and put it in the outside cat’s water to help strengthen their immune systems. Now, I don’t just throw out the leftover water when I get them fresh water every day. I use the water from their bowls to water my plants. Needless to say, I’ve noticed how much better the plants look that I’ve poured the water on….even an aloe vera plant. :-).” -Claudia
“I used it on tall Japanese holly. They had lost their leaves. Trimmed brown parts. Used the Blue Gold™ Garden Blend liquid mixed with water within a few days they began to look better. Worth it. In two to three weeks there was a sign of new growth. ” -JMCC
“This is a plant food to energize the plant and its soil. You need to spray with neem oil for scale (at night or evening).” -Char Arthur
Q: Does Blue Gold™ Vibrant Floral work against Powdery Mildew on tomato plants?
A: Powdery Mildew occurs on the plant when the plant sap pH (resistance) is below 6.4 at around 6.0. This is primarily from the soil lacking macronutrients mainly from poor Calcium, Phosphate, Potassium, and Na (salts). The Vibrant Floral like all Blue Gold™ solutions, when used in the root zone in conjunction with foliar applications, will draw the sap pH towards 6.4, and the plant’s immune system will begin to fight off the Powdery Mildew. If the Powdery Mildew comes back in a day or so or even quicker, this is telling you that the ‘available’ Calcium, and especially the Phosphate, are way off in the soil/plant. So mix 1 teaspoon per 5 gallons of water of the Vibrant Floral and water the plants. Then foliar the plant with 2.5 tablespoons (45 m/L) per 1 gallon of foliar spray and spray the plants to a drip all over. This will jump start the plant’s immune system, and the Powdery Mildew will leave. But the underlying soil issue of lack of Calcium, Phosphate, Na (salts), and Potassium still needs to be corrected. Please give James a call for further advice: 877-732-5360 Ext 103.

“My plants are looking great now.” -Alex
Q: I have a sickly California Sycamore. I think its Powdery Mildew. Will Blue Gold™ Garden Blend help with that?
A: Yes, the Garden Blend is very good at remediating conditions that are favorable to mold growth, especially powdery mildew! Our NPK Paste is also a great addition. For best results water your plants with 1 teaspoon per a 5-gallon bucket and if you have bugs and mildew right off the bat use 1 ounce per 1 gallon for a foliar feed to zap these situations then fall back to 1 tablespoon per 1 gallon of foliar feed. For best results always root feed (water the plants) and then foliar feed a short time later (up to a day later). The foliar feed induces the plant to pull up nutrients from the roots.

“It made my plants come back to life!!” –Nicole
“My plants really enjoyed this product.” -icybernate
Q: If my hostas have a fungus already will Blue Gold™ Vibrant Floral save them?
A: We cannot say for sure about saving them as we do not know their exact condition. But I would mix a 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 m/L) per 1 gallon of the Vibrant Floral and water the Hostas in the root zone, but be careful not to overwater them. Then mix 40-50 m/L per gallon of the Vibrant Floral and foliar spray the entire plant everywhere, stalks, branches, and leaves top and bottom to a drip. To help the situation tremendously faster you can buffer your root and foliar water down to 6.4 pH on all of these applications. Your problem is the plant sap pH is lower than 6.4 which it is probably at 6.0 pH or below. At this pH level, you have locked out your Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, and Salts (Na). This will cause the fungus to rush into the plant, which is what you see now. Do the above mix 2x per week and the plant’s immune system will raise from the applications and the plant will start to fight off the disease issues. But the underlying soil issue of lack of Calcium-Magnesium, Potassium, and Salts (Na) still needs to be corrected. Please give James a call for further advice: 877-732-5360 Ext 103.

“Blue Gold™ Vibrant Floral did save four of my Gerbera Daisies that had a bad case of Powdery Mildew. I sprayed them with it twice and, thankfully, it cleared up and they survived.” -Dana
Q: I love Blue Gold™ Garden Blend as a fertilizer, my plants look greener and so far seem to be growing super healthy. My only issue is that it didn’t help me a lot with the mildew on my mint. It keeps coming back. But for the most part is a great product.
A: We are excited about your plants! Regarding the mold, when it is too serious for normal Blue Gold™ doses to handle, usually we have found this to mean to the plants are lacking macronutrients (Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphate, Sulfur, etc.). Remember, for best results always root feed at 1 tsp per 1 gallon and then foliar feed at suggested rates the very next day. When mildew is this extreme, be sure to double your rates for 2 to 3 applications. If it persists or returns, triple your rate for the next 2 to 3 applications. That should do the trick, but if you are still having mold issues contact us and we will do a soil analysis for you to see what your plants are lacking. Take care, and if you need anything, please do not hesitate to call or email.

Q: My tomato leaves have curled on only half of my plants. There’s no yellowing, but most of the leaves have cupped or twisted. Will Blue Gold™ Garden Blend assist with that?
A: This is associated with too much fertilizer and usually a chemical NPK type. The leaves cup from out of balance nutrition (usually Nitrogen and Potassium are the culprits) and a lack of available Phosphate and mostly Calcium. Too much chemical fertilizers shock the plants and draw in the pest, excess water will also cup them when their feet are wet. They do not like wet feet for sure. So, yes the Blue Gold™ Garden Blend will help relieve the stress on the plants due to these conditions. Water/Root Feed at 1 teaspoon per 5-gallon bucket of water and foliar feed at 2-3 tablespoons per 1 gallon of foliar feed spray. If the lower leaves turn yellow (most call blight) this is a classic sign of ‘available’ Calcium deficiency all the way. Black Spot is also an available Calcium deficiency also. Please give James a call for further advice: 877-732-5360 Ext 103. Tomatoes love Blue Gold™ Solutions. See this Blue Gold™ customer’s tomato transformation here and here. Watch this video and check out some photos in our Product Magazine!

“I like what I see in only one week! Our season start has been very cold and dreary. All tomatoes and peppers have been out for 2 weeks with zero noticeable growth since transplanting – that is until I tried Blue Gold™ Garden Blend. My pepper plants showed new growth within 4 days! Not only did they form new leaves, but they are flowering in temperatures in the mid 50’s. This certainly took me by surprise. Tomatoes show greener and more vibrant leave color. I noticed the birds like this as well, and my chickens were gathering where it over sprayed on the grass. I also used on orchids, and some other indoor plants and I noticed a beautiful waxy coating on the leaves and colors deepened and became more vibrant. Tip – if you add this to a bucket, fill the bucket first with H20, then add a small amount and stir. If you add water to the solution in reverse, you will have it bubble up. I use both as root drench first, then as a foliar spray, next day with a micronutrient complex added. I will be doing more testing and I also just purchased their Fusion Compost slurry to add to my feedings. Oh, by the way – the customer service is fantastic. I called Eden, and I spoke with a very nice and informed person there for over 15 minutes who answered all my questions – I will be giving them more business – made in the Great state of Wyoming and good old fashion customer service.” –organicisbetter
“I purchased all 3 tomato plants as babies. I used miracle grow on the two outside tomato plants, and I used Blue Gold™ Garden Blend only for the middle one. As you can see the middle one is much larger and already producing twice as many tomatoes. The stems are even stronger :-).” –FoodieGeeks
“I had odd effects on one of my tomatoes: white leaves, yellow leaves with green veins, crusted leaves, malformed fruit. I did put a lot of compost into my beds this year with the usual time-release fertilizer, and this is the first time I’ve had the weird results. Two other tomato plants were more than fine…putting out giant tomatoes like crazy. All the more reason to try and figure out what was wrong with the supposedly “mini” one (now 5 ft. tall). All were in the same bed and the same corner. I tried a bunch of things based on a comprehensive growing guide which I’ve had for over 20 years: extra N P K, in various concoctions, along with a lot of watering (a dry season here in New England), but until I got this Blue Gold™ Garden nothing seemed to touch the weird leaves and fruit. I do believe that this is what solved the problem of uneven nutrients. Unfortunately, it is now Sept. and days getting short with less light so that tomato with the problems is not going to make it much longer… but I learned a lesson. I like this and would buy it again, first before any other “remedy”.” –ZED
Q: My rose bush leaves have holes in them. Will Blue Gold™ Rose Blend help getting rid of this problem?
A: More than likely the holes are from aphids. This tells us that the sap pH in the plant is above 6.4 and or both the sap and the soil pH is way too high. This we usually see from an excess of Potassium that does not leave the soil. So, yes the Blue Gold™ Rose Blend will help this at these following rates: mix 2 teaspoons of the Rose into 5 gallons of water. Use this to water your roses 1x to 2x per week or when they need water (meaning if the soil is dry vs. wet). Then mix 3 to 4 tablespoons of the Rose Blend to 1 gallon of water and foliar spray the plant on the top and bottom of leaves, and everywhere to a drip. Do this 3x per week to start off. After you see the holes (aphids) are not on the new leaves then you can fall back on the foliar spray amounts to 2 tablespoons per 1 gallon of water.

