Blue Gold Plants Produce In Extreme Heat

In Alpine, California, in the middle of drought and water restrictions, Eden customer, Babra Rosenberg is achieving Amazing Results with Blue Gold Solutions. In her words:

“My pepper plants are huge and still loaded with peppers. My beans were dying back and spraying with Blue Gold Garden I have new green leaves and more beans. My tomato plants are thriving. My strawberries have multiplied like crazy. I planted one row around each bed, and the beds are totally full of strawberries. As well as the ground around the beds. I had a drip system malfunction at least three weeks in 100 plus temperatures with no water. A small pear tree withered and lost all leaves. After fixing the problem, I applied weekly for two weeks. After the first application, I had new leaves. After the second application, I had flowers and more leaves.“

More about our Blue Gold Garden Blend:

Our Blue Gold Solutions are 100% Natural and NOP Compliant for Certified Organic Programs (please contact your certifier before use). Our Proprietary Cold-Process converts non-GMO herbs, mineral sources, oceanic plants and clays, plant oils, and other natural plant extracts to make our Solutions. Increased water penetration and uptake with properly balanced nutrition boosts remarkable results like a longer vegetative and flowering cycles, vibrant produce and florals, deeper and explosive root growth, increased biology, higher BRIXX (resulting in natural pest and disease control), attracting beneficials, reduce water usage by 15-25% (due to increased water holding capacity), eliminate heat stress, give frost and freeze protection (when sprayed prior to frost or freeze), extreme harvest and blooms, bumper crops, and reduction of fertilizer and water inputs by up to 90% (dependent upon plant sap/soil/pH conditions). Blue Gold Solutions are safe pH balanced solutions designed to quickly address the immune systems of plants, vegetables, garden plants, bushes, ornamentals, trees, shrubs, exotic and tropical plants, perennials, cactus, succulents, foliage, shade plants, low light plants, container and potted plants (caution explosive root growth), bamboo, bonsai, palms, flowering plants, flowering trees, flowering shrubs, flowering ornamentals, and florals, and more. Blue Gold Solutions are chemical-free supercritical wetting agents and pastes that optimize a plant’s nutrient delivery system that will not harm people, animals, or beneficials including birds, bees, butterflies, and earthworms. Our soil nutrients can be applied to all growth and flowering stages and on to edibles up to the day of harvest. Blue Gold Solutions are manufactured naturally to be a biologically alive and a dense nutrient formula to increase nutrient delivery to your plants, florals, produce, and more. Blue Gold Solutions make water wetter for increased water uptake. For best results use as a foliar feed in conjunction with soil/root waterings. Safely experience Amazing Results today.

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