Blue Gold™ Garden “Saved My Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree”!

“I’ve had an indoor/outdoor Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree for about four years and haven’t gotten a lemon in over 2 years. In the winter, it’s kept in a warm indoor spot with a grow light. It bloomed, but the fruit browned and dropped off before it really got started. I put the tree outside in warm weather, but then it got bugs, the leaves yellowed and dropped, and I thought it was toast. After reading the reviews for this stuff (Blue Gold Garden Blend), I figured it couldn’t hurt to try.

I flushed the roots with water and did a few root/leaf treatments as directed, along with the usual course of fertilizer* that I’ve done for years. It’s now a few months later, and the tree has never looked better. It’s blooming like crazy with multiple blooms on each branch (never seen that before), there’s lots of new leaf growth, and the fruits are staying on and growing. The bugs are gone.

Since it worked so well, I did a little vegetable experiment with cucumbers, eggplant, and tomatoes. The plants I used it on are visibly larger, greener, and bushier than the ones I did not use it on. It also took care of an aphid problem on an eggplant. It’s too early for everything to bear fruit, but it will be interesting to see if there is a difference.

Some reviewers criticized this product as effectively being a non-fertilizer fancy organic soap. It’s not billed as a fertilizer, but rather a product that allows your plants to absorb nutrients better and that controls pests. Fancy soap or not, I’m making this a regular part of my gardening. It’s pretty amazing.”

-Chester G., Amazon Customer – read the review here.

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*Blue Gold enhances fertilizers and inputs greatly so we recommend a reduction of fertilizer and water/nutritional inputs by up to 90% (secondary upon plant sap/soil/pH conditions) to prevent damage to the plant. For the best results, use Blue Gold™ Garden Blend as a root soak. This can be as little as 1 teaspoon of Blue Gold™ Garden Blend per a 5 gallon bucket and use 1 tablespoon Blue Gold™ Garden Blend per 1 gallon to foliar spray your plants all over and even under all the leaves because this is where the bugs hide and lay there eggs. Remember to foliar spray after you root soak because the foliar induces the plant to pull up nutrition from the roots. Please contact us with any questions.

Blue Gold™ Garden is 100% Natural and NOP Compliant for Certified Organic Programs (please contact your certifier before use). Our Proprietary Cold-Process converts non-GMO herbs, mineral sources, oceanic plants and clays, plant oils, and other natural plant extracts to make our Garden Blend. Increased water penetration and uptake with properly balanced nutrition boosts remarkable results like a longer vegetative cycle, vibrant produce, deeper and explosive root growth, increased biology, higher BRIXX (resulting in natural pest and disease control), attracting beneficials, reduce water usage by 15-25% (due to increased water holding capacity), give frost and freeze protection (when sprayed prior to frost or freeze), extreme harvest, bumper crops, and reduction of fertilizer and water inputs by up to 90% (secondary upon plant sap/soil/pH conditions). Blue Gold™ Garden is a safe pH balanced solution designed to quickly address the immune systems of vegetables, garden plants, bushes, ornamentals, trees, shrubs, exotic and tropical plants, perennials, cactus, succulents, foliage, shade plants, low light plants, container and potted plants (caution explosive root growth), bamboo, bonsai, palms, and more. Blue Gold™ Garden Blend is a chemical-free supercritical wetting agent that optimizes a plant’s nutrient delivery system that will not harm people, animals, or beneficials including birds, bees, butterflies, and earthworms. Our vegetative nutrients can be applied to all growth stages and on edibles up to the day of harvest. Blue Gold™ Garden is manufactured naturally to be a biologically alive and a nutrient dense formula to increase nutrient delivery to your plants and produce. Blue Gold™ Garden makes water wetter for increased water uptake. For best results use as a foliar feed in conjunction with soil/root waterings. Safely experience huge production and Amazing Results with significant savings today.

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