“Don’t know about yours, but if I use it on mine before and during the warm season, there are no holes in mine.” -Anthony Livingston
“My rose is happy.” -Jimy Sylvia
“Things are looking great my plants are very very happy thank you James your awesome your advice was and is right on!!! –Richard Leland Bryant Jr.
“PERFECT transaction in every way – thank you! and my ROSES thank you!” -BOOKSY
“I’m always concerned when ordering liquids, but the product was packed for protection and arrived safely. I’ve just started using it so I can’t say a lot but I know there are a few plants that appeared to have bugs eating the leaves and that is no longer the case after just a couple of applications. As of now, I will be buying again.” -mzm35
“Love this product!” -J. Gilmore
“Delivery was prompt, and the product appears to work as advertised.” –Reid Guthrie
Q: How often do you use Blue Gold™ Garden Blend formula for palm trees?
A: Mix 1 teaspoon per 5-gallon bucket of water to water the palm trees with and foliar spray them with 1 tablespoon per 1 gallon of the Garden Blend at least 2x per week for best results. It is safe to spray every day if you are trying to jump-start some sickly plants etc. Water when needed. You may add 1 to 2 tablespoons of some Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) to the foliar spray, and 1 tablespoon to the 5 gallons of water bucket as palm trees are Magnesium hogs and love it.

“Bought this product for a new landscaping, new plants have transitioned well and seem to be establishing very nicely. I used this for my palms, perennials, and maple tree.” –Brian
Q: Will Blue Gold™ Garden Blend be good for a lime tree?
A: Yes, very good for new saplings and citrus all around. See our results gallery for citrus and read this blog on a lemon tree review.

“Yes. Very good for new saplings and citrus.” -Maureen Ellis
“Never tried on citrus…too cold here. I wouldn’t see why not, my berries did wonderful on it as did apples. Key is less is more and do root soak and foliar. Good luck.” -organicisbetter
“I’ve used it on my various citrus bonsai. As well as a peach and apple tree in my backyard. All my plants have healthy foliage. Use it coupled with an organic NPK fertilizer meant for citrus trees, and you should have a strong, healthy tree.” -RedMetalSky
Q: Can I use Blue Gold™ Super Carb with citrus trees?
A: Yes. This works very well with all root systems, soils and/or grow media!

“Yes, certainly.” -Huey Pizani
“Great product and great seller.” -Joseph Porter
“Works great.” -Robin Griffin
Q: Can Blue Gold™ Hydro be used to help my Yucca Plants, Cactus, and Joshua Trees?
A: The Blue Gold™ Hydro will absolutely help your Yucca, Cactus and Joshua Trees and any other specialized plants with fantastic root systems (especially the Joshua Tree) from the root system and foliar feeds. To put this in perspective, we did experiments on Aloe with the Blue Gold™ Garden and the growth acceleration of one of the slowest growing plants there is. And the results were eye-opening. So yes, water them at the rate of 1 teaspoon per 5-gallon bucket of water and foliar feed them at 2 teaspoons per 1 gallon of foliar spray.

“Absolutely.” -Amazon Customer
“YES, this is one of the best plant foods that I have ever used!” -Vernon Lawson
Q: It was recommended to use Kaolin Clay spray to stop all kinds of garden pests, leaf miners, flea beetles, etc. Is Blue Gold™ Garden Blend foliar spray for that?
A: Things like clay, diatomaceous earth, and other microscopic “sharp” materials are great pest deterrents. They only last until the next watering or rain, which is why most who use these do so with a “sticker”; a syrup like mixture (molasses, honey, etc.) that will help the clays to stick to the leaves and topsoil. Blue Gold™ Garden Blend contains all of these, but you can use our Blue Gold™ Super Carb specifically as well in conjunction with Blue Gold™ Garden Blend! Blue Gold™ Garden Blend works primarily by increasing the health of the plant. The better the health, the higher the BRIXX. Pests do not have a pancreas and can not process sugar. This is why they pass up a healthy plant (high BRIXX) for an unhealthy plant (low BRIXX). Pests are the Creator’s way of showing us what is good and what is bad from the harvest. The best way to deter pests is to grow healthier plants!

“I do not use any kind of poison on anything that will be consumed. Spray your plants with plain water in the morning and in the afternoon to keep plants clean and happy. It also helps keep bugs down.” -Ken C.
“My rose bush was being attacked by Japanese beetles and application of Blue Gold™ Rose Blend solution seemed to resolve the problem.” -Linda E. Neilson
Q: Will Blue Gold™ Vibrant Floral help with a slug infestation?
A: Yes, it works well against slugs at normal application rate. It does not directly harm or kill them as a pesticide would. It works differently by effectively diminishing slug mucus which causes them to die very quickly.

“I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about Blue Gold™ Vibrant Floral, the list of ingredients are top notch, and there’s nothing in it that can be harmful to my little dog. I’m an avid gardener, but our Florida weather is a real challenge. We are in the rainy season right now, and all my plants are looking sickly. You would think with all the rain, everything would be beautiful and green, but that’s not the case. The heat accompanied by the rain is causing disease and insect infestation, and nothing seems to be working for me. I had this same problem last year and had to chuck all of my potted plants. I have high hopes that the Blue Gold™ Vibrant Floral will save them this year and I will have a jump on them for next year as well. The bottle is pretty small (only 8 oz) but thankfully it’s very concentrated and should last all summer. I’d like to share a couple of tips before you use it…Fill your bucket or watering can with water first then add the Blue Gold™ Vibrant Floral. If you put the Blue Gold™ Vibrant Floral in before the water, it will suds up, and you will have to wait for them to dissipate before you can completely fill your pail. My next tip is…don’t shake the bottle, if you do it will be like opening a can of soda.” –Wanda Marumoto
Q: Can Blue Gold™ Vibrant Floral be used in the desert at an average of 90+ degrees?
A: Yes! We have many customers who are using Blue Gold™ Solutions in Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, California, and many other hot climates. They are harvesting in the hottest months when others are unable to. You can view some photos and read testimonials in our Garden Product Magazine. One of our Albuquerque, New Mexico growers has beautiful roses year round on Blue Gold™ Solutions.

“I am so happy with my purchase of Blue Gold™ Vibrant Floral. I live in FL where the heat tends to burn a lot of my plants, and I have very sandy soil; as a result, my plants end up looking sad. But in the short time, I have been using this product I have noticed improved growth, better blooms, and the couple of plants that were in distress are starting to come back.” –Heather
“My flowers have never bloomed this bright and in such an abundance and I will be a customer for life!! Great product!!!” –Alex
“I love planting flowers around; it livens the whole place up. Unfortunately, plants don’t appreciate my efforts, and I end up killing everything I own. In the last 2 years, I’ve tried genuinely and very hard and have managed to keep several flowering plants that actually came back this year! Woot! Well, I blew it. I didn’t water my plants for 4 days, and it was super hot out. Gah! 😭 Thankfully I didn’t kill anything off, so I immediately watered them all with this solution every other day for a week, and they are beginning to come back to life again.” –MammaShopper
“It has been over two weeks since I applied this and I do see a beneficial difference on some of the plants. The roses, especially, seem to have responded to this well. Blue Gold™ Vibrant Floral made a good difference to my poor roses who are struggling in the summer heat and humidity of Atlanta.” –Wiwse
Q: Is Blue Gold™ Hydro good for vegetative and bloom or just bloom?
A: Blue Gold ™ Hydro is used all the way from clone to harvest. Use it at 1-2 m/l per gallon of veg/flower reservoir on the roots of the plants. And use 10-15 m/l on the top side foliar (veg/flower) of the plants. Same applies to the soil-grown plants with the Blue Gold™ Hydro. You must reduce your usual NPK synthetic nutrients by 75% to 90% because the Blue Gold™ Hydro makes them so available and amps them up.

“Would buy again!” -Smart Shopper
“GREAT PRODUCT.” -Mario Alpizar
Q: Can Blue Gold™ Hydro be used as a soil drench as well? I do rain gutter, and kiddie pool grow bags. Do you know the NPK value for it?
A: Yes, you can use Blue Gold™ Hydro for a soil drench. However, you will see best results using our Blue Gold™ Garden Blend for soil and Blue Gold™ Hydro for hydroponics. Officially, the NPK rating is 0-0-0. Blue Gold™ Solutions are foremost a nutrient delivery tool. They will break nutrients down for instant plant feeding, thus enabling you to use fewer fertilizer inputs. Often, many plants do not require additional inputs other than the Blue Gold™ Solution(s) when used in soil. Many of our commercial hydroponic customers are using as little as 10% of their usual inputs when combining with a Blue Gold™ Solution. We input over 30 gallons of plant extracts and 30 lbs of nutrients (such as NPK) into a 200-gallon batch during the manufacturing process. Many NPK products are like an 8 count Crayola box, and Blue Gold™ is your 250 count super deluxe crayon set. We have a Vegetative NPK and a Flower NPK as well.

“This is my second order. I believe I can see good results.” -J. Fred
“Used it for 2 weeks, what a difference!” -Gary Peters
Q: Would Blue Gold™ Fusion Compost Vegetative Paste help the depleted soil in my garden?
A: The Fusion Compost is a revolutionary product in the sense that it is made from and stores 100% the solids that it is derived from like seabird guano, worm castings, bat guano, rock powder minerals, and other solids with Blue Gold™ liquids (Rose, Hydro, Garden, Vibrant Floral). These solids are formed into a water-soluble high-density paste. So this paste feeds the soil which will feed the soil biology which in turn feeds that plants. So, yes the Fusion Compost will also help restore the depleted soils through its composition of soluble solids.

“It would certainly benefit the plants and the soil microbes. You may still want to test your soil and see what’s missing. Then you can customize an approach as you may need macronutrients vs. micronutrients. But I really like this product and what it did for my vegetable garden and flower beds. I used via foliar feed after I root drenched from a 3-gallon watering pail. I use in small amounts 1 to 2 times per week. Good luck.” -organicisbetter
“Be sure to lessen the amount of ANY other nutrient being used with this product. This is amazing stuff you will be amazed at how much you can and will save by supplementation with Fusion Compost or just flat out replacing what you are used to. See results IMMEDIATELY!! A little goes a LONG WAY!!!” –Brad Kinney
“Excellent product and it has helped my garden tremendously!!” -Ally
Q: Will Blue Gold™ Hydro help with seed germination?
A: Yes, it will! It is safe to foliar feed newly germinated seeds and sprouts every day at a rate of 1 tsp per 1 gallon of water. To increase seed germination rates, it is beneficial to soak your seeds in the Blue Gold™ Solution at a rate of 1 Tsp per 1 gallon of water mixture for 15 to 45 minutes just before planting. You can increase your success with transplanting plants with an immediate foliar and root application. It is beneficial to spray your garden soil during the winter months in preparation for spring planting. Blue Gold™ Solutions can be sprayed on top of snow up to ten times over the winter for soil preparation. Blue Gold™ Solutions can provide frost/freeze and extreme heat protection to plants and soils. They are most effective at doing so with adequately balanced nutritious soils. See examples of Blue Gold™ solutions offering frost and freeze protection here, here, and here.

“Have really seen fast growth in tomatoes and peppers and eggplant, both my own seedlings and store-bought plants…Great stuff!” -Arthur A.
“Outstanding product. I will continue to use Blue Gold year after year. Better germination and growth immediately after germination. Amazing.” -John Garstka Jr.
“It’s always a little nerve-racking when you’re starting your first round of germination for the year, especially when you’ve changed your Hydro solution to Blue Gold™ Hydro … but today, just six days after getting everything up and running I have my first set of seeds. Which in hindsight is my fastest (most number of seeds short amt of time) germination ever!” –1337crm (See more photos here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.)
Q: Does Blue Gold™ Hydro help with root rot?
A: Yes. It is most effective at treating root rot when nutrients used with it are properly adjusted and a Carbohydrate, like our Super Carb, is also used.

“I bought Blue Gold™ Hydro for root rot and slime on the stems of my vegetable clones in my hydroponics system. I use it directly in the reservoir, and it works great as a preventative. It did not reverse my root rot once it had started; however, I have used this product diluted in water and poured with the feed upon the soil of existing veggies, and it seemed to help with uptake of water and nutrients and better growth. 🙂 Hope this helps.” -Tiffany
Q: My seven epiphyllums have had root rot at their stem bases. They are all different ages/sizes. They have the same soil/treatment etc. I have four dozen plants. Will Blue Gold™ Hydro work? If not, what would? Help!
A: With what you have briefly described is your plant sap and soil pH is low, but primarily the sap pH is low. This low/lower sap pH condition locks out macronutrients such as Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, and Na (salts) among other things but chiefly Calcium, which is the steering wheel that drives the bus. Using the Blue Gold™ Hydro in the soil (root zone feeding and foliar feeding) the plants will react with the plant immune system, and then the plant will move the sap pH towards 6.4, where you want to be. This increased plant immune system will then regulate Calcium and other macronutrients and kick out the disease symptoms you’re experiencing. An increased immune system means increased levels of BRIXX in the plant sap.

“This absolutely helps with stem rot. I used it as a foliar spray and in conjunction with nutrients when watering and the rot not only disappeared completely within two days, but my plants were healthier than anything else I’ve ever grown after using Blue Gold™ Hydro. I recommend all of their products and services to the fullest.” -JelliMelli4646
“I had some plants which I transplanted into bigger pots with some new soil I’ve never used before, but the soil didn’t agree with them, and they were looking really unhealthy. After a couple of weeks of that, I had to transplant them again into a completely different, more reliable medium. The stress on the plants was great, and they were struggling to get back into shape, even with using SUPERthrive during transplant. I was worried they would die; then I stumbled upon Blue Gold™ Hydro somehow on Amazon and with a leap of faith I ordered it in hopes that its wild claims might be true. The day I got it I first used it as a foliar spray in the 15/ml-gal ratio and sprayed the plants really good around sunset, even sprayed plenty onto the trunk of the plants so it’d seep down into the roots a bit; why not, I was desperate. But I kid you not… the very next morning the plants noticeably perked up! I’m now using it as a foliar spray 2x a week, and I add it with the other nutrients I mix when I water them (at a 1.5/ml-gal ratio per instructions). So far it looks like the plants are making a solid comeback. Really cool. And if you’re wondering just what’s in this product? EVERYTHING! These folks must’ve taken some ayahuasca or something when they were inspired to add all this stuff together. I had to take two separate photos of the ingredient list to post them with this review! But their magical vision seems to have paid off – thanks Eden Solutions! =)” –BMAZ
“Plants are growing at an all same rate with Blue Gold™ Super Carb!” -Daniel Covey
Q: Does Blue Gold™ Super Carb help kill nutgrass?
A: Nutgrass is a form of a cover crop as some may call evasive. We have taken a test yard that was primarily Bermuda Grass and very little fescue mixed in. After applying the Blue Gold™, the fescue took off and outgrew the Bermuda grass becoming the dominant ground cover. Nutgrass likes moist areas of soil that are usually anaerobic (non-oxygen) conditions of soil that will not drain. We believe weeds are merely conditions of nutritional deficiencies such as Morning Glory is associated with a Calcium deficiency etc. With this said the Blue Gold™ would open the soil permeation to where it will drain very well and retain more moisture due to biological reactions to flourish. So by draining anaerobic condition soils, the nutgrass will go dormant until conditions change back to where it can thrive. We hope this little exert will help to understand that you do not need chemicals to kill things such as weeds. Just change the nutritional and biological aspects of the soil, and it will thrive, and your predominate grass will overtake the poor soil are through life-giving nutrition and not killing chemicals that destroy the symbiotic biological relationship of the soil and nutrition. Many knowledgeable Blue Gold™ farmers and growers use zero chemicals for pest and disease issues because they have no problems. When these types of soils are returned to a living biological status, all weed issues go away because weeds are the bi-product of soil deficiencies plain and simple. We have seen this happen many many times on farms, gardens, and other soils. So trying spraying the nutweed and waterlogged areas with Blue Gold™ Super Carb. This may take some time. The best time to spray these is just prior, or in the rain, so it will bond with the rainwater and pull it in the soil.

“Excellent product and service.” -Michael Williams
Q: I live in Tucson, Arizona. We were advised to lay Saint Augustine Sod because our yard is very shaded. We were told to use a fertilizer of 6-20-20. I was told the first number needs to be lower. Do you have a fertilizer for our needs?
A: First off we would like to establish that grass, plants, and trees do not run or thrive on just three elements of NPK. This is why the world buys billions of pounds of industrial insecticides, fungicides and other ‘cides’ every year to combat; pets, diseases, and other problems because the plants are sick from getting just three elements. Grass or forage does not require nor like high rates of Potassium. A 6-20-20 is way out of balance. The potassium is more than half out of balance. You need Calcium to activate the Phosphate and Potassium. With all that said, our Blue Gold™ Fusion Compost Vegetative would be a good choice of an all-around nutritious, balanced lawn/grass feed. You can get the small bottles on Amazon Prime and works well with all grass/forage. It is biologically active with 100% available nutrients, unlike synthetics. If you try this on Amazon it comes in a 0.75# bottle that is half full because of the active nature of the Fusion Compost. If you do this, just call me direct (ext. 103) and I can walk you through a hose end watering devise feeding. It will work and work well depending on your soil composition and biological activity the showing will be in a few waterings with it.

Q: I planted three things in two locations, and everything so far has died within about 30 days. I have since added gypsum to the soil there, and that seems to allow a longer growth period, but things are still not flourishing. I believe the pool maintenance guys were putting excess chemicals, etc. in these locations previously. Is this something your products could help with?
A: I would suggest three things based on your current issues. The Eden Detox, which is a carbon-based formula for grabbing onto other elements and some Soft Rock Phosphate for the soil. The gypsum is high in Sulfur with Calcium and probably not the best choice here. Then use the Blue Gold™ Garden Blend on the plants in this area. Please call anytime to discuss your soil concerns.

Q: Can you use Blue Gold™ Super Carb as you would a rooting hormone?
A: Are these clone cuttings? In clones you have to be careful not to use too much of the Blue Gold™ Hydro and/or Blue Gold™ Super Carb or the plant will keep growing and not spark the roots. We have found this out in our testing. For clones or rooting; cut clones and immediately soak in a bath of 1-2 m/l of the Blue Gold™ Hydro per 1 gallon of clean water. Score the stem and then dip in cloning gel. Now mix 225 PPM of the Fusion Compost Vegetative NPK Paste into the cloning water or aero cloner type set up. Use a chiller to keep the water temp down, and the clones will spark amazing roots very quickly with strong, limber big thick roots. As the bottom is going on foliar feed the tops of the clones with 1 m/L of Blue Gold™ Hydro and 2 m/L of the Blue Gold™ Super Carb. This will get you amazing clones on any type cutting we have found. Contact us, and we can send you some eye-popping photos of amazing clones.

DWC requires 10-20x less Blue Gold™ Solutions than other hydroponic/aquaponic systems.
Please contact us with any questions before using our solutions.

Q: My containers are 3 gallons. How much and how often do I use Blue Gold™ Hydro?
A: For foliar applications, use 15 m/L per gallon of water. Treat reservoir tanks every 5 to 10 days with 1 to 2 m/L per gallon of water. If you use this in your reservoir, you will see best results when used in conjunction with Blue Gold™ Super Carb, our carbohydrate solution. If using Super Carb, you can add 2 m/L of the carb per gallon of water. For superior results be sure to check out our non-caustic 0.0 to 14 pH adjusting solutions: pH UP and pH Down.

“Great support from these folks. Definitely will buy from them again.” -Døn Diego dela Vega
Q: I have a 20-gallon hydroponic tower garden system. How much of Blue Gold™ Hydro should I use?
A: If you are using an NPK fertilizer with this, please reduce the NPK amount by UP TO 90% and add 1 m/l Blue Gold™ Hydro per gallon. For you, 20m/l = 4 teaspoons. Then we recommend adding 2m/l of our Blue Gold™ Super Carb per gallon which is 40m/l for your 20 gallons. Your nutrient PPM should be around 200 to 400 PPM. Depending on what you are growing you could up the Blue Gold™ Hydro to 1.5m/l to 2m/l Hydro per 1 gallon of your reservoir along with the Super Carb. With this mix, foliar feed the plants with the Blue Gold™ Hydro at 1 tablespoon (15m/l) per 1 gallon daily for at least 4x per week. You can add the Super Carb into the foliar mix at 5 m/l per 1 gallon and you will very surprised at the response with it and your plant’s increased BRIXX levels. If you are using city water, please let it sit for 1-2 days so some/most of the chemicals can leach out. The chemicals are hard on the plants and hinder their production. Try to use rainwater for the foliar, especially if you are on city water.

“I just started my outdoor Hydroponic Tower Garden for the season and have used the Blue Gold™ Hydro liquid food. All my plants seem to be doing great and growing daily. Very pleased so far.” –Julie Harper
“This is great for my organic hydroponics!” –Shahndel Oaksong
“Pure magic. This technology goes way beyond the scope described on the bottle. I have experienced many incredible results from use of this product in my household.” –J. Spencer
“Excellent Product! The most amazing product I have ever used, could not make a higher recommendation!” –Amazon Customer
Q: When using Blue Gold™ Hydro with hydroponics, will it provide all of the nutrients needed or do I need an additional product?
A: When used alone, the first benefit is that Blue Gold™ Hydro can significantly reduce the inputs of whatever program you are currently using (by up to 90%). Some growers do use just the Blue Gold™ Hydro. We have many commercial and smaller hydroponic farmers using Blue Gold™ Hydro combined with Blue Gold™ Super Carb (our biology) and our pH Up and Down solutions. However, as they and we have discovered there is a point where there may be too many plants in the system for the Blue Gold™ Hydro to do the job alone. In those cases, we have a product called Compost Fusion: Vegetative or Flower. They are organic NPKs (and many many more nutrients) that is in a paste form that will dissolve quickly in water.

“I do not use this as a (standalone) fertilizer. However, this is a great product.” -Hutchinson
Q: I am interested in growing vegetables hydroponically. Which Blue Gold™ products do I need to buy to be “fully covered”?
A: To answer your question thoroughly, we would like to know your exact definition of hydroponically? Is that just water and no media association? Because, if you are growing with rock wool or coco, this will change things due to the high amounts of salts. However with that said we would recommend the Blue Gold™ Hydro, Blue Gold™ Super Carb, and you could add the Blue Gold™ Fusion Compost NPK Paste (Vegetative or Flower depending on what you’re growing). Since all systems vary, we would suggest that you give James a call (877-732-5360 Ext 103) so he can walk you through the information quickly.

Q: I purchased Blue Gold™ Hydro and put it in my Tower Garden by Juice Plus. I put 20 m/L Hydro 40 m/L Blue Gold™ Super Carb. I already had a solution of fertilizer that is purchased from Juice Plus Tower Garden in the water reservoir, which holds 20 gallons. My plants went limp, and I am afraid they are dying. I wanted to use Hydro mainly for bugs that eat my plants. Is there a solution to this?
A: What happened is that the Blue Gold™ Solutions amped up the existing fertilizer that you mentioned was in your Garden Tower and shocked the plants. The label says if you are adding this to another fertilizer to cut it back by 75% to 90%. So I would transfer the current Garden Tower water to some buckets and save it. Then flush (add just water) the plants with about 12 gallons of water for a day or so. Then add back around 8 gallons of the old mix, you just put in a bucket, and the plants will take off. Not sure what the other fertilizer has in it but a 12 to 8 ratio will bring them back. The bugs are coming because the Tower Garden fertilizer is a salt based fertilizer and the plant sap pH levels are probably 6.9 to 7.2, which brings in the bugs. Make sure your feeding solutions in the tower are at 6.4 pH for best results. This goes with soil also. We are sorry for the mess, but you always have to cut the Blue Gold™ way back to your fertilizer or cut your fertilizer by 75% to 90%. Call me directly with any questions if the above seems confusing or you have more questions. We recommend to foliar feed the plants at 30m/l (1 ounce) Hydro and 10m/l (two teaspoons) Super Carb to help revive the plants and keep the bugs away. Do this at 2x-3x per week on the foliars.

Q: I’m using Blue Gold™ Super Carb together with Blue Gold™ Hydro on my deep water set up. But it’s turning the water brown and killing the roots. Why?
A: No Blue Gold™ Solution will kill the roots, plants, or flowers, etc. It has just the opposite effect with snow white, vibrant, soft and pliable roots; always has. (You can see quite a few pictures of this in our Product Magazine.) So the only major problem is one of two things. Something else (chemical?) is in the reservoir solution or the rates that you are using are too high. In DWC this has always been a problem when people use the Blue Gold™ with chemicals and not cutting them back or using too much of the Blue Gold™ Solution? Blue Gold™ Solutions will amp up anything they touch that is why we say you MUST cut your nutrients by 90% minimum to start off if you are going to use the Blue Gold™ Hydro with synthetic fertilizers. We would suggest that you flush your system immediately for 1 day on just water and then refill with clean non-chlorinated water and then add 1 m/l to 2m/l of the Blue Gold™ Hydro per 20 gallons of water along with 2 m/l to 3m/l of the Blue Gold™ Super Carb per 20 gallons of reservoir. You also may add 1 tablespoon of Epsom Salt per 20 gallons also. This will kick-start the plant roots back on the right track. Then they will want to start eating again, so then you can feed up. Use 5m/l to 10m/l of the Blue Gold™ Hydro on a foliar feed 3-4x per week also with the same m/l of the Super Carb. This will get the plants back. Please pick up and call us (877-732-5360 Ext 103) anytime and we can help when a situation arises. DWC makes plants run differently and is harder on them than soil. If you are using chlorinated city water, please let it sit for a few days to evaporate the chemicals otherwise the chemicals are very hard on the plants. We think the issue was your Blue Gold™ rates for DWC are or were way too high in conjunction with other inputs. 1m/l will run them per 10-20 gallons, but let’s start off smaller to get them back. We apologize for the unforeseen troubles, but a quick flush and they will be screaming back.

“Stuff seems to do be doing something great in my DWC. Bubbles scared me for a sec, but it’s working. I even bought another bottle the very next week. Remember you don’t need a lot so watch your nutrients.” –Craig Givens
“This is very strong. Don’t use too much.” –L Shepherd
Q: Does Blue Gold™ Super Carb make the water smell bad?
A: If the water gets hot, the bacteria will multiply faster, and yes this could cause the water to take on a smell. However, it will not hurt the plants, but the increased biological activity will help the plants. Most hydroponic growers have chillers hooked up to the water reservoirs to keep the nutrient temperatures lower. Remember, the Blue Gold™ solutions are alive, and biological multiplication happens more readily in warmer temperatures. This is still a good thing for nutritional delivery.

“Only, if it is not opened as explained in the written instructions included.” -Abdulhadi Alamri
“No, not at all. It’s the best nutrient I’ve used so far. It does everything you need in one little bottle. One little drop goes a long way.” -Amazon Customer
“This stuff was formulated by Jesus, himself! It’s been a long time since I was impressed by something, and this bottle of what looks, smells, and acts a lot like crap, is the bomb!!” –rleigh
“Ummmmmmmmmmmm. Smells good. Like molasses.” -Dave
Q: I just added Blue Gold™ Hydro to my reservoir, and it’s foaming everywhere. Do I have to disconnect my bubble stone and pump?
A: Depending on your water pH and softness the Blue Gold™ Hydro at 1m/l per gallon should not foam or bubble. However, if you add some Blue Gold™ Super Carb at 2m/l per gallon (or you can try another carb source that will not gunk the reservoir) to the reservoir that should stop any foaming or bubbling action. Again, depending on your water softness you may see some slight bubbling with the Blue Gold™ Hydro. If it is persistent just as you said, stop the aerator for a few hours and add a carb and start it back up. Carbohydrates will stop any foaming action usually across the board. This is why we suggest the Blue Gold™ Super Carb for the de-foaming action and all the nutrients it brings to the plants.

“Yes, Blue Gold™ Garden has saponins. It tells you to add it last to your mix.” -Ken C.
“Blue Gold™ is very concentrated stuff, once you get past the smell – you’ll appreciate the results. I added 1.5 tsp per gallon in my Hydro Reservoir and overnight the plants perked up, and the leaves are pointing straight into the air ‘praying’ to the lights! This also helps the plants fight disease by boosting the immune system, and also encourages healthy root development.” –C. Cole
Q: My airstone, which delivers air into my Hydroponic reservoir, is causing rampant foaming. How do I combat the foam?
A: Blue Gold™ Hydro technology has surfactant-like properties. The herbs and minerals are micronized to the nano level, and this process results in a bio-surfactant substance. In all cases, Blue Gold™ Hydro or Blue Gold™ Base Blend is designed to be used in conjunction with Blue Gold™ Super Carb. Not only does the Super Carb provide the sugar fuel for your microbial army, but carbohydrates reduce the foaming properties of surfactants. In a clean tank add 2 mL of Super Carb, then add 1 mL of Blue Gold™ Hydro. The carb will cut the foaming. If you are using adjusted rates based on your protocol, then apply a base principle of twice the amount of carb as the amount of Blue Gold™ Hydro. Foaming issues occur due to agitation or aeration. When using Blue Gold™ Hydro, you do not need to aerate or agitate as often as you usually would. Generally, you can cut your aeration/agitation protocols by 50% to 90% depending on your reservoir size and level of nutrient input.

“I wouldn’t try to grow anything without Blue Gold™ Super Carb. Great product and great service.” -Mfkubik
Q: Why does Blue Gold™ Hydro make foam in my aquaponic? How are you supposed to use this?
A: Blue Gold™ technology has surfactant-like properties. The herbs and minerals are micronized to the nano level, and this process results in a bio-surfactant substance. In all cases, Blue Gold™ Hydro or Blue Gold™ Base Blend is designed to be used in conjunction with Super Carb. Not only does the Super Carb provide the sugar fuel for your microbial army, but carbohydrates reduce the foaming properties of surfactants. In a clean tank add 2 mL of Super Carb, then add 1 mL of Blue Gold™ Hydro. The Blue Gold™ Super Carb will cut the foaming. If you are using adjusted rates based on your protocol, then apply a base principle of twice the amount of carb as the amount of Blue Gold™ Hydro. Foaming issues occur due to agitation or aeration. When using Blue Gold™ Hydro, you do not need to aerate or agitate as often as you usually would. Generally, you can cut your aeration/agitation protocols by 50% to 90% depending on your reservoir size and level of nutrient input.

Q: Why did Blue Gold™ Hydro make foam in my aquaponics? How are you supposed to use Blue Gold™ Hydro in aquaponics?
A: Blue Gold™ Hydro technology has surfactant-like properties. The herbs and minerals are micronized to the nano level, and this process results in a bio-surfactant substance. In all cases, Blue Gold™ Hydro or Blue Gold™ Base Blend is designed to be used in conjunction with Blue Gold™ Super Carb. Not only does the Blue Gold™ Super Carb provide the sugar fuel for your microbial army, but carbohydrates reduce the foaming properties of surfactants. In a clean tank, add 2 mL of Blue Gold™ Super Carb, then add 1 mL of Blue Gold™ Hydro. The Super Carb will cut the foaming. If you are using adjusted rates based on your protocol, then apply a base principle of twice the amount of Super Carb as the amount of Blue Gold™ Hydro. Foaming issues occur due to agitation or aeration. When using Blue Gold™ Hydro (or Base Blend), you do not need to aerate or agitate as often as you usually would. Generally, you can cut your aeration/agitation protocols by 50% to 90% depending on your reservoir size and level of nutrient input.

Q: How would I use Blue Gold™ Garden Blend and Blue Gold™ Super Carb in my Aerogarden?
A: You can use the Blue Gold™ Garden Blend and Blue Gold™ Super Carb in your Aerogarden. Use 5-10 m/L Garden Blend per gallon to foliar with 2.5 m/l (1/2 teaspoon) of the Super Carb in the foliar spray. It is safe to foliar every day if you want. In the zone (roots) this is like DWC (deep water culture) you will need less Blue Gold; like 1 m/L per 8-15 gallons depending on what you are growing. Please give James a call for further advice: 877-732-5360 Ext 103.

Q: How would I use Blue Gold™ Super Carb and Blue Gold™ Hydro in my AeroGarden Extra (LED)? How much should I add and when?
A: Aerogardens use very small amounts of the solutions, and you will use an m/l syringe to measure if you have one. To keep it simple you can take a 1-gallon container and mix your foliar spray and keep it under the counter to fill say a simple spray bottle that you may have around. Make sure you clean it very well because you do not want any of the chemicals mixing with the Blue Gold™ Hydro. Or you can use very small measuring spoons to do the math. As always you only want very small amounts in the water and foliar the top with much more like 1 teaspoon/tablespoon (5m/l – 15m/l) per 1-gallon of clean water. For best results always use Blue Gold™ solutions on the bottom (soil/hydro) roots and foliar at the top. Follow the directions of the Blue Gold™ Hydro at 1 m/l per 1 gallon of Hydro water with 1-2 m/l of the Super Carb of gallon Hydro water for the bottom of the plant. They use 1 teaspoon of the Blue Gold™ Hydro and 1 teaspoon of the Super Carb to mix a gallon of foliar feed to put in your small spray bottle. Your Blue Gold™ Hydro mix should last 7-10 days in the Hydro system, and then you will replenish the same water with the same amounts. The plants will tell you when they need more. Foliar spray every day with the 1 teaspoon rates and you will get those Amazing Results you are after. If you are using city water, please let it sit 24-48 hrs in an open container to gas off the chemicals. You do not need anymore LED lights. Just place the aerogarden in/on a window sill or as close to natural light as you can even if it is across the room. The plants will absorb these natural light spectrum rays and help supplement the LED rays. Always use the most natural light as you can if you can for best results.

“I love this product. You can use it VERY lightly if you’re spraying buds. My experience is do not spray it on plants under lights. Spray when the lights are off. Like anything, too much of this can burn, so go light. Great product and will buy again.” -Kevin R. Seiter
Q: Is Blue Gold™ Garden Blend safe for use in aquaponics and the fish in the aquaponic system?
A: We have tested Blue Gold™ Garden Blend extensively with commercial fish systems containing Tilapia. To see what kind of additional growth rates we can add to the fish with the Blue Gold™. This was sprayed directly on the fish feed and then fed to the fish at a rate of 0.00105% (1m/l per 32oz of water). This rate exploded the fish growth and feed consumption. No adverse side effects were ever detected with this rate of feed ratios. The fish grew amazingly well. Now, you are in aquaponics, and other people have used the Blue Gold™ Garden for this, but we have never tested it directly. In saying that, foliar feeding the plants at the above rate would help as some will find its way into the water. We would not recommend placing the Blue Gold™ Garden Blend directly into the water as the bottle rates as this is too high. A little goes a long way so always err on the side of caution and test and see. We did place isolated fish in buckets with air and feed at much higher rates and never encountered any adverse side effects. Please give James a call for further advice: 877-732-5360 Ext 103.

“I use on aquaponic, and it works well for plant and fishes. but I use only 1/4 dose.” -Amazon Customer
“I have an Aquaponics system that is quite large, and I live in an area with VERY hard water. My water is between 8.4 and 8.7 right out of the tap due to all the minerals in the water. This causes nutrient lockout in my system, and my plants cannot get all the nutrients they need. I purchased the PH down to bring my PH into an acceptable range. between 6.4 and 7.5, This product did a great job.” -Keith
Q: Can you use Blue Gold™ Super Carb in aquaponics with live fish?
A: We have always run the Blue Gold™ Hydro formula with fish. This formula has always performed well with the fish whereby the fish would grow at faster rates with no known side effects ever seen at 0.18 to 0.40 maximum m/L per gallon of the reservoir. We have not run Blue Gold™ Super Carb with any aquaponic fish system, so we cannot answer that question thoroughly. The Super Carb contains about 8% of the fish safe Blue Gold™ Hydro formula and a host of other natural carbohydrates if that helps any.

Q: Would Blue Gold™ Super Carb be suitable as a foliar spray for plants on an aquaponic system?
A: The Super Carb at 1-2 m/L would be excellent for an aquaponics system. Not sure what you are growing but the Blue Gold™ Hydro at 1 m/l along with the Super Carb will drive the plants very well on the foliar. Please be careful what you mix with the Blue Gold™ solutions in the way of synthetic chemicals as it will amp them up pretty good, so you have to cut them back by 75% to 90%. If you will take 5 minutes and call us(877-732-5360 Ext 103), we can walk you through our two-year research on fish systems with the Blue Gold™ solutions.

“I use it as a foliar spray (1 tsp./ 1 gal.), and I add it to my feed mix. I grow in coco coir. This stuff is really amazing!” -Mfkubik
“Sure! There are ratio directions on the bottle.” -.357 Preacher

Q: What are the ingredients?
A: First and foremost, as a wetting agent, the saponins are Derived from: Aloe, Angelica, Bhringaraj Leaf, Black Cumin Seed, Brahma Gotu Kola Leaf, Butcher’s Broom, Calendula, Chamomile, Cardamom, Comfrey, Dandelion Root, Eucalyptus, Fennel, Ginger, Ginseng Root, Hibiscus, Maca Root, Moringa Leaf, and Yucca Root. Saponin Ingredients Stabilized and Formulated using only: Herbs – Anise Seed, Arrowroot, Barberry Root, Barley Seed, Bee Pollen, Beet Root, Blueberry, Cacao Bean, Camu Camu, Chlorella, Coconut Flour, Coconut Palm Sugar, Cranberry, Cumin Seed, Echinacea, Elecampane Root, Essiac Tea, Golden Seal, Graviola, Hemp Protein, Hyssop, Indigo, Jasmine, Kola Nut, Lambs Quarter, Lucuma, Lavender, Mandrake Root, Mangosteen, Milk Thistle, Monk Fruit, Moringa Seed, Muira Puama, Mushroom (Chaga, Maitake, Reishi, Shiitake), Nopal Cactus, Nettle Root, Olive Leaf, Oregano, Pennyroyal, Peppermint, Plantain, Pygeum Bark, Red Clover Leaf, Red Clover Seed, Rice Hulls, Saigon Cinnamon, Shavegrass, Spilanthes, St. John’s Wart, Thyme, Woad, Wormwood. Raw Herbs – Black Mission Figs, Coconut Embryo, Coconut Pulp, Duckweed, Laurel Flower, Pine Cone (Green), Purslane, Watercress. Oceanic Kelps – Alaria, Bladderwrack, Bull Kelp, Dulse, Pacific Sargassum, Irish Moss, Rockweed, Kombu Kelp, Sea Palm, Nori Flakes, Sea Lettuce, Sea Fern, and Gigartina. Mosses – Icelandic Lichen Moss and Reindeer Lichen Moss. Carbon Minerals – Coconut, Bamboo, and Hardwood Carbons. Raw Minerals – Azomite, Aragonite, Colemanite, Cornwall Stone, DE SiO2, Dolminite, Lava Rock, Magnetite, Olivine, Fulvic, Soft Rock Phosphate, Quartz Silica, Rutile, Ulexite, Volcanic Ash, Zeolite. Raw Clays – Attapulgite, Bentonite, Dead Sea, Morrocan, Red Lake, Redmond, Rhassoul, Rose Kaolin, White Kaolin. Oils – Beeswax, Moringa Seed, Siberian Fir Needle, Pine Needle, Siberian Pine Nut, Black Cumin, Baobab, Coconut, Olive, Bergamont, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Red Palm, Tea Tree. Plant Extracts & Sugars – Yucca Root, Aloe Vera, Coconut Vinegar, Honey, Kudzu Juice, Molasses, Maple Powder, and Apple Cider Vinegar. We use only NOP compliant ingredients to make this product, and just cold process means to preserve biology.

What differentiates the Blue Gold™ Garden, Blue Gold™ Vibrant Floral, Blue Gold™ Rose Blend, and Blue Gold™ Hydro Solutions? We have discovered that the key to successful fertilizer formulae and successful growing is the balance as nature intended. Various nutrients dumped willy-nilly on the soil capsizes the balance in the soil and most often cause Nutrient Lock Out, reducing plant uptake of those nutrients by 70 – 90%, easily. By applying fertilizers that are balanced ratios, they are correctly synchronized for immediate usage. Using this knowledge, we have developed each of the Blue Gold™ formulas to target specific purposes or plants specifically. Example: Rose for optimum Rose vegetative and bloom growth. Hydro for optimized results in a hydroponic (including DWC) type environment. Vibrant Floral is for optimized flower growth in flowering plants. And Garden Blend for optimized vegetative and fruit production in gardens. Each product, while made using the same ingredients are made with differing quantities of those ingredients for maximum effect in those plants. Blue Gold™ Garden Blend will work amazingly well on flowering plants, but never as well as the Blue Gold™ Vibrant Floral will, and so on.

“Works as advertised. I am reordering. This stuff is awesome.” –L. Babinsack
“Blue Gold™ Garden Blend is the most amazing organic plant nutrient that I have ever used. The response from my plants is unbelievable. I was a cotton farmer for 30 years in SC. I now live in the NC mountains, where the growing season is much shorter. It is critical to get a fast & healthy start to plants. I have been using this product for 4 years. It keeps harmful insects away while causing no damage to beneficial insects and bees. The yields from my produce are amazing, producing healthy food for my family and friends! Do not hesitate to try this quality product!” –John Hubbard
“Blue Gold™ Rose Blend is the vital 420 bloom/root enhancer especially for winter harvest.” –Tony H.
“Fantastic! All the minerals and extras my plants need. Shipped fast.” -Bee
Comment: “After reading the tiny print on the label, I realized that this is simply an adjuvant/wetting agent (“spreader/sticker”). Its basically soap and water (if the organic claim is true, then it may be more like yucca extract and water). There are no nutrients or fertilizer to be spoken of. I only gave it 2 stars because it IS an effective spreader/sticker for my liquid seaweed extract. On its own, nothing special. The description is pure marketing hype (Superthrive, anyone?).”

Response: “We respectfully disagree with your unsubstantiated feelings. Our NOP complaint status is up to date and used by farmers everyday across the country almost everyday. The insert given with every product bottle gives you a full accounting of what is associated with each product ingredients. Also, we give you an insert with four different ways to contact us to express your concerns or questions or just to educate yourself with the Blue Gold™. If you saw the mountain of lab reports on the Blue Gold™ Solutions you may have had differing opinions? When the Blue Gold™ is used properly as directed with both root drench and foliar feeds the results are always received according to the relation of the soil health thousands upon thousands of repeat users express Amazing Results to us almost daily. Soap and water we are not but saponins we are, with a myriad of other minerals, sea extracts, plant extracts of over 200 ingredients. Super Thrive we can not comment on because we have no imperial data or knowledge of their product and would not want to give a false statement without first hand knowledge. Call us anytime as we strive to be the best customer service in the industry. Sincerely Eden Tech Support extension 103 at your service anytime.”

Q: Why are poisons like arsenic, cobalt, lead, and mercury in Blue Gold™ Solutions? These are deadly toxic.
A: Thank you for your question! These elements are found everywhere in nature! No matter where you go! Our lab sheet is showing you just how LITTLE we have in this product! It takes A LOT of work to purify a product of heavy metals without inducing even more toxins in the process! We seek to be transparent with our customers, where many manufacturers hide just how high the levels of heavy metal toxins are in their products! If you review the lab sheet closely, you will see “n.d.” which stands for Non-Detectable according to the lab sheet legend. We are showing you that our products DO NOT contain these toxic heavy metals. Additionally, you can see the ‘Reporting Limit’ column, which shows you the maximum limit. Good information to know! We hope this was helpful.

Q: Does Blue Gold™ Garden Blend contain silica?
A: Yes, it does!

“It works great.” -Ken C.
Q: If it’s organic, why isn’t it approved by OMRI?
A: Blue Gold™ Solutions are certified organic by private organizations like Oregon Tilth and others. OMRI is not the only organic certifier in the nation. We have elected to get organic certification through other programs, while we are applying to OMRI, USDA, etc. since they are very long and drawn out processes.

“Excellent product all organic works great.” -Amazon Customer
“EVERYTHING I have ever gotten from Eden Solutions is bar none excellence in products. Eden Solutions has completely replaced my regular feeding schedules. BUY THESE PRODUCTS!!! THEY ARE EXCELLENCE IN AGRICULTURE!!! Thank you Eden Solutions.” –Brad Kinney (Photos of some of Brad’s roses and azaleas)
Q: Is Blue Gold™ safe for skin contact?
A: Yes. Very safe. Blue Gold™ Solutions are not harmful to skin, however, if contact occurs be sure to wash afterward to avoid dry skin. The saponins inside the Solutions will strip the oils off your skin and leave it too dry (itching) with prolonged contact to the skin from concentrate.

Q: Is Blue Gold™ Garden Blend high nitrogen, high potassium, or high phosphorus?
A: The Blue Gold™ Garden Blend is a wetting agent/nutrient magnifier. It does not carry an NPK rating, but your plants will respond as it had. Look at our Fusion Compost VEG or Fusion Compost FLOWER for your NPK rating if that is what you desire.

“The short answer to your question is “no.” If you read the description, this is a soil building proprietary formula. NPK is kind of outdated in the soil science world. Microbes, herbs, fungus, and BRIXX are more important. Hope that helps a little.” -Heartwater
Q: What is the NPK breakdown of Blue Gold™ Rose Blend?
A: Blue Gold™ Rose Blend is a wetting agent. Wetting agents increase the effectiveness of an NPK and other micronutrients/macronutrients in your soil, improving soil/media water retention without root rot, and additionally wetting agents are known for enhancing the effectiveness of fertilizers and nutrients when combined and applied together. What makes Blue Gold™ Rose Blend (wetting agent) unique over a standard detergent used as a wetting agent (which usually has caustic properties, and/or is very harsh on living organisms), is the fact it is comprised of saponins derived from all natural NOP Compliant ingredients: herbs, minerals, oils, sea plants, and plant oils and extracts. These are used to balance/formulate our Blue Gold™ Rose Blend (saponin wetting agent), which results in a potent wetting agent with Amazing Results. The Rose Blend is also enhanced with triacontanol which is an alfalfa extract known to strengthen rose vibrancy. Officially, the NPK rating for Blue Gold™ Rose Blend is 0-0-0.

Q: Does Blue Gold™ Garden Blend contain micronutrients that are chelated?
A: In the beginning it did. But, we have improved the dissolving of metals without the need for chelation. The Blue Gold™ Garden Blend has been laboratory proven to reduce chlorides by 2000%. The Blue Gold™ Garden Blend contains many mineral sources (not just individual minerals), which makes for a very comprehensive mineral list. These precursors are broken down smaller than the chelation process, making the Blue Gold™ Garden Blend minerals much more effective.

Q: Is Blue Gold™ Super Carb a blackstrap molasses? Also, does it contain micronutrients and other nutrients for plants?
A: Yes, Blue Gold™ Super Carb is made with blackstrap molasses and infused with other Carbohydrates like Tapioca, Coconut, Maple, Sugar Cane Juice, and Alfalfa. This molasses/carb product is saponin enhanced, rather than using a questionably safe detergent to reduce solidification during cold temperatures, which helps with soil/media penetration. The saponins are derived from: Aloe, Angelica, Bhringaraj Leaf, Black Cumin Seed, Brahma/Gotu Kola Leaf, Butchers Broom, Calendula, Chamomile, Cardamon, Comfrey, Dandelion Root, Eucalyptus, Fennel, Ginger, Ginseng Root, Hibiscus, Maca Root, Moringa Leaf, and Yucca Root. Some clay and mineral deposits are used for the stabilization and composition changes of this product but are not claimed as part of the ingredients.

“Blue Gold™ Super Carb is a great product and does exactly what it says it’s gonna do… It is organic and safe to use and makes everything smell and taste really good; it enhances the products natural flavor, and smell… Molasses is an old school way to up the ante with your plants, I was looking for a product, for almost three years made from Molasses, try it, you won’t regret it!” –Suzanne Tucker
“These products really work. I know some say no luck, but our roses, tomatoes, etc. are unbelievable.” –Jimmy Cason
“Have used this product as a root drench every other watering, as well as a foliar feed every morning and my backyard girls, are loving it!! I have also used it on my Dianthus and my Dahlias which both responded very well. I have spoken with James in customer support twice and got a wealth of information, fantastic support! Ordered the Rose Blend today and can’t wait to give it a go. This product is way more than just molasses. Great stuff.” –Tikiwino
Q: Does Blue Gold™ Super Carb contain nitrogen?
A: No, Super Carb is a unique blend of carbohydrates, like molasses and several rare plant sugar extracts.

“There is no nitrogen or other nutrients from what I see on the label. It is supposed to improve your plant’s ability to absorb and use nutrients.” -Charles Weber
“It helps plants absorb nutrients.” -Michael Carlton
“It has not hurt my micros.” -Ken C.
Q: Is Blue Gold™ Super Carb Certified Organic?
A: This product is NOP Compliant and has been certified for organic use in organic operations. Contact us if you have a certified organic operation and we will work with you and your certifier before use.

“Very good experience.” -Peter Diaz
Q: Is Blue Gold™ Fusion Compost OMRI listed or otherwise certified for organic gardening?
A: Our products are currently under review with WSDA, and others. However, these things take time, unfortunately. Which is why we also went ahead and achieved certification with Oregon Tilth and several similar organizations who use the same rules as WSDA and OMRI but can process applications much faster due to a lighter application load. The products have been certified NOP Compliant for use in organic production.

